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Cure #4: Food, Glorious Food: Getting Into the Right Relationship with It

The "Curse" of Abundance

Throughout must of human history and in most parts of the world today, food was/is scarce. Where food is scarce, the presence of food is blessing. Where it is abundant (like in America), too much of it becomes a curse.

The truth is that the abundant food we have in America is killing us. It has become a very vicious cycle. We overeat and get fat. We are fat so we risk our health, money, and maybe our lives on fad weight loss solutions.

Where the "True" Weight Problem Is

In America, the true problem is with weight control is cultural. Centuries of scarcity and lack have programmed us into building food into every aspect of our lives. Food is the answer to everything. We give it as gifts, we get it at work in meetings, at parties, at the movies, at the ballpark... it's everywhere!

The key is to come to a right relationship with food: getting enough of the right kind to keep us healthy and to keep us from obesity.


If you're stuck in the FAT lane, here's how you got there - the "secret" formula that has made too many of us a "wide load":

Fat = WHAT (40%) + HOW (30%) + WHEN (15%)
         + WHY (10%) + WHERE (5%) You Eat

For those firmly committed to the spiritual path, there is another metaphysical aspect that also must be addressed. You will also need to do the exercise on "Removing 'Meta-Physical' Causes of Unwanted Fat".

If you are wondering if you are overweight, click here for the official chart!


The WHAT Problem: The WHAT problem is what everyone focuses on. Simply put, if you consume more fuel (food, drink) than the energy you are expending (by metabolizing, living, or exercising), then you will get fat: end of story. There are 10 million different solutions to the WHAT problem, here is mine.

The WHAT Solution: Here is WHAT to do to get into the right relationship with food and nutrition:

* Eat food in balanced proportions: 40% Non-Starchy Vegetables, 30% Fat (like nuts), 30% Protein (like eggs).

* Eat foods as close to natural as possible: vegetables and low fructose fruits (berries) are best.

* Do 100 Connected Breaths every morning to literally blow the fat off your body.

* Drink as much water as you can. Drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day. ..........Work yourself up to drinking an ounce of water for every 2 pounds of weight: you'll never be hungry of fat again.

* Walking 30 minutes a day at a "good pace" is the best exercise you can do.
.......... To find a "good pace", you are walking TOO slow if you can sing BUT
.......... you're walking TOO fast if you can't talk.

* Do the necessary mental conditioning. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight.
.......... Declare your intention to be in the right relationship with food.
.......... Speak aloud positive, uplifting affirmations about being slender.

* Eliminate blocks to weight control: do the "meta-physical weight loss program".

* "Cheating" is essential to success: every so often, indulge in your favorites
.......... or you'll fall off the wagon (life without chocolate is not worth living).


The HOW Problem: It takes twenty minutes to get the signal from your stomach to your brain that you're full. If you are a "speed eater", at ten minutes or maybe even five, you probably have eaten enough to satisfy your hunger.

Since you don't know you're full until ten or fifteen minutes later, you keep on eating and eating and eating. If you always "feel stuffed" after a meal, then you are probably routinely eating more than you need to.

Just do the math: maybe you are eating twice the amount that would have satisfied you if only you had eaten more slowly.

The HOW Solution: If only you ate more slowly, you would be better able to tell when you are truly full. So unlearn everything you know about how to eat food, because this is how to do it:

* Eat slowly: take breaks after a few forkfuls to breathe, savor, and talk.
.......... Let your food settle. When you eat slower, enjoyment per bite/swallow will last longer, be more satisfying, and feels like you're eating more.

* Chew your food slowly and thoroughly (between 20 & 30 times).
.......... Smell and taste each bite. Chewing satisfies your appetite, improves your digestion, and discourages your body from storing fat.

* Make sure that your entire meal lasts at least 20 minutes.
.......... Give your brain the time it needs to realize that you are feeding your body (your body needs to "feel" you eating). When you start to feel full, stop.

* Downsize it: instead of upsizing your meal, take the smaller portion.
.......... Don't clean your plate: pack up leftovers. If you can get full on less than what you're eating now, you will lose weight.


The WHEN Problem: The problem is that in modern society with our busy schedules we tend to eat the most when we need it the least. We need it the most when we are "breaking the fast" imposed by our need to sleep a full 8 to 10 hours.

Most of us get up and get out and don't have time for breakfast. Of course, we lose that time later on by feeling saggy and draggy because we are running our body the car on an empty gas tank.

When we "have time" to refill it - at night - we are not doing enough to burn off the food because we are too tired from running on empty all day. So the night time food goes to our hips and our butt and so on. And it starts again.

The WHEN Solution: If only you started matching the time you eat to the time you need the energy from food, you would feel better, have more energy, burn up more calories, and lose more. So unlearn everything you know about how to eat food, because this is when to eat it:

* Eat the MOST EARLIEST in the day and taper off:
.......... Eat breakfast and a mid morning snack like a lioness, eat lunch and a mid afternoon snack like a lamb, eat dinner like a bird.
.......... If you do nothing else, just "time shifting" the eating earlier in the day will cause you to lose weight.

* During the day, no more than 5 HOURS without eating or getting water:
.......... Graze (small amounts often), don't stuff (large amounts once or twice)!

* Absolutely no eating TWO HOURS before bedtime,
.......... FIVE HOURS if you had a big meal.
.......... No eating when you should be SLEEPING: from bed through wake time.


The WHY Problem: If everyone ate only when they were hungry, there would be a lot less "overweight" people. It is amazing when you think about it, how little eating in America is associated with hunger.

Food is out there - everywhere! Eating is "programmed" into to almost every social activity. Your fat cells don't give you a break at Thanksgiving. They don't care that it's Christmas. They work overtime at weddings, showers, parties, cruises - you name it! - soaking up that fat because - who knows? - the world might end tomorrow and you'll starve. In good times and bad, food is usually the answer.

The WHY Problem: When we are children, our bodies naturally know how much we need to eat and they stop us when they have received enough calories. When we grow up, food gets pushed on us by everyone from everywhere.
Here's a concept: only eat when you are hungry.

* No eating when you're not hungry!
.......... Decide to put your body back in the driver's seat!
.......... When you allow yourself to eat for one reason and one reason only - because you are hungry - you will lose weight.

* Choose not to eat: just say "No" to food pushers.
.......... Just because others are eating, doesn't mean you have to. If you want to show love to loved ones, find another way than eating to make them feel good.
.......... Ask yourself: "am I feeding my body or my emotions?" If you are eating to soothe your emotions, then it's time to find another way. Food is not the way to happiness: too much food is the way to fat.


The WHERE Problem: Sex might improve when you do it all over the house but eating does not. Eating through the house only adds weight.

As in: passing by the fridge, it magically opens and you eat; candy in the dish or fruit from the bowl magically disappears; and there are crumbs everywhere from secret snacking.

The WHERE Solution: If you body associates everywhere you go with food, it will want to eat everywhere you go. You must reduce the "sense memory" which triggers the desire to eat by only eating in "food areas".

* To get a handle on what you're eating, you need to dish it out first.
.......... Put what you are eating on a plate, sit, and eat it only in a dining area.
.......... The catch is that you can only eat what you dished out.

* ONLY eat where you can pay COMPLETE attention to your food.
.......... Not noticing what you eat and not savoring what you eat do causes you not to enjoy what you eat which in turn makes you more hungry.

* No eating out of the box - boxes contain several portions
.......... - so only eat one at a time - and use a dish!

Before using any of these techniques, click here for a "Word of Caution."

Credits: adapted from my book "Lose Weight: Forever, Unstressed, Naturally"

 *** Super Foods by Rank ***
  (#1) Spirulina - is algae:
   60% protein and contains essential amino acids and vitamins.
  (#2) Chlorella - is algae:
   45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carb, 5% fiber, and 10% minerals.
  (#3) Acai - is fruit:
   rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A, aspartic acid, and glutamic acid.
  (#4) Wheat-Grass - is grain:
   rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, and minerals.
  (#5) Goji - is fruit:
   rich in vitamin A and anti-oxidants (recommended for diabetics).
  (#6) Ginger - is vegetable:
   promotes better digestion (reduces diarrhea or constipation).
  (#7) Echinacea - is vegetable:
   helps to boost the functioning of the immune system.
  (#8) Noni - is fruit:
   rich in low doses of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.
  (#9) Mangosteen - is fruit:
   rich in low doses of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.
 (#10) Barley-Grass - is grain:
   rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, and minerals.
 (#11) Turmeric - is vegetable:
   helps to support better memory-brain functioning.
 (#12) Kale - is seaweed:
   nutritionally like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts.
 (#13) Kelp - is seaweed:
   rich in potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins.
 (#14) Bee Pollen - from bees:
   is the coarse powder surrounding natural honey.
 (#15) Royal Jelly - from bees:
   is the nutrients created by bees for their queen.
 (#16) Raw Honey - from bees:
   honey as it exists in the hive without any additives.
 (#17) Maca Powder - is vegetable:
   iron, iodine, copper, manganese, selenium, and zinc.
 (#18) Raw Cacao - from beans:
   rich in the alkaloids theobromine and phenethylamine.
 (#19) Nettle - is vegetable:
   rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, and minerals.
 (#20) Kombu - is vegetable:
   rich in glutamic acid as well as iodine.
 (#21) Golden Seal - is vegetable:
   promotes better digestion (reduces constipation).
 (#22) Wakame - is seaweed:
   nutritionally like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts.
 (#23) Durian - is fruit:
   rich in vitamin C, potassium, and the amino acid, tryptophan.
 (#24) Cayenne - is vegetable:
   helps digestion by increasing enzyme production.
 (#25) Nori - is seaweed:
   nutritionally like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts.
 (#26) Dulse - is seaweed:
   nutritionally like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts.
 (#27) Quinoa - is grain:
   more rich in protein than brown rice, barley, and millet.
 (#28) Propolis - from bees:
   sealant as it exists in the hive without any additives.
 (#29) Flaxseed Oil - from vegetable:
   short shelf life but helpful with digestion.
 (#30) Fish Oil - from fish:
   helps to fight cancer but is at risk of containing mercury.



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