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Rules #9b: Rules for Recovery: If You Really Want to Recover

For Those in Recovery

If you want to recover, you will need to do different things and to do things differently.

You must ask yourself: Am I REALLY committed to changing my life?

For what you have been consistently doing (or not doing) in the past CAUSED your illness.

True Fact: The genetics inherited from your family only gave you the POTENTIAL for getting the illness. Your actions-inactions were what ACTUALLY gave you the illness.

Recovery in Four Parts

All recovery processes consists of four parts:

Recovering from Illness... Spiritually
Recovering from Illness... Emotionally
Recovering from Illness... Mentally
Recovering from Illness... Physically

The more effort you put into recovery, the sooner you can achieve vibrant health.

Spiritual = Fighting for Your Life

"To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer, The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing end them: to die." (Hamlet)

The most important aspect of recovery is the spiritual part because it is the most difficult of all.

* Do You Really Want to Live?: The most important part of the recovery process becomes the particular illness sufferer's desire and will to live. Many times those who fall ill do so in answer to their often repeated prayers to end a life that has become undesirable. Illness serves as their "Get Out of Hell Free" card.

* The Power of the Will to Live: As Bernie Siegel (author of "Love, Medicine, and Miracles") discovered, those patients, whose will to live was intense, could survive the most aggressive forms of cancer. Similarly, Siegel found that those who seemed relieved by the cancer diagnosis died quickly from even its mildest forms.
* What are You Living For?: You are a spiritual being having a human experience and so there is a purpose and a reason for your life here.
* Ask Yourself?: So what is your purpose? What are you living for? Do you have a vision and a mission for your life? Is it business, pleasure, or both? Do you have goals for your life? What do you want to do before you die? Who do you want to live for? Is it for a spouse, parents, or children? WHY do you want to keep on living?

Unless you have a strong reason to live, you may lack the necessary motivation and energy to recover from illness.
* What Makes You Happy?: How much time, on average, each day, are you happy? If days, weeks, and months go by without being brightened by moments of love, joy, and happiness, then you have no reason to live. No doubt, the chronic lack of love, joy, and happiness was a major contributor to your former illness.

* What Engages You?: What do you do that totally focuses your attention? Usually these are "happy" activities but they can also be challenging ones. What do you do that makes time fly by? What do you do that you want to do again/more of? Looking forward to being happily and totally engaged helps you to recover.

* Who Loves You?: Who do you love? Who loves you? Those who feel and know God's love make the fastest recovery from illness. Those who deeply love others make a fast recovery. Love is the glue that attaches you to life. When you are full of love, you will recover from illness no matter how bad the odds.

Emotional = Managing Your Feelings

"I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them."
(Oscar Wilde, "Picture of Dorian Gray")
"Definition of Emotion = energy in motion." (Anon)

The most difficult aspect of recovery is the emotional part because it is the least controllable of all.

* Are You Really Ready to Change?: Many illnesses are caused by negative emotions which drive unloving thoughts and disempowering actions.

* Illness Return: If your emotions keep on flowing the same way after the illness as they did before it, more often than not, the illness will return. Doing things differently (becoming calmer through stress management and breathing) and doing different things (taking breaks to think instead of reacting to feelings) are necessary for change.
* Can You Control Lust?: Lust is a signal from your Physical (Matter) Body that that you are putting too much attention on the "animal desires" that come with human flesh (sex, food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, money, power, etc). If you have over-indulged in "Lust" and this has made you ill, then can you reduce it?

* Can You Manage Anger?: Anger is a signal from your Astral (Emotional) Body that some boundary has been violated. If you routinely respond to life's challenges with "Anger" and this has made you ill, then can you learn to cultivate calmness, to resourcefully redirect anger, and/or to appropriately assert yourself?

* Can You Curb Greed?: Greed is a signal from your Causal (Karmic) Body that you have unhealed survival traumas from one or more past lives. If you are afraid to give because you doubt you will receive more and so you respond with "Greed" and this has made you ill, can use your abundance in more loving ways?

* Can You Balance Vanity?: Vanity is a signal from your Mental (Thought) Body that you are out of balance with your "proper" place in the universe. If you think you are "God's gift" to the universe (narcissistic vanity) or that you are "God's mistake" (masochistic vanity), are you willing to strive for balanced humility instead?

* Can You Release Attachments?: Attachment is a signal from your Etheric (Intuition) Body that you still have desires within you that are seeking fulfillment from many past lives. If you feel like you are not acting for yourself in this life now and this has made you ill, are you willing to look back and heal your past lives?

* What Will You Do/Be?: All the emotions above are active but you will also need to manage their opposites which are passive.
Apathy is the lack of lust.
Depression is anger turned inwards.
Powerlessness is the failure of greed.
Masochism-Narcissism are the mirror aspects of vanity.
Indifference is the reverse of attachment.
To fully recover from illness, you must take charge and better manage both the active and passive aspects of your emotions.

Mental = Controlling Your Thoughts

"When you see a hopeless end, look harder and you just many find an endless hope." (Anonymous)
"We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival." (Winston Churchill)

If you have been ill and want to recover, the mental aspect is the most problematic part of recovery.

* Are You Really Ready to Change?: Many illnesses are caused by unloving thoughts created by negative emotions and disempowering actions.

* Illness Return: If your thoughts keep on flowing the same way after the illness as they did before it, more often than not, the illness will return. Doing things differently (replacing negative thoughts with positive ones) and doing different things (adopting the beliefs and habits of healthy people) are necessary for change.
* Can You Heal Your Sick Persona?: Especially if you have been ill from birth and have never been well, inside your mind there is a sick persona who is keeping you ill. If you cannot even imagine what you would be like if you had vibrant health, then you have a sick persona inside you that must be healed first.
* Remember: You cannot be well on the outside if you are not well on the inside. The "Vibrant Health" exercise can teach you how to think healthy thoughts and to build wellness from the inside out.
* Can You Get Approval?: Those who are ill often gain attention and help from others… that they would lose if they were to become healthy. Often, the sick person fears they will lose the "approval" of others if they got well. So if are you ready to gain the approval of others from being well rather than ill, you will recover.

* Can You Take Control?: Those who are ill lose control over their lives due to the resulting physical, mental, and emotional incapacity. Often, the sick person fears they will lose being "taken care of" and may fear taking back responsibility. The sick person also may use their incapacity to control others. So if you are ready to take control, be independent, and take on full responsibilities, you will recover.

* Can You Feel Secure?: Those who are ill almost always feel insecure because they cannot rely on their body, mind, or emotions due to illness. Often the sick person learns to distrust themselves because of their incapacity. Yet, this distrust interferes with your self healing mechanisms by not sending a clear message of healing. So if you can feel secure in your ability to heal, you will recover.

Physical = Nurturing Your Body

"Healing is the journey. The destination is yourself… Only by fearlessly looking within can you embrace the landscape of your life and open yourself completely to all the love that lives inside you." (Philip Berk)

If you have been ill and want to recover, the physical aspect is the most active part of recovery.

* Are You Really Ready to Change?: Many illnesses are caused by disempowering actions - period. If you really want to recover, then you need to "get back to basics" and do what most do to create/maintain their health.

* Illness Return: If you eat and drink junk, your body breaks down. If you skimp on sleep, if you choke your lungs with smoke, if you pickle your liver with alcohol, and if you do drugs routinely, you are poisoning your body. If you get too little or indulge in too much exercise, your body gets damaged. If you dress without regard to the weather or safety, you are insane! All these guarantee illness returns.
* Can You Do 90% of Normal?: Your "normal" way of life is partly what caused your illness. If you always push yourself and are constantly stressed, you must learn to relax and breathe deeply. If you always sit around and move very little, you must learn to exercise and walk around for 30 minutes daily. If you can alter your life-style to do "90% of normal" to start (and then do 80%, 70%, 60% and so on), you have taken the first important step along the road of physical recovery.

* Can You Do Daily Self Care?: Your poor level of daily self care is partly what caused your illness. If you are not getting 8 hours of sleep, if you are not breathing fresh air, if you are not getting 30 minutes of sunshine, if you are not eating healthy foods, if you are not drinking eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day, and if you are not dressing to keep warm, then you must do all of these things on a daily basis starting now so you can get the energetic support you need to recover.

* Can You Cut Out Toxicity?: Your exposure to chemical toxins is partly what caused your illness. "If you cannot eat it, then wear protective gear (gloves, goggles, etc) to keep yourself safe from it." Your body was not designed to cope with the massive array of toxins so protect it from them so you can recover.

* Can You Correct Deficiency?: Your consumption of nutritionally poor food and drink is what caused your illness. If you are not eating fresh vegetables and fruit daily and if you are not drinking vitamin rich juices daily, then you must correct this deficiency to fortify your body so that you can recover and attain vibrant health.

Credits: from channeled information.



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