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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    (Spiritual - Toxic Past Life Resonances)
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Short Description
After Effects
Case History

Short Description: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
In Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, an individual is "plagued" with thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes - usually originating from a traumatic death in a past life - that result in disempowering behaviors that seriously disrupt their present day life.

Causes: Every attitude and belief you have comes from somewhere sometime. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in this lifetime is usually directly traceable back to a past life where the disempowering trait or behavior was created. The spiritual purpose of OCD is force the individual to seek the answer to why they are now being "plagued" with thoughts and behaviors that they have no control over.

The obsession to do or not do a particular thing or act in a certain way was created in a past life. It is a spiritual truism that everything comes from somewhere and at one time every thought, belief, and attitude made sense. Often the obsession is the body-mind's way of "belatedly" protecting the individual from "dying" even though "death" is not a realistic possibility. It will not stop until the past life is healed.

compulsion is like having a knife stuck in your back. No matter how much you bandage the wound, you will not heal it until the knife is pulled out. The past goes right on sending the pain of compulsion which goes on feeding the undesirable present day obsession until the obsessive-compulsive pain is stopped at it's source… the past life.

Symptoms: The symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder are wide ranging because they are as unique as the individuals experiencing them. Still, there are several distinct types of OCD syndromes:

1> Rampant Hoarders: Whether the individual keeps every piece of paper they have ever received or every nickel they have ever made, the OCD drive is that of hoarding. Invariably, hoarders had traumatic deaths in past lives related to their failure to "safeguard" valuable items like money, documents, jewelry, etc.

2> Clean Freaks: Those who must wash hands already raw from excessive scrubbing, those who have to straighten out what is already straight, those who see microscopic specks of dust, are among the clean freaks. Invariably, clean freaks died horribly in past lives from being "unclean". Either they were beaten to death by masters for failing to "clean up" or they died from diseases of "uncleanness" like leprosy, plague, typhoid, etc or they died in war from dirty wounds.

3> Task Masters: Those who must complete tasks like their life depends on it... because in the past they used to be servants whose lives did depend upon completing such tasks. Those who must have "a place for everything and everything in its place" (or else!) were servants who were beaten or killed for failing to keep things in perfect order in past lives. Those who must be sure that doors are always shut and locked, that lights are turned off, that fires are put out, that curtains are drawn, that stray objects are picked up off the floor, and so on, were servants who were beaten and killed for failing to perform these tasks for their masters in past lives.

4> Elusive Eccentricities: Usually our little "quirks of eccentric behavior" are what endear us to others. Yet they are out of control when one loses marriages, children, jobs, or their very life because of them. These "elusive eccentricities" always come from somewhere… and that somewhere is usually past lives.

5> Risk Takers: Extreme risk taking is a form of OCD usually not recognized as such. Despite massive injuries, invasive surgeries, and heartfelt pleas from family and friends, risk takers usually remain committed to "their sport" until it kills or permanently incapacitates them. In past lives, risk takers were usually mercenaries who became addicted to the adrenaline high of war and seek the same high in sports. Those addicted to gambling, drinking, dangerous sex, and overeating also fall into this category when these behaviors are extreme and are not "curable" by the normal treatments for addiction.

For more "OCD Thought Patterns" created by past lives
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After Effects: If the OCD is left untreated, it will only get worse over time. The obsessions and compulsions will worsen, derailing OCD sufferer's life now unless-until the root cause of their OCD is identified and healed. "Cognitive Behavorial" therapy is very effective if the OCD sufferer is willing to do the work of identifying the OCD triggers and taking active steps to become desensitized to them. For more on how to create and follow a "Trigger Desensitization Plan", see the page on "Panic Attacks" because the desensitization process is the same.

Advice: When the life lesson associated with OCD has been fully learned and "absorbed" into the person's body-mind, the "disempowering" trait or behavior will fall away. Often all that is needed is for the individual to confront the past life(s) where the OCD originated. Going back to the past via past life healing becomes the means of freeing those "afflicted with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" from being condemned to repeat those lessons in the future.

OCD Lessons

"Everything happens for a reason." (Modern Karmic Mantra)

When it comes to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, how can an individual discover its lessons?

* From the Emailbag: "What is OCD supposed to teach me?" The answer is "Here are the lessons of OCD". There always ARE karmic lessons!

* Greater Totality: Disempowering OCD patterns, which drive an individual either to do what they do not want to do or to fail to do what they want to do, seldom make sense in the context of the present lifetime. 99% of the time OCD is the result of unhealed issues originating in past lives. To heal them, the individual is well advised to - at a minimum - accept that they are an infinite being greater than just their current personality. The individual is better advised to look back to their past lives and discern the source of their disempowering OCD patterns.

* Self Acceptance: Especially when the OCD sufferer is in the grip of unwanted behaviors, they are bound to have bad attitudes about themselves. They grow to mistrust a body that seems to always let them down. They grow to resent a mind that seems to always be out of their control. They grow to fear emotions that seem to push them to do and say things… they have no desire to do or say. A large part of healing OCD for the sufferer to shed those attitudes about themselves by accepting they have chosen their experience for their greater spiritual good.

* Self Love: For any question love is always the answer. If the OCD sufferer can grow to accept themselves, the next step is to love themselves more. Just like booing the home sports team does not motivate them to do better, the OCD sufferer who cannot love themselves more… can never get better. It is hardest to love oneself when life is a daily battle for the self control that most people take for granted. Yet self love helps to dissolve the unwanted habits of OCD.

* Patience: OCD is an enormously complicated disease. It takes patience, persistence, and practice to break the grip of OCD. Just when one OCD pattern is broken, another will emerge. Layer by layer OCD will lead the sufferer to break long standing patterns from past lives until they are gone. Once enough OCD patterns are broken, the individual will be able to live a normal life… and better appreciate what a gift normalcy is... free from past life influences.

OCD Purpose

"He who conceals his disease cannot expect to be cured." (Ethiopian Proverb)

When it comes to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, how can an individual discover its lessons?

* From the Emailbag: "Why do I have OCD?" The answer is "Here is why you agreed to have OCD". There always ARE karmic reasons!

* Desperate Measure: Most OCD sufferers would be shocked to discover that, before they were born, they agreed to experience it. The day by day, minute by minute struggle with OCD is a crushing weight in their life. No one would willing agree to contract it… unless there was an enormous benefit attached to it. Whatever the OCD pattern, the karmic benefit for the sufferer it is to break problems that have endured for thousands of years in past lives.

* Extreme Attention: Most OCD sufferers would agree that they would love to just ignore their problem. Yet OCD gets their attention in an extreme way on a minute by minute basis. The longer the OCD goes untreated, the worse it gets and the more life it steals from the sufferer. Karma will make sure that OCD stays in the forefront. Karma will push the sufferer until they finally take action to resolve it. Karma will be relentless in forcing them to take action on healing their OCD.

* Karmic Freedom: Those who succeed in breaking the grip of OCD will be free from it for the remainder of their karmic cycle. The good news is that once a disempowering pattern is healed in one lifetime… it frees the future.

- Rampant Hoarders (those who cannot throw anything away) learn to allow the flow of materiality and to let go of what is used.
- Clean Freaks (those who must always clean) learn to put cleanliness into appropriate balance and proper perspective.
- Elusive Eccentricities (those with strange quirks, habits, mannerisms) learn to act appropriately-politely in public.
- Risk Takers (those repeatedly injured by extreme sports) learn to enjoy living without having to risk life, limb, and health.
- Scrupulous (those who live fearing sinning) learn to feel God's love without fearing God's wrath over their actions/inactions.
* Better than Ever: Those who succeed in breaking the grip of OCD will emerge from it stronger and better than ever. The success of breaking OCD will pay for what seems to have been the failure of the years of living with it. Each moment you live with OCD takes you one step closing to putting it behind you for good.

OCD Triggers

"There are few things hidden from the one who devotes themselves earnestly and unreservedly to the solution of a mystery." (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
When it comes to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, how can an individual discover its triggers?

* From the Emailbag: "How do I diffuse OCD triggers?" The answer is "Here is more about them". There always ARE karmic triggers!

* Diffusing Triggers: An individual can overcome their OCD without exploring their past lives but they must be patient and work at in every day. Between episodes of OCD, they must be working toward taking their life back from fear.

1> Identify the OCD Trigger(s): What - precisely - is it that triggers the unwanted OCD behaviors? These are never random: if you suffer from OCD and believe that they are random, it is because you have not invested the time and the energy to discern the pattern.

Begin logging your OCD episodes as to:
* where you were, * what you were doing, * what you were thinking,
* who you were with at time, * how close it was to meal time,
* what you ate before it happened, * what you remember seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or touching before it happened, and so on.
The more detail gather, the easier it will be discern the trigger(s).
2> About OCD Trigger(s): Your body and mind are trying desperately to communicate with you via the OCD what must be healed from the past that is disrupting the present. Be patient and you will discover the triggering mechanism(s).
As your healing journey unfolds, OCD trigger(s) can vary over time. You should constantly be monitoring your log to watch for new triggers. Relax, there are NOT an infinite number of triggers. Once you heal a critical number of triggers(s), you will have broken through enough past life karma in your OCD healing process.
3> Follow an OCD "Desensitization Plan": For the OCD triggers that consistently induce unwanted behaviors, you must follow a "Trigger Desensitization Plan" (which is better known as the "cognitive-behavioral" treatment). This plan consists of confronting the "trigger events" in systematic manner:
* It is a Process: The process starts by taking active steps to "break" the least difficult of the triggers for short amounts of time while accompanied by safe, helpful people. The process is repeated gradually increasing the time spent in breaking the trigger while reducing the number of people required as escorts.

* It is Gradual: Once the first activity/place/person no longer triggers an OCD episode, the next most difficult trigger is tackled. This is repeated until all of the worst OCD triggers are gone. The time that it takes to eliminate each OCD trigger should decrease every time… until the grip of OCD is broken - permanently.

OCD Traps

"The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken." (Samuel Johnson)

When it comes to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, how did an individual get caught in its traps?

The past was full of "traps" that could create disempowering habit patterns that carry over to this life.

* Religious Orders: Those who pull out their hair, beat themselves with whips, or are overly "scrupulous" about their conduct at the level of OCD have usually had past lives in religious orders. These kind of behaviors were taught there and literally beaten into an individual through a series of cruel punishments.

* Servitude/Slavery: Those who bite their nails, pick at their skin, or smell themselves at the level of OCD have usually had past lives in either physical-chattle slavery or indentured servitude. These kind of behaviors were mechanisms to cope with the non-stop stress with the round-the-clock demands on the slave.

* Domestic Service: Those who are concerned with their appearance, with being neat-clean-well presented, and go out of their way to be "perfect" at the level of OCD have usually had past lives as domestic servants. Domestic servants were a step above slavery/servitude but they endured the same round-the-clock demands.

* Imprisonment: Those who horde food, clothes, and other valuable items or are certain that everything will be taken from them at the level of OCD have usually had past lives where they suffered from being imprisoned in past lives. In past life prisons, people often died from lack of these basic and bare necessities.

* Incarceration: Those who cannot stand to be alone or are suspicious of others at the level of OCD usually have had past lives in "Wilderness Stations". These were isolated places where the strong preyed on the weak without consequences because there was no law to the end the strong man's reign of terror.

* Natural Disasters: Those who wash their hands, fear germs, avoid illness, and wear protective gear at the level of OCD have usually had past lives where they suffered and/or died during pandemics. Those who fear natural disasters who have not experienced one comes from having died from them in past lives.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of common OCD syndromes.

Before using any of this advice, click here for a "Word of Caution"

Credits: from channeled information and from "Linda's" life story.



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