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Exercise: 60 Day Abundance Healing Program [Download] [CD]

Summary: Drawing Yourself into the Vibration of the Abundance Channel

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Background: "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" is what God wants us all to do. God created a rich universe filled with unimaginable abundance with plenty for everyone. All you need to do to claim your Divine Birthright of abundance is to "Knock (on the door of Abundance) and it shall be opened unto you".

Goal: The goal is to draw you into the "Abundance Channel". The universe is waiting for you to become all that you can be. Abundance is the means for you to become a fully realized being. If you are truly ready to move forward in your life, this Abundance Healing Program can get you there.


You must make the commitment to do this exercise every day for 60 days. If you miss a day, you have to start all over again. When you can get through the entire Abundance Healing Program for the full 60 days, most people find that their lives have been transformed for the better.

How to Do This Exercise:

This exercise should be done for at least 20 minutes every day. If you can devote more time to this do so... but be sure to pace yourself and only do what you can sustain on a daily basis. This exercise is in 3 parts:

1> Abundance Healing Prayer (2 minutes out of 20)
2> Abundance Healing Affirmations (12 minutes out of 20)
3> Abundance Healing Keys (6 minutes out of 20)

These must be done in the above order according to the time schedule.

1> Abundance Healing Prayer

Thank you, God. I now subconsciously accept this inner healing of my attitudes towards money and abundance. I wholeheartedly accept every aspect of this healing with gratitude, thanks, and love. There is only one Creative Cause, God. There is only one collective Consciousness, God. There is only one Life, God. There is only one Substance, God. There is only one Source, God.

This ever unfolding present universe is the Glory of God. The universe is a flexible, fluidic, moving creation. It is richly alive with the Creativity, the Consciousness, the Life, and the Substance of God. God means for everyone to share in this glory of universal Abundance. God means for me to share in His/Her Abundance.

God created me so that I may be an instrument of his Will. God created me so that God could act through me. God created me to be a channel for Divine Love and Wisdom. To accomplish God's will, God's work, and God's love, I am receptive to the abundance from all possible channels in the universe making this possible. I am deserve and am worthy of receiving rich, lavish Abundance.

Therefore, I am receptive to the circulation of God's abundance to me in the form of money, energy, joy, and love. Money is the physical manifestation of God's love for me in form. Money is God's means of circulating spirit in the world of finance. Money is God in action in my life and is wondrous, wholesome, and a blessing for everyone. Money allows me to become all of who God wants me to be.

I believe it is my birthright to partake in the abundance of the universe. I deserve to have an abundance of money and am now prospered with it in my life. I have more than enough money for all I want and need. I always use my money wisely and responsibly. I am generous with my money and circulate it for the greatest good of myself and all others concerned. I know money is good for me and others.

Money is God's activity in my life, in my bank accounts, in my investments, and in all that I lay my hands to. All the money that flows to me is free. My money is God's money: I let it flow in and I let it flow out. I am always confident that there is plenty of money available to me to support the achievement of all my dreams.

As I release money, I know that it will come back to me a thousand fold. The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want for anything I desire. Money brings me freedom. I rejoice in money: I appreciate it and I thank God for it. I always have and always will have this abundance freely flowing to me now and forevermore world without end. I manifest all these beliefs into my reality now. Amen.

2> Abundance Healing Affirmations:

There are 12 affirmations in total. Beneath each affirmation is an explanation of the meaning behind it. It is critical you understand why you are doing each affirmation. Put as much feeling and emotion behind each affirmation as you say it aloud to yourself. You may say it silently but it will have more power if you speak it.

Say only the affirmation and NOT the explanation underneath it. Try to stick to the affirmations as worded. If any words make you uncomfortable, you may change them but these affirmations were worded the way they were for a reason. Try to work with them as worded for awhile before making any changes.

I release and discard any beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors which are limiting me from sharing in the omnipresent Abundance of GOD's Universe. I am very worthy and deserving of claiming my birthright of Abundance. My Abundance is for the highest good of all and it creates Abundance for others.

About Affirmation #1: Before you can install a new belief system, it is essential you "uninstall" the old one. If you are not presently enjoying the level of abundance that you desire it is because limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are holding you back. These self imposed limitations almost always relate to your feelings of worthiness or your beliefs about what you deserve (usually inherited from others) or your fears that your abundance takes from others (a myth). You must release these limits - which are illusions - before you can become open to abundance.

I lift up my being - body, mind, & spirit - to be aware, understand, and know that GOD is the Source and Substance of all my good. I acknowledge the perfection of GOD's universe. In the perfect time, in the perfect way, I draw whatever lessons or guides necessary for me to be an abundant person now.

About Affirmation #2: To become abundant, you must be fully committed - body, mind, and spirit - to principles of Abundance. If your body stores fears about abundance or if your mind remembers past fears about abundance or if your beliefs about what it means to be spiritual keep you mired in lack, you must dissolve these problems before you can move forward abundantly. One of the greatest riches of the universe is that there are others from whom you can learn or others who you can teach and gain a greater understanding of abundance yourself.

GOD is lavish, constant Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all providing Source of Infinite Prosperity is individualized as me - the Reality of me.

About Affirmation #3: When you look up at the stars in the sky, you are seeing only the tiniest fraction of the wonder of God's creation. There are enough visible stars for each person to have one. There are even more stars than that just waiting to be discovered. Imagine that you are your star and have many planets full of treasures just for your use. Now realize there are even stars, planets, and treasures available if you need them. Know that there is more than you can possibly know or imagine. Now you can begin to understand the true nature of Abundance.

I am conscious of GOD as my lavish, infinite Abundance. I am always conscious of GOD's constant activity towards my Infinite Prosperity. My consciousness is filled with the Light of Truth. I am an unlimited being.

About Affirmation #4: It is deeply ingrained in the human consciousness that "money is the root of all evil", that it is "dirty", and it keeps you from "entering the Kingdom of Heaven". The truth is money is nothing more than spirit made manifest in form to enable people to accomplish God's work on Earth. Truth, honesty, and integrity are the roots of this spirit based program which must become firmly "rooted" in your consciousness to open you up to your birthright of abundance.

My own awareness, understanding, and knowledge of this all providing activity of GOD within me is my Abundant supply. My consciousness of this Truth creates my lavish supply.

About Affirmation #5: Abundance comes from your total openness to the "all possibilities" the universe can provide to you. Lack usually stems from the human attachment to a particular person or outcome. Once these limiting attachments are released, you free spirit to create the highest form of perfection possible in your universe. More often than not, spirit will create an outcome which is completely unknown to you and is better than you could have possibly imagined.

Through this consciousness of GOD as my Source, I draw into my Being the very substance of Spirit. This Substance is my supply, and thus the consciousness of GOD within me is my Abundant supply.

About Affirmation #6: Everyone - whether they realize it or not - is working for God. God is the one who flows abundance to you in the form of health, talents, family, work, and money. Lack of abundance comes from putting your attention and beliefs on the illusion that your prosperity is dependent upon human created institutions. Abundance comes from complete trust in the source.

My Abundant inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and aspirations. GOD enables the total fulfillment of my needs as well as my aspirations as the Principle of Abundant Supply in action within me.

About Affirmation #7: " That which you are seeking is causing you to seek". Simply put, you have the dreams you have because God has implanted these dreams within you. God has put them there to begin with because God means you to fulfill them. Abundance is the fulfillment of the "form and experience" that supports your every "need and aspiration" that God has created within you.

The GOD within me is ever and always expressing it's true nature of lavish Abundance. I am aware of this truth, I am totally confident in letting go and in letting GOD appear as the Abundant all sufficiency in every aspect of me.

About Affirmation #8: Think again about the sea of stars which stretches on forever throughout the universe. The God who conceived this vast Abundance does not know lack. Our finite minds cannot conceive of the abundance of God's magnificent creation in its' totality, therefore we perceive its' limits which contain the illusion of lack. "Letting go and letting God" allows spirit to move us in the abundant directions that we could not and would not conceive of on our own. What God and the universe can create for you is always better than what you alone can create for yourself. Just let it happen...

My consciousness of the GOD within me as my Abundant Source is the Divine Power to lift me up and keep me on the High Road of Abundant Prosperity. This total awareness, understanding and knowledge of GOD appears as every form and experience on that High Road.

About Affirmation #9: We inherit a great number of false attitudes about money and abundance from our society. The truth is that money and abundance are not good or evil but are neutral in and of themselves. They only have a positive or a negative outcome depending upon we use them. Money and abundance allow you to be more of who you already are. Becoming who you already are is the point of all the experiences you have ever had or will ever have in this or other lives.

I am aware of the GOD self within me as my total fulfillment. I know that the activity of Divine Abundance is eternally operating in my life. I am aware of the flow of Creative Energy which is continuously, easily, and effortlessly pouring fourth from GOD into my conscious awareness.

About Affirmation #10: In the world where bodies grow weak and minds grow forgetful, pleasure and pain are powerful forces which motivate us as "spiritual beings in human form" to change. We know we are on our right path are when it unfolds continuously, easily, and effortlessly before us. When there is struggle, pain, or lack, it is meant not to punish us but to motivate us to make different choices so we can experience the joy, love, and abundance which is our birthright.

I place my entire focus on the GOD within me as the only Cause of my Abundant Prosperity. I acknowledge GOD as the substance of all things. I have faith in the principle of lavish Abundance in action within me.

About Affirmation #11: Faith in God - in Divine Abundance, Love, and Mercy - fills in the gaps where logic and science cannot go and are not of any "practical" benefit. These gaps exist to force you to take the proverbial "leap of faith" so your trust in God can become complete. Ultimately, faith is the trust that you will get to where you are going without having to know precisely how to get there or what it is you will need along the way. You trust abundance is there whenever you need it.

As I abundantly live, I abundantly serve and give. Receiving and giving are always balanced within me. As I honor myself, I also honor Thee, the GOD, the source and reason for me. I use what I have to be the best I can be. The greatest abundance is me being me, living my life, giving my service to Thee.

About Affirmation #12: The universe is all about doing God's work. If you are truly doing the work that you are meant to do, then work is not hardship, effort, or struggle. Work is something you enjoy doing and is meant to be easy, effortless, and pleasurable. As you give service from your heart, you receive abundance a thousand fold from the universe. It is the giving and receiving in ever greater cycles, in ever greater circles, in ever faster rotations that create the expansion and the abundance that all of God's creatures were meant to share and enjoy.

3> Abundance Healing Keys

There are 6 keys in total. Beneath each key is an explanation of the meaning behind it. It is essential that you understand why you must accept each key. Say each key silently because you are using the keys to reprogram your mind and condition it for abundance (while the affirmations seek to program your universe).

Say only the key and NOT the explanation underneath it. Do not change the keys unless absolutely necessary.

I have a special and unique purpose in this life which I honor every day in every way. I expect my purpose to be supported at all times by myself, by others, and by God. That expectation is always met.

About Key #1: When you are giving the best service you can to yourself and other, you are expressing the love of God. The saying "do what you love and the money will follow" is true.

I pursue my special purpose by fully honoring the uniqueness of myself and all others around me. I release from my being negativity, judgments, and dogmas that others seek to impose on me. I fill my being with the light of truth, with the warmth of openness, and with the spirit of loving kindness.

About Key #2: The truth is "nice guys finish first". Those businesses and people who focus on serving the customer (and thereby the universe) are those who truly succeed and earn the mega-riches. When you "treat others as you would wish to be treated", you open the door to untold riches.

I am open to the fulfillment of my purpose through all possible channels. I rejoice in the successes of myself and others. I see the gifts and learning that are present in situations that are deemed failures. All that I do whether it is accounted as a success or failure is for the highest good of all.

About Key #3: Any dream or aspiration can have fulfillment because of the infinite diversity and abundance of the universe. What limits the fulfillment are negative judgments about what the channels should be or what should be accounted for as success or failure. When you are committed to serving the highest good for all, you are inevitably drawn to the path of greater abundance.

I ask for and I receive whatever is necessary for the fulfillment of my special purpose. I focus on my purpose with certainty, clarity, and total integrity of intent. My purity of intention overcomes all obstacles in my path.

About Key #4: Purity of intention is what will always enable you to push through any obstacles to the achievement of your goal. As you work your way through your obstacles, you will find that these problems always come bearing gifts in their hands. Certainty, clarity, and total integrity allow you to take all the gifts that come your ways and use them to create abundance from apparent lack.

I allow my special purpose to unfold naturally, easily, and effortlessly around me. As I pursue my special purpose, I do all that I can to help all others I encounter. As I serve and am served, I give and receive love.

About Key #5: As you honor your purpose in life, you tap your full potential. The entire rich immensity of your being becomes open for your use in manifesting your purpose. Your life flows with certainty and direction. You are better able to help others manifest their goals. Others in turn are better able to motivate and support you. In the long run, everyone becomes better able to achieve the common goal of growing rich in the ability to give and receive love.

I am truly grateful and thankful for all the gifts of life that I have received. I put the best into achieving my special purpose in life. I always live up to my highest ideals. May the blessings flow continuously.

About Key #6: What you put into life with a loving, thankful, and grateful heart you receive from it a thousandfold. You might have heard the saying: "When love and skill combine, expect a masterpiece". When you settle for nothing short of your highest ideals, the universe will respond in the same manner.

Example: When you let God into your life, miracles happen. Remember God's promise: "…thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine" (Bible: Luke 15:31). How this promise works is that you must "Have faith in God… (He that) shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things that he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith… What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe ye receive them, and ye shall have them" (Bible: Mark 11:23-24).

This program even turned someone fully embittered by the Nazi Holocaust into a happy and hopeful person. The only way you will know what it can do for you is to try it for yourself. See you on the other side.

Credits: adapted from the "Prosperity Program" by John Randolph Price, the "Treatment for Money" by Sunny Jimenez (HLC), and the "Keys to Abundance" by Karal Studio, NZ



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