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Food #14: Discovering Your Past Lives Through Your Dreams

Past Life Dreaming Can Make Truth Yours

Here is how a client discovered a past life through their dreams: "This dream was interesting because I was totally aware while I was having it that I was an 'observer' of these events. Although the person I was seeing didn't look anything like I do now, I knew the person I was watching was 'me'.

Dreaming about this past life was helpful because I was able to view the traumatic events without feeling any emotion. This was exactly what I wanted because I was always fearful of tapping into past life memories. I felt a lot of my past lives had been traumatic and I did not want to relive them.

I lived in a village: it was an Asian culture, probably China. We had congregated in what looked like a Catholic cathedral. Whenever we met together this way, it was because we were having a service for someone who was about to die. In this culture, if you had a terminal illness or other 'burdensome' malady, it was your 'duty to die'. But when the service was held, no one ever knew who the service was for until it started. There was a lot of tension as everyone entered the church.

I was an older woman. I had a young daughter with me: about 2-3 years old. I was trying to find my husband and the rest of my family in this crowded church, so that we could sit together. Finally I saw my husband climbing up a staircase to the balcony. I called out to him and waved: but he only looked at me, flashing this toothy, fake, and nervous smile at me and continued walking.

Suddenly I knew THIS SERVICE WAS FOR ME. I could see this Chinese woman like I was hovering above her. I watched as the reality of what was happening finally hit her. Shaking, she sat down hugging the child in her lap.

Then the scene changed, and 'I' was at this fountain. I remember it vividly. It was a ritual place where these deaths or 'suicides' would take place. It was a shallow, circular pool and in the center was a sculpture that looked like an ocean wave.

At it's center was a trap door that would open inward: it looked very much like a swimming pool drain. The doorway covered a long underwater tunnel that was fairly wide, about six feet around, that led to the ocean. It was designed to be very long: so long that no one could hold their breath long enough to swim its length and come out the other end alive.

There were four women attendants dressed in black robes. All were crying because of how sad it was that I had to leave my child so young. I remember not wanting to let go of her, holding her till the last minute before handing her over to the attendants while I was in the mouth of this doorway.

I, as the Chinese woman, was an excellent swimmer. As I entered the tunnel, I was convinced I could swim the distance. I planned to come out of this alive, get my daughter, and run away. The dream ended with me swimming and swimming, but gradually losing consciousness. Then darkness and I knew she had died.

Although the culture had this 'duty to die', often relatives would hide their sick and tend to them, letting them die peacefully. My family chose not to do this for me.

This explained so much in my life now. I think this is where many of my feelings of unworthiness come from. I also have had a fear of having my head held under water, even playfully. I cannot watch movies where people drown. In this life, I cannot swim long distances due to a heart defect that diminishes my lung capacity.

I believe my husband in that Chinese lifetime was my father in this life (the toothy smile was the tip-off). And I believe we agreed to incarnate together now so that he could resolve his lack of care for me in that past life by raising me lovingly now.

Like most attempts to resolve 'negative karma', they are often performed with reluctance after awhile. In the karmic scheme of things, we agreed that I would leave home very young but my father was not supposed to 'get off the hook'.

My father now must care for my ailing mother. I often think about what an incredible act of love that was for my mother to agree to do that for my father.

Prior to this dream, I used to feel guilty for NOT feeling guilty about severing ties with my family. I also thought that was very peculiar, since it is VERY EASY to make me feel guilty about anything! This dream really put all the issues with my parents in perspective, and allowed me to let it go.

THANK THE POWERS THAT BE FOR ME, but I suppose they already know that I am grateful!" They DO.

Credits: submitted by a courageous client.



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