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Cure #20: "Gotta Get Me Some of That": The Attachment Cure

What is Attachment?

Attachment is a signal from your Etheric (Intuition) Body that you still have desires within you that are seeking fulfillment in one or more physical incarnations. Usually this means there are issues that you have not been able to resolve successfully in one or more past lives. Your desires will pull you along the path of your lessons so that you can master them and advance in love, joy, and awareness as a spiritual being.

Emotions Closely Related to Attachment: Revenge, Regret, Guilt, Shame
Qualities Need to Resolve Attachment: Love, Detachment, Forgiveness
Energetic Sources: Etheric (Intuition) Body, Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

What is Attachment Trying to Tell You (It's Spiritual Purpose)? The spiritual purpose of Attachment is to guide you into greater levels of spiritual unfoldment (growth in love, joy, and awareness). An individual becomes attached to what they desire. They desire what they have yet to achieve. They need to achieve mastery in different arenas of life so that they can become a fully realized spiritual being.

Underlying the desire for achievement is the quest to become a "better" CoWorker with God. "Every day in every way" we do become better and better at becoming "more" of who we already are… and we are coworkers with God. The true goal is "continuous improvement": becoming even better at what we do and who we are.

How NOT to Respond to Attachment: There is a fine line between the need to attach to an experience in order to explore it… and the desire to be totally obsessed by it. One of the risks of exploring one's past lives is to become lost in them, especially if we perceive that our past lives are "somehow better than" the life that we are living now. In such cases, we may decide to take actions - based on that knowledge - which are totally inappropriate in the context of our present life.

The point of all past life healing is to live our lives today as fully and as richly as we can by coming to peace with unresolved issues from past lives manifesting in our lives now. The worst thing we can do is to let our past life attachments derail us from growing today: physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

How TO Respond to Attachment - The Attachment Cure:

"In desire is man born; from desire he consumes objects of various tastes; by desire is he led away bound… bound by evil qualities he is chastised" (Adi Granth). Knowing that, while in human flesh, we are bound by our desires is the first step to becoming free from them. For once we can see the desire, we can understand it and through understanding master it.

"Establish in us O God that which Thou hast wrought, and perfect the work which Thou hast begun in us to Thy glory." (Martin Luther) At the end of all our karma, we finally make perfect the perfection which God has created inside us. Until we connect with our perfection, we get drawn back into this world by the attachments which imperfections create. Detachment, the desireless state which Eastern religions believe is nirvana, is the key to leaving this world for good.

Below are some of the more commonly experienced attachments along with the underlying spiritual issues and their "cure". These cures include:
1> Physical Attachments, 2> Mental Attachments, and 3> Emotional Attachments.

Attachment Cure Part 1: Cures for Physical Attachments include:

* Physical - Obsession: The strongest of all attachments is obsession. Obsession is what lies "between madness and desire" and is so deeply ingrained in us that it becomes part of our cellular memory. It pulls us back into life after life until we are no longer obsessed with the person, place, or thing captivating our attention.

The only cure for the obsession is to devote so much attention to it that we become "sick of it". That is the reason why people choose to come into agreement with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in any given lifetime. By focusing so much attention on their obsession, they will derail their life now "for no apparent reason".

The inevitable damage caused by their obsession will motivate them to end it. This will enable them to move past the source of their desire so that they can move forward freely in the trail of their future incarnations. So have compassion for the obsessed for they are wrestling with lifetimes of problems.

* Physical - Sensuality: From a karmic standpoint, laziness is the central problem of human existence. The truth is most people are not the actors in their life's drama but the reactors to circumstances in their lives which require action to be taken. They become driven by their "senses": sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

The need to avoid pain and the desire to experience pleasure are largely motivated by the senses. For example, most people get jobs, not out of a genuine desire to help others, but because they do not wish to live out of doors becoming subject to the elements and predators there. They only marry to satisfy desires for love, companionship, support, and sex etc. It becomes all too easy to overindulge the senses and to drown in the quest to satisfy them. Breaking the attachment to sensuality usually comes only after lifetimes of experience. When you "have been there and done that", you can detach from the attachment to your senses.

* Physical - Laziness: Human laziness has both spiritual and biological causes. The spiritual cause is the distant memory of when we all were one in the blissful, unmanifested mass consciousness of the universe. This was before we all were dumped into the worlds of karma - which forced us to take action - and reincarnation - which forces us to come back until we can act with total responsibility from the place of unconditional love. The biological cause is the tendency to seize upon opportunities for rest whenever they present themselves.

For most of human history, this was absolutely necessary for survival because the universe was a stressful, hostile place. Yet in environments of relative ease, laziness slows our progress and actually contributes to making us "worse off" physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our bodies were meant to move just as our minds were meant to think, our emotions were meant to be acknowledged, and our spirits were meant to soar. The only cure for laziness is to get up, go out, and live!

* Physical - Envy: Envy is always caused by misplaced attention. You envy in others what you use to have in a past life or what you have yet to create in a future life. Since all time is now, resonances manifesting as envy in the present life are created when you catch glimpses of your past or future self in another's experience.

Envy is the failure to realize that, along our journey of Soul in the universe, we have been and will be all things. For when we envy others, we tell ourselves that we are not good enough. For when we want the gifts that others have, it means we cannot appreciate the gifts that we have been given now. It means we cannot truly love ourselves. Envy is a poison that will sicken us until it is purged. The cure for envy is found when we connect with the totality of ourselves and know that all is within us now. Knowing that we are complete means there is never a reason to envy others.

Attachment Cure Part 2: Cures for Mental Attachments include:

* Mental - Intolerance: Of all past life attachments, those involving rigid, fanatical intolerance - "good-or-evil" beliefs, "we-or-they" attitudes, and "black-or-white" thinking - are among the hardest to heal. What it takes are lifetimes of experiencing things from all viewpoints to come to the truth that "we have looked into the face of the enemy and find that we are they…"

So if you cannot stand some group - race, sex, religion, sect, creed, nation - your intolerance will keep you spinning on the wheel of reincarnation until you can. The cure for intolerance is the sure and certain knowledge that - after we have gone through many lifetimes and have at one time been all things. Knowing that we are all things means there is never a reason to be intolerant.

* Mental - Hate: If left unhealed for too long, intolerance and it's companion, unforgiveness, manifest as the most extreme form of past life attachment: hate. Hate is THE most difficult past life attachment of all to heal. For hate is like fire: it can fuel itself indefinitely on everything it finds around it. Since we are infinite beings, vowing to hate forever is a command to the universe that can be carried out for millenia. What eventually cures hate is the heavy price it carries as we make our long journey as Soul. For hate is as surely a poison to the body at all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - as love is a tonic.

Hating is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die because what you truly wish for others is what you will attract to yourself. It is you who will "suffer and die": is that what you want? Do you want to keep coming back... then keep on hating for it is a guaranteed ticket back here! For until you can fully embrace what it is that you hate, you will never fully share in God's love. For all that exist are created by God to serve his purposes in the unfolding majesty of His Creation. That is why so many religions teach "love your enemy as yourself" not so much for the good it does your enemy… but for the ultimate good that it does for you.

* Mental - Failure: The hardest thing you will ever have to accept about your life in the universe is that you have chosen to be here. Almost always, the choice was made because there is something that you "HAVE TO" do, be, or have. Often, what we have to do, be, or have is to attempt to correct our perceived "failures" in our "performance" in one or more previous lives. "Failure" is a value judgment and an interpretation that we place on how events unfolded in our past.

In a perfectly evolving universe, there are no such things as failures. Instead there are only alternative paths that we chose to pursue. The cure to "feeling like a failure" is just the knowledge that we did not "fail" so much as we chose to go in another direction than the one we originally intended. As the most successful business people will tell one, each "failure" (how the event actually unfolded) brings you one step closer to "success" (how you want the event to unfold for you).

* Mental - Success: If the Earth can with a warning label it would be this: "Do not enter here unless you are prepared to triumph over adversity". Ironically, this is why most people come to the Earth: so that they can see how they will measure up to the ultimate tests of discipline this planet has to offer. For it is success more that failure that keeps us coming back for more incarnations. "Success" is also a value judgment and an interpretation that we place on how events unfolded in our past.

In a perfectly evolving universe, there are no such things as successes. Instead there are only alternative paths that we chose to pursue that align with our intentions, statements, and actions toward a manifested goal. The cure to "getting more and even more success" is to have as much as you want… until you have had your fill and decide to move on... to "bigger and better" things.

Attachment Cure Part 3: Cures for Emotional Attachments include:

* Emotional - Guilt: "O Lord, for the actions that we have taken, please forgive us" is the often recited prayer about those things we feel "guilty" about having done. Where all happens by agreement, guilt is not necessary. Before we came into this life, we agreed to do all that we did, are doing, and will do. Others we are "doing it to" also agreed… or it would not have been allowed to happen.

So, from a karmic standpoint, the purpose of guilt is to motivate us to continuously improve our conduct as spiritually realized beings. The cure for guilt is not to live in anguish over past actions but rather to "get it right the next time" those same lessons come around… for if we have not gotten it right, those lessons will crop up again.

* Emotional - Regret: "O Lord, for the actions that we should have taken but did not, please forgive us" is the often recited prayer about those things we "regret" not doing. Since all happens by agreement, regret is not necessary.

Regret is usually harder to overcome than guilt. That is because regret is usually "powered" by laziness. For it is always easy to stand by, watch a thing being done, and do nothing than it is to get involved and take some - right or wrong - action. From a karmic standpoint, the purpose of regret is not to live in anguish over past inactions but rather to "get it right the next time" those same lessons come around… for if we have not gotten it right, those lessons will crop up again.

* Emotional - Revenge: "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord." English translation: you need not be concerned about "how others wronged you" because in a just and perfect universe, the Lords of Karma will see to it that whatever "wrongs" were "committed against you" will be "righted" in future incarnation(s).

Where everything happens by prior agreement, there is no need for revenge. For in one life, we agreed to play the "victim" and in another, we agreed to play the "victimizer". We chose those experiences for the lessons that they had to teach us. Yet the desire for revenge is among the strongest attachments that pull us along the path of our karma. The only cure is to go through the cycle of revenge until you realize how utterly useless it is.

* Emotional - Shame: Hanging around the universe through many past lives, a person can get very beaten up. This can manifest in today's life as a sense of extreme shame. This shame can take many forms: self criticism, self loathing, self injury, and so on. Extreme shame is the result of your unconscious mind trying to keep you from repeating mistakes that you made in past lives.

Yet extreme shame is counter productive because it is very likely keeping you from fully enjoying your life or experiencing true inner peace. The only cure for extreme shame are massive doses of self love and self esteem. Remember that the one thing God does not make is junk. You are perfect just as He made you and there is no need for shame. So love yourself as He does... and all will be well.

Before using any of these techniques, click here for a "Word of Caution."

Credits: adapted from channeled information.



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