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Everyone knows that the body will not function properly if it does not receive enough exercise. But did you know that your mind is the same way? Fail to exercise it and your mind will fail you too...

As Seinfeld would say, "did you ever notice... why so many people grow forgetful as they grow older?" It's lack of regular mental exercise more than age. Just like Alzheimer's is common in those who have been inflexible in their thinking their whole life...

Your brain without exercise... any questions?

Food for Thought about Past Lives - Living with the "Unquiet Dead"

1> # 9: What It is Like to Live With Knowledge of Your Past Lives
2> #14: Discovering Your Past Lives Through Your Dreams
3> #15: Trail of Diamonds in the Sand: Discerning Meaning from Past Lives
4> #16: BOOK Excerpt- "Bridge Across Time: My Own Past Life Journey"
5> #22: On Past Life Awareness: "But That's Not the End of the Story..."
6> #23: On the Traps of the Past: "Jason and the Cave"
7> #27: Instilling Hope: "What Illness (& Karma) Cannot Do"
8> #31: Be True to Yourself: "The Cost of Being Different"
9> #34: About Being "At Fault": Where Karma and Free Will Collide

Food for Thought about Life on Earth - Getting Through One More Day

1> # 1: Simple Wisdom- Ellen's Prescription for Daily Living
1a> # 1a: Simple Steps- Ellen's Prescription for Daily Living
2> # 2: A Wise Parable- Seeing Blocks as Stepping Stones
3> # 4: Footprints- If You Think that God Has Abandoned You
4> #11: The Rose- The Inspirational Poem about Why to Go on Living
5> #24: The Precious Present, "Be in the House Where You Live"
6> #25: "Resist Tyranny!" Understanding the Four Levels of Torture
7> #30: Free Yourself: "On the Power of Forgiveness"
8> #32: Paradoxical Commandments - Do Good Anyway
9> #36: Living with the Holocaust - I am a Living Witness

Food for Thought about Life on Earth - From Surviving to Thriving

1> # 5: Transformation- When You Come to Turning Points in Your Life
2> # 7: "The Truth About Time- It's a Daily Miracle"
3> # 8: "Attitude is Not Everything, It's the Only Thing"
4> #12: Desiderata - The Inspirational Poem about How to Live in Peace
5> #18: The Price of Freedom, an American Cautionary Tale
6> #20: And to All a Good Night: A Story of Soldiers' Devotion
7> #21: "The Science of Getting Rich": Wattle's 1910 Classic
8> #26: How to Raise Your Vibration: from Karma to Dharma
9> #33: Experiments in Human Nature: What Would You Do?
10> #37: Why Come to Earth? 33 Reasons for Your Time Here

Food for Thought about Life's Journey - Seeing Yourself as Soul

1> # 3: Words to Live By- Claiming Your Power as a Child of God
2> # 6: The True Journey of Soul- "The Solitude of Self"
3> #10: "Pain as a Vehicle for Becoming a Co-Worker with God"
4> #13: We are All Angels to One Another- An Inspirational Story
5> #17: Poems on Past Lives: "Victory over Time"
6> #19: Being on the Spiritual Path: "Practicing the Presence of God"
7> #28: "Six Powerful Ideas" that Create Better Karma
8> #29: "Clean Instrument" Living the Karma Free Life
9> #35: Divine Creativity: Limitations, Limits, and Dreams

Food for Thought - That's Just for Fun

1> Parody: A Humorous Look at Karma
2> Test Your Knowledge: Past Life IQ Test
3> Create Good Karma: Apology Note Generator
4> Create Good Karma: Thank You Note Generator
5> Create Good Karma: Feedback Note Generator

Food for Thought - Living in the Past

1> Living in the Past - The Original Office Job
2> Living in the Past - The Original Hotel Rules
3> Living in the Past - The Original Code of Chivalry

Food for Thought - History Be Funny

1> History Be Funny - Origin of "Piss Poor"
2> History Be Funny - Origin of "Rule of Thumb"
3> History Be Funny - Origin of "Baby + Bathwater"
4> History Be Funny - Origin of "Deadline"
5> History Be Funny - Origin of "Saved by the Bell"
6> History Be Funny - Origin of "Bummer"
7> History Be Funny - Origin of "Dirt Poor"
8> History Be Funny - Origin of "OK"
9> History Be Funny - Origin of "Sleep Tight"
10> History Be Funny - Origin of "Bring Home the Bacon"
11> History Be Funny - Origin of "Boycott"
12> History Be Funny - Origin of "Pot Nine Days Old"
13> History Be Funny - Origin of "Thresh Hold"
14> History Be Funny - Origin of "Beware Trip Wire"



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