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Food #26: "How to Raise Your Vibration: Going from Karma to Dharma"

"The will to do, the Soul to dare." (Walter Scott)

Are you ready to raise your vibration ...and help this world transmute its karma for the better? If so, here is what you can do to raise your vibration and transmute your karma into dharma. Remember that as you raise your own vibration, you are helping the Earth to heal and to do the same!

What you can do - physically - to raise your vibration is...
    by showing love to your body first!

* Adopt Healthy Habits: Breathe from your belly. Get an 8 hour block of sleep each night. Drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water daily. Walk for 30 minutes a day. Shower regularly. These all raise your vibration.

* Eat Healthy Foods: Garbage in, garbage out! You are what you eat and drink: eat and drink junk and you will lower your vibration. Eat and drink healthy foods and you will open yourself to raise your vibration!

* Avoid Chemical Substances: Do not pollute the temple of your spirit with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or any other chemical substances which damage the body to give the mind a temporary high (and lowers vibration).

What you can do - mentally - to raise your vibration is...
    by thinking, believing, and acting with love!

* Take Charge: Remember you are responsible for your life. If you are not as healthy, happy, or wealthy as you want to be, examine your beliefs and attitudes. Discard limiting beliefs. Adopt empowering ones.

* Focus Properly: Focus on what you want in your life: create a powerful, positive vision of your future. Dare to dream that the best you are wanting for yourself... really is possible and can be created with ease.

* Gratitude Attitude: Be thankful for the gifts of life. Always giving out gratitude for what you have invites the universe to send you more. Be kind to all you encounter: cast your loving thoughts out to everyone.

What you can do - emotionally - to raise your vibration is...
    by helping others and treating all kindly!

* Get Quality Hugs/Love: When you feel your heart fill with love for another... and when you connect with them by standing in their energy field and by wrapping your arms around them... this raises your vibration.

* Live Your Passion: When you are doing the work that gives your life meaning and purpose, you will grow and become more compassionate, forgiving, and understanding. Expansion of awareness equals high vibrations.

* Fun Life: Always have some fun each day. Relax on the weekends. Take regular vacations. Life is meant to be happy. Decide now NOT to put off happiness. Enjoy each moment... as if there will not be another one.

What you can do - spiritually - to raise your vibration is...
    by being a role model of loving kindness!

* Practice What You Preach: When you live your truth, when you work your passion, and when you always act as if God was present... then you are practicing in your life what you preach, this alignment/congruency raises your vibration.

* Active Kindness: Proactively seeking out opportunities to practice random acts of kindness shows that you are walking your talk of being a role model of love, compassion, and kindness. All this takes is just time and thoughtfulness.

* God's Ambassador: When you have been blessed by receiving the good news of past lives, karma, and reincarnation, and you offer this news to those who ask it without expectation or agenda, this raises your vibration in the best way possible.

Credits: from channeled information.



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