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Food #15: Diamonds in the Sand: Discerning Meaning from Past Lives

Welcome to the Past Lives Pavilion

What most people want to know about their past lives is "what" they had been. What people most need to know about their past lives is "who" they had been and "why". The difference between these is profound.

"What" someone has been is interesting but largely useless information. As in
......"In my past lives, I was a whaler, a tailor, a tinker, a thinker" etc.

"Who" someone had been and "why" they had chosen to take on that life is not only interesting but can be "life transforming". As in
......"I became a whaler to see more of life" or
......"I became a tailor to acquire discipline" or
......"I became a tinker to learn patience" or
......"I became a thinker to practice virtue".

Below our client, after confronting their past lives, searched for the truths of these past existences which lay below the surface. Like diamonds in the sand... the truth was just waiting to be discovered to set them free.

"Life #1: Civil War General - Country: South USA, Death: Hung/Suicide

Past Life Story: I killed myself because I felt like such a failure. I was never good enough for my parents.

I never measured up. I felt I deserved a large plantation with lots of servants and money but I wanted it handed to me on a platter. In the army, I was a failure never scoring the big glorious assignments I felt were my due. In fact, I was a second rate leader in the field - a drunkard and wife beater and child raper. I could not hide these facts from my men. Personal integrity was something that I knew I should pursue but never felt strong enough to grasp - my life made it too painful.

Towards the end of that life after I had lost my wife's esteem and the life of my child, I sought solace in my work. I finally felt like I was accomplishing something - helping people - when the calendar brought to mind all my past failures. It was the upcoming Confederate Jubilee. I was to be "glorified" and I would have to appear with my wife. The truth was we were separated - I lived in DC, she lived in our home down south. We had not been man and wife in years (my biggest failure).

Again I would be made to act the part I had been forced to play all my life - living up to other people's expectations. I was tired - the only way I could go on living was to focus on what I was doing RIGHT - right now. Looking back to the past - when my marriage was new, my prospects were bright, my child untouched - was too hard. So I took my own life because I could not face the pain.

Present Life Parallels: I have had some emotional pain in this life and at one point I contemplated suicide. However, I could not take that step. I prayed for God to take my life but I would NOT take it. So maybe that was the truth that I finally absorbed from that life as the Civil War General.

That man was a bastard in many ways but the only person he ended up hurting was himself. He had some good qualities that I am trying to tap more into. For one, he had a sex drive (which I punished myself in this life by denying that I have one). Most importantly, he did have colossal personal strength - not all men would build a new life much less an active public life after losing his closest relationships.

He was abused as a child and that makes it easier to forgive him. Plus my husband in this life (my wife in that life) has told me from his memories of that same past lifetime that the Civil War General didn't enjoy the pain and hurt he inflicted on others. He was only punishing himself.

Present Life Truth: Prestige, money, power are all dust in the wind compared to living a life in right relationship to God's truth. I still feel my life as the Civil War General was the greatest opportunity to rise above my circumstances and that I blew it. In my current life, I feel God has blessed my feeble attempts at building a living relationship with Him with a new chance to help someone I abused in that life.

Life #2: Prophetess of Truth - Country: France, Death: Hung/Executed

Past Life Story: Shackled, wearing a thin piece of canvas sacking, trash and curses hurled at me, I am lead to the gallows. What was my crime? Speaking the truth that our spirits are eternal and we come back to the world time and time again. This was a fact contrary to the popular doctrine of the time (as it is even now in some cultures). The noose is placed around my neck, the coarse rope cutting off my air. My legs flailing, I pull at the rope trying to get some air but it's no use. My body falls slack as my spirit rises towards heaven.

Present Life Truth: What I got from that life is that standing up for truth is worth any cost. I also gained a strong belief that there is a God in Heaven. In this life, even before I became a born again Christian, I never questioned God's existence.

Life #3: "FedEx" Imperial Messenger - Country: China, Death: Suicide

Past Life Story: I am astride my black horse, galloping to the Emperor's summer house with an important dispatch in my pouch. An intimate personage in his household is in fact a traitor and a spy with orders to kill him! I am single minded - totally focused on getting there as quickly as I can. I get there but too late - billows of smoke choke me as I slide off my horse, defeated by my failure. The only honorable thing to do is kill myself. I take a knife: with a single stroke end my life.

Present Life Truth: The end of that life just illustrated the failure of the temporary mind. I wasn't my job or simply a functionary in an earthly hierarchy. I am more than my job, than my position, than my personality - I am my spirit.

Life #4: Sultan's Assassin - Country: Turkey, Death: Heart Wound/Executed

Past Life Story: "Take this job & shove it" is the way I think this past life as assassin to the Sultan. I was back in Turkey, a scimitar in my hands as I was hacking the heart out of my latest victim. The heart and the pinkie finger with my victim's ring had to be brought back to the Sultan (see the related Testimonial).

Once I was in the Sultan's throne room with my gruesome evidence, he spoils a tray of food by dumping the bloody remains on top of it. This during a time when many people were starving to death. Enraged, I lunge at him, trying to choke him with my bare hands. His loyal retainers make short work of me.

I'm on the cold marble floor, my blood flowing from a fatal wound to the heart. Adding insult to injury, the Sultan takes my assassin's fee, puts in the bloody box I presented to him earlier and lays it atop my sucking chest wound.

Present Life Truth: In this life, I learned to think for myself and not to accept someone else's truth as my own. I DO NOT have to take abuse. I stood up to my abuser. I feel really good about this death as an expression of what LIFE is about.

There are some things that are priceless - killing for money is so not worth it. I rejected being a physically large person in subsequent lives because it's too easy to be typecast as big, strong and stupid - I am so much more than that."

The Moral of the Past Life Stories: By the end of all our wanderings on the Earth plane, we will have been all things. We will have had a 360 experience of life, gained by many different past life experiences. We will learn that we are "so much more" than we could possibly imagine given the standpoint of only one life.

So the moral of the stories is that it is not enough to know just "what" we had been. If my client had only known that they had been a Civil War General or the Sultan's assassin, they would have missed how it had felt to be those people and probably misunderstood what that meant.

They might have glorified the General without confronting his shame. They might have despised the Assassin without connecting with his final act of heroism. More important than missing "who" the client had been, they would have missed "why". The assassin's hatred for the abusive Sultan was the immediate cause for the life as the Civil War General. For what one hates, one must be brought to understand. For only with understanding can past life healing be lasting.

Credits: submitted by J. D.



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