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Food #27: "What Illness (& Karma) Cannot Do"

"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses." (Hippocrates)

"Illness is the doctor to whom we pay most heed; to kindness, to knowledge we make promise only; to pain we obey." (Marcel Proust)

When you are suffering from a disease, a disorder, or an ailment, you should always remember "What Illness Cannot Do" to you.

* "It cannot stop Love": Love is the most powerful force in the universe. When you are ill, the best thing you can do for yourself is to think, speak, and act with love. Open yourself to receiving love. Take every chance to give love. Life is a choice and by choosing love at every moment, you are doing your best to be well.

* "It cannot destroy Hope": Hope is the positive vision of your future where you are well and whole. Hope comes from the inner knowing that vibrant health is your birth-right and destiny. The only person who can deprive you of hope is you: so just do not listen to those who cannot share your hopeful vision of health.

* "It cannot undermine Faith": Faith is the inner knowing that your hopeful vision of health must and will come true. Faith comes from the inner knowing that healing depends more upon desire, persistence, and hope than it does upon drugs and surgery. Faith is the belief that illness is temporary and that it can be overcome.

* "It cannot disrupt Peace": Illness can steal your peace of mind if you let it. Pain and suffering can grind you down if you let it. Allowing peace and love to fill your mind and heart can sustain your life if you let it.

* "It cannot end Friendship": When you are ill, you quickly discover who your real friends are… they are the ones who end up standing by your bedside and doing whatever they can to take the sharp edges off of your illness.

* "It cannot erase Memories": When you are ill, you create numerous opportunities for others to be kind to you. Many of these memories of kind treatment are so moving and touching as to be engraved on your heart forever.

* "It cannot defeat Courage": Illness challenges you to be a hero by showing courage in the face of adversity. Each moment of pain you overcome builds your courage which gives you the strength to patiently endure.

* "It cannot crush the Spirit": Illness can impair your body, damage your mind, or crush your emotions but it cannot damage, impair, or crush your spirit. Where there is life, there really is hope. For those who choose to view their illness as a test sent by karma can use the lessons that flow from it to refine and purify their spirit.

* "It cannot touch the eternal Soul": Your core essence is your Soul. Your Soul can never be destroyed and is always safe and protected. Although your Soul can remember pain, it can never be damaged or impaired by whatever the body, mind, or emotions suffer in any given lifetime. In your Soul, you are free.

Credits: This essay on "What Illness Cannot Do" is based on the famous "What Cancer Cannot Do" quote and is from channeled information.



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