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Food #30: Free Yourself "On the Power of Forgiveness"

"He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass." (Herbert)
"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." (Confucius)
"There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still. God gives us the love to be able to forgive our enemies." (Corrie Ten Boom)

On the Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness Definition: What it is/is not and what it costs.
Forgiveness Freedom: How forgiving sets YOU free.
Express Forgiveness: How to show others true forgiveness.
Unforgiven: Is anyone ever truly unforgiven in life?
Deep Forgiveness: How to forgive yourself for the past.

Forgiveness Definition:

Everyone will need to give and receive sincere forgiveness... to heal their life! "Once you have rung that bell, you cannot go back and unring it!" The past is done and cannot be changed. Yet what is important is to HEAL the past through love and forgiveness and then... move on.

* Forgiveness is NOT: Forgiving does not mean forgetting (as if the wrong never happened) or condoning (as if it was not the mistake you know it to be) what others have said/done or failed to say/do. Forgiveness means letting go of the guilt, shame, sorrow, anger, and other negative emotions that are keeping you stuck in unforgiveness of people, events, situations, and the past in general.

* Forgiveness IS: If you are truly sorry, if you have learned from your mistakes, and if you are committed to never repeating them again, then you have corrected the past to the extent possible. You need to forgive yourself, forgive others, and forgive the situation so that unforgiveness does not stick you in the past.

* Cost of Unforgiveness: What God really wishes for us is that we learn from our mistakes and go forward doing right. Being stuck in unforgiveness keeps us from manifesting the miracles that are our birthright. It keeps us stuck in the past, it drains the energy from the present, and it stops us from creating an abundant future.

* Change Focus: To allow more abundance into your life, start by noticing the small miracles - the evidence of God's love - that are already happening in your life. If you get a parking spot or find change on the street or get a pleasant surprise, say "Thank you God for this miracle. I am truly grateful for it. Please send me another miracle. I am open and ready to receive Your miracles in my life."

* Start with Gratitude: If you can recognize and be grateful for the small miracles that happen in your life then you can really start to manifest the larger ones. What you focus on with the passionate emotions is what you will get more of in your life. You can have, be, or do anything you want if only you will believe and act accordingly from a place of love, gratitude, and hopefulness... -AND- if you will stop holding onto unforgiveness of the past... which only ends up hurting you.

Forgiveness Freedom:

If you are finding it impossible to forgive someone else, here is why you should set yourself free by extending it to them! Unforgiveness only keeps you trapped in a prison of karma. By forgiving others, YOU feel better - in body, mind, and emotions - and that is the only thing that should matter!

* What Forgiveness is NOT: Many have a hard time forgiving due to false beliefs. They believe that if they forgive someone else that they are "condoning it", "letting the bad guy get away with it", "failing to protect themselves by forgetting all about it", and so on. When you forgive you are doing none of those things. What you are doing by forgiving those who have wronged you… is setting yourself free.

* Getting Closure: Forgiveness brings completion to the relationship. When you forgive - once and for all - this releases the energy of closure to the universe. Since at the level of pure energy, we are all one, you will feel the sense of peace with the other person when you forgive them. They will come into agreement to let you go.

* Keep Distance: Forgiveness is easier to manage if you give yourself permission to break off contact with those who have hurt you. This means no letters, emails, texts, phone calls, in person visits, etc. Often people find it hard to do when they are family members. Yet "family is as family does": if those who are biologically related to you act like your worst enemy, then it is your right to protect yourself by keeping your distance from them unless/until they can treat you with love.

* No Attention: Forgiveness becomes a reality if you give yourself permission to put no attention on those who have wronged you. Do not ask about or talk about them with others. Do not ask for or receive news about them. Quite literally, do not put even more one nano-second of your precious attention on them. Part of the freedom that forgiveness gives you is to choose to put your attention on only those things that bring more love, joy, happiness, and awareness into your life.

* Memory Purge: Forgiveness comes with greater ease once you purge your memory of the wrongs done you. A very effective technique for purging unwanted memories is to simply write down (from your viewpoint) all that another has done to you. Once all the poisonous memories are off your mind and stored safely on paper or in an electronic file, never look at it again. Let the paper and the file remember the pain you have endured... so that you can free your mind from it. Put attention on making your life happy: it is easier to do once freed by forgiveness.

Express Forgiveness:

If you want to receive forgiveness for what you have done, you need to know how to express true regret, remorse, and repentance. Expressing forgiveness is meant to move you forward - karmically. When others express forgiveness with the same kind of sincerity, the whole relationship improves.

* Acknowledge: What it is that you have done wrong in the past... for which you are seeking forgiveness? Be honest about it. Who have you hurt? What exactly did you do? When do you do it? How often? Where? Why? The more deeply you can acknowledge what you did in the past, the more fully you can release it.

* Accurate: Do you know exactly what you did wrong in the past by what you said or did -or- failed to say or do? Do you understand the reasons-thinking behind your past wrong? Do you understand your feelings-emotions behind your past wrong? Are you being as accurate and honest as you can be? Unless you can be totally honest about your wrong, you cannot express true forgiveness.

* Agreement: It is not enough to just acknowledge or be accurate about the past. True forgiveness comes from making an agreement about how to go forward in the future... so that the mistake is not repeated. For example, if the past wrong arose from two people not showing one another the proper respect, they need to agree to stop engaging in disrespectful behaviors. These agreements need to be very specific. In other words, if one person showed another disrespect by calling them names, they would agree to immediately discontinue the name calling.

* Action: Agreements are worthless unless they are put into action. To express forgiveness, you must act upon your agreements consistently and permanently. So often people start out with the best of intentions and actions but they just cannot keep them up and soon backslide into the old behaviors. Expressing forgiveness means keeping up the commitment to your agreement for creating a better future both by living your new behaviors and turning your back on the old ones.

* Advice: So start attracting miracles by showing true forgiveness of the past with the "Letters of Indignation" exercise. When you do this exercise, do it from both points of view (yourself and the other person). The more sincere you are about doing this exercise, the better you will feel about the whole situation.


There is no one so evil that they must remain unforgiven for all time. Everyone can be forgiven: even the most evil person you can imagine. After all he did in the past, even Hitler can be forgiven. For anyone to truly be forgiven, everyone must be forgiven! There is no one who is beyond forgiveness!

* Most Evil: For killing 11 million, Germany's Hitler is considered to be the most evil person whoever lived. Yet, between them, Russia's Lenin and Stalin supervised the murder of over 20 million. Although whoever was the most the most evil is not certain, what is certain is that God's forgiveness extends to them. For forgiveness to be God-like, it must be absolute: extending to everyone without exception.

* All by Agreement: At the heart of karma is that fact that all Souls exist because God loves them. God created all Souls to carry out specific missions. Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin agreed to carry out an especially tough mission in creating circumstances where multitudes could explore and balance their past life karma. However evil and repulsive their actions were, they still happened by agreement and ended per the same agreement. Remember that all unfolded under God's watchful eye with the goal of teaching about love through experiencing its absence.

* Deeper Still: From the horror of the Nazi Holocaust, Corrie Ten Boom drew the all important lesson that "there is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still." She lived to carry this message because a Nazi officer, who was impressed by her spirit of unconditional love, released her from that concentration camp. Ten Boom went on to bear witness to the truth of the Holocaust through her book, "The Hiding Place" and her subsequent Christian ministry to millions.

* All for Love: Think about the love it would take to forgive Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin. It would have to be God-like, unconditional, and all encompassing. Imagine how much easier it is for God to love individuals with ordinary sins and frailties compared to such evil ones. That God could love these three and others like them should be comforting and reassuring for everyone. It should be "proof positive" that God's love truly is deeper than anything could ever be in the universe.

Deep Forgiveness:

When you have taken on tough roles in past lives, you may find it hard to forgive yourself now. Know that it is unfair to judge the past by the standards of the present. Know that karma ensures you will "pay for your sins" and it ends up wiping them away... leaving only wisdom behind.

* Unforgivable?: What if… you had been one of the Roman soldiers who had persecuted Christ? What if… you had involved others in the greatest financial disaster of all time: England's South Sea Bubble? What if… using a combination of nature and fire technology, you wiped out an Army of thousands in a matter of minutes… not once but twice? How could you forgive yourself? Can you do things in past lives that are simply unforgivable? No, because God is infinite forgiveness.

* Forgiveness?: Know that God forgives everyone, everything, for all eternity - no exceptions. If God can forgive Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin (which God has), than anyone else can be forgiven. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting or condoning what you did in the past, it means reconnecting why you agreed to it. The great truth of the universe is everything that happens, happens by agreement both to work off past life karma and to grow in love, joy, and awareness.

* Agreement?: At the highest level, you are your Soul and you are your Higher Self "who" agreed to the human experience that you have had, are having, and will have in this lifetime. When you feel like you are "deep in the hole" karma-wise you will take on extreme situations requiring "deep forgiveness" to knock you out of this hole. Either you reach out and forgive yourself at the deepest level -or- you will sink even deep into that forgiveness hole until you reach rock bottom.

* Sinking Deeper?: When you sink deeper, your problems become more extreme until they absolutely force you to take action to forgive yourself at the deepest levels. If you are wresting with deep health problems, they will get progressively worse. If you are wrestling with deep money problems, the debt and struggle will get worse. If you are wrestling with lack of self love, your relationships (especially the one with yourself) will get more problematic and turbulent.

* Deep Forgiveness: In the examples above, I was the one who wiped out the Armies… and it took me a long time to forgive myself. How I did it was to "deeply and completely forgive myself" for that and other things I had done in all my past lives by using the karmically responsible "Emotional Freedom Technique".

Credits: from channeled information.



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