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Food #17: Poems on Past Lives: "Victory over Time"

The Victor's Hand

"I sift through all the memories,
and find them once again
Of dark and daunting dreams I had,
forgotten way back then.

I fight inside my dreams,
I rage, where none will hear or know
I swear to win this battle now
and take back my control.

I draw my sword and thrust it
in the monster I can't see
And know the darkness where it lives
and know its part of me.

I strike and parry, raise my shield
and fend off mortal blow
And though attacked at every turn,
I vow I'm not laid low.

Until I can the dimness clear,
the darkness I recall
Its got me in its grip, I stand,
my back against the wall.

I stand on borrowed ground,
but claim the safety that is mine
And with the victor's hand
I raise, salute annals of time."

Ellen L'Empier

The Dance of Time

"We were meant to be assembled
Once on the plains or by the sea
Or on some rocky mountainous precipice
We were led here, you by me.

In the vast and future distance
We shall meet then face to face
When without a recollection of warring deaths
Inflicted or of friendship's sweet embrace.

Whether in the heated clasp of battle
Both on one side savagely defending yours and mine
Or pitted in some deadly game of force
We shall meet again and know the dance of Time.

I have severed bonds beholden
Canceled across dimensions any debt
My dying wish to hold you lovingly forever
Not as prisoner but as friend.

Let us think it not so odd then
When we at some point cross our ways
May we once again assemble wiser, kinder
And predisposed to balancing our fate.

I shall be released in not exacting payment
As into vast beyond and arm in arm we go
When dark deeds that I have done you will not mar me
And memories of the past no longer carved
upon the matrix of my soul."

Ellen L'Empier

Truth Heals All Wounds

"I must look back
I need to know
I need to understand how things were
For wounds to heal
I ache to grow
Forgiveness I will learn.

I look,
I search to find what was
For time does not heal wounds,
I've found.
Truth does."

Ellen L'Empier

I No Longer Am

"The one I was, I no longer am.
I know not who I'm to be.
How can I be this fleeting being
And still claim to be me?

A thousand full moons light the night.
A million suns warm the days.
They care not who watches them
They simply share their rays.

Light we come from
And light we are.
The sun, the moon, the earth
We see because of light.

Who I am and how I live are
Fleeting, fleeting things.
Only I am concerned about
What the journey brings.

Time is an illusion and so am I.
In one body or another
I've seen thousands of moons
rise above the trees.

Time is marked and counted here,
as a banker counts his gold.
I travel in time, a journey of imagination,
Only light is mine to hold."

from Lynne Hinton's poem "I No Longer Am"



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