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Cure #1: Simple but Effective Breaths for Increased Energy & Vitality

Breath is the Magic Wonder Pill

Air is the most important nourishment that you can receive. Three minutes without it and you will die. Whenever you breathe, remember you are breathing in lifeforce.

Be sure to breathe deeply: 90% of the blood flow in your lungs is at the bottom and breathing oxygenates your blood.

Breath is the "WonderPill" which can transform your life. Just look at all breath helps you do: "lose unwanted weight, get refreshing sleep, improve your digestion, lower your blood pressure, enhance your immune system, improve your mood, increase your mental clarity, eliminate addictions like smoking or drinking, look and feel more youthful-vibrant, increase your life span, and give you more energy".

Below are the steps for doing the six most popular breaths... but before using any of the breaths below, click here for a "Word of Caution"

1> CONNECTED BREATH - the "WonderPill Breath" for ALL Ills

Fill the diaphragm on the inhale, allowing your belly to expand (be proud of it!)
Exhale while softly drawing the abdomen back toward the spine.
Do 100 full, connected breaths each and every morning. sure to be relaxed and pause as you need to.
Don't be concerned if you don't reach 100 right away.
..........Your body will adapt in time.
Connect as many breaths as is comfortable for you and stop at that point.
.........If you get tired or dizzy before reaching 100 breaths, STOP.
Breathe through the mouth for the first 30 days, then use the nostrils.

2> KUNDALINI BREATH - for Increased Physical Energy

Stand with feet placed shoulder width apart and knees bent.
Raise both arms above your head as you inhale through the mouth.
Then quickly exhale through the mouth, bringing the arms down to shoulder height.
Inhale immediately as you raise the arms.
Repeat for 3 minutes at a moderate pace to begin.
Increase the length of time and the intensity as you progress.

3> HA BREATH - for Improved Digestion and Joyful Energy

Stand with feet placed shoulder width apart and knees bent.
Place your hand on your lower abdomen so that you will feel your belly move.
Inhale through the mouth expanding the diaphragm.
Exhale quickly through the mouth making the sound: "HA".
Repeat rapidly for 2 minutes.

4> BALANCING BREATH - for Centering Yourself

If right handed, place the thumb of the right hand over the right nostril.
Breathe into the left nostril to the count of 8 and hold the breath to the count of 16.
Cover the left nostril with the index finger of the right hand.
Exhale through the right nostril to a count of 8 and hold the breath for a count of 8.
Again cover the right nostril with the thumb and repeat the cycle ten times.

5> HONG SAH BREATH - for Calming the Mind

Inhale through the nose to the count of ten.
While inhaling, mentally repeating the word, "Hong" as you inhale.
Hold the breath to the count of 10.
Then exhale slowly through the mouth as you repeat the word, "Sah" out loud.

6> OLA BREATH - for Quickly Reducing Stored Stress

Tighten the buttocks and rectal muscles.
Pull the stomach in as the inhale is drawn into the upper chest.
Drop the head onto the chest and tighten the entire body while holding the breath.
Raise the head, exhale while moving the head forward and making a hissing sound.

7> HAND BREATH - for Quickly Reducing Stored Stress

Place your dominant hand (hand you write with) on top of your heart and your other hand over your stomach (center the palm on the navel).
Imagine the air flowing from your body into your hands and then back into your body as you slowly breathe in and out through your nose.
The hand on your navel moves up and down while the hand on your heart is still.
Consciously slow down your breathing, inhaling and exhaling at a steady, even pace until you feel the stress leaving your body and mind.

Before using any of these techniques, click here for a "Word of Caution."

Credits: from "The International Breath Institute", PO Box 1496, Center Harbor, NH 03226 - Thomas O. Goode - Judith M. Kravitz



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