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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Karmic - Accelerated Release
    (Spiritual - Rapid Karma Clearing)
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Short Description
After Effects
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Short Description: Karmic - Accelerated Release
Accelerated Karmic Releases occur when the physical body must rapidly throw off toxic residues from a massive release of Past Life Resonances from Cellular Memory to support a rapid karma clearing process.

Causes: Accelerated Karmic Releases are designed to leave the individual permanently changed for the better spiritually. An individual's successful resolution of long standing spiritual issues is what makes them ready for the "next step in their evolution." Often this Accelerated Karmic Release occurs to forcibly bring to the surface talents, skills, and abilities one has earned in past lives and that are now needed to complete the present life contract. The overall goal is to help an individual to remember consciously what they already know unconsciously.

Symptoms: In an Accelerated Karmic Release, the body will rapidly throw off toxic residue. Most or all of the means of eliminating waste will be used by the body in an extremely compressed timeframe. Releases can happen anytime but they are usually at done at sleep time. Often the symptoms below will waken the individual from a sound sleep. Briefly, any or all of the following symptoms may be experienced during the Accelerated Karmic Release:

- Involuntary, Uncontrollable, Rapid Breathing
    (usually experienced as hyper-ventilating)
- Involuntary, Uncontrollable, Fecal Urgency
    (usually experienced as sudden, forceful urination or defecation)
- Involuntary, Uncontrollable, Serial Vomiting
    (throwing up undigested food or phlegm through the mouth / nose)
- Involuntary, Uncontrollable, Profuse Sweating
    (usually experienced as sweat "pouring" out of the body like tears)
- Involuntary, Uncontrollable, Rapid Ventilating
    (feeling extremes of heat and cold at different times / areas)
- Involuntary, Uncontrollable, Excessive Flatulence
    (expelling large amounts of gas usually with unpleasant odors)
- Involuntary, Uncontrollable, Acute Pain
    (felt as "angina" heart pain or as blinding, migraine headaches)
- Involuntary, Uncontrollable, Jerky, Rapid Eye Movement
    (like EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)

After Effects: Accelerated Karmic Releases leave unmistakable after effects. These usually consist of unusual bowel movements, nasal/lung congestion, vomiting, coughing, etc to help the body dump any remaining cellular toxins. It can also include "on again, off again" chest and head pain as well as puffy hands and feet.

Advice: The best thing to do in the event of an Accelerated Karmic Release is just let it happen to you without trying to control or resist it. Usually this process is so overwhelming that the person is totally incapacitated and unable to call for help. It almost always happens at a time and at a place where the person is totally alone and will be undisturbed by others for a significant period of time. Often, the person is "out of their body" for the worst of the Release. The person may or may not "hear voices" or "see guides" or "feel their body being transformed". Know that this process is for your highest good so you can quickly move forward in your life.

Case History: "After going through months of 'spiritual crisis', I was lying in bed when something came over me. I hyper ventilated for 4 hours while hearing voices and sweating profusely. I laid there on my bed as my breathing took over and continued on very heavily like a steam engine. I gave into it (that saved me from disaster) and let my mind go. I didn't fight it, I just gave into it. I expelled a lot of gas. My body was chilled except for my hands and feet which were burning up.

It was like a storm. The breath was hard, fast, very deep, and involuntary. I heard voices all around me. The climax, which lasted for maybe forty minutes, was when I experienced my self as a sphere. A sphere that had a point of consciousness inside itself and I felt it as a turning upside-down feeling, and turning inside-out feeling. This experience was between my eyes and a few inches above my face.

I felt this bliss encompass my entire being for a moment. It was like a wave or rush of spirituality. When it subsided, I got out of bed to wash up in the bathroom when I noticed my eyes swirling inside my head, rolling in circular directions. Also, my arms, hands, chest were inflated. I was actually puffy (I know this to be from all the oxygen I took in repeatedly and heavily for so long). In all, it lasted 5 hours.

I rested for a day or two afterwards and I feel lucky that I survived it. It was something beyond breathing or hyper ventilating. It was beyond me. After a year, I finally got "back to normal". I know it was a spiritual transformation I went through. I'm left with experiencing 'the vibe'. I feel others vibrations now and I've had to teach myself about all this stuff. It was a thing I never looked for or even knew about before." (This Accelerated Karmic Release is as "classic" as it gets - EM)

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Credits: from channeled information and from "Frank's" life story.



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