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Cure #23: Counteracting the Poison of Modern Life: Toxicity Diet

In my experience, today's numerous health problems are worsened because the human body was not designed to handle the chemical toxins that are spewed out all over the world day and night. Your lungs have no defense against inhaled toxins. Your blood cannot purge out harsh chemicals. Your liver and kidneys strain under the load of ingested food additives.

The basic "hardware" - body, mind, emotions, and spirit - of the humanity has not changed much since the days of the caveman. The hardware assumes that there will be fresh air, clear water, and temperate climate.

TOXICITY DIET: Here are some general rules of thumb that will help you to give a break from our highly toxic modern environment:

* Do not let toxins in: "If you cannot eat it, do not put it on your skin!"

No makeup. No lipstick. No nail polish. No deodorants. No moisturizers.
No hairspray. No hair dye. No hair perms. No hair treatments (sparkles).
No sunblock. No perfume-cologne. No artificial concoctions! No Botox!
No harsh soaps-shampoos (use natural products made from fruit not chemicals).
No chloride-fluoride toothpaste (use baking soda toothpaste instead).
Change your toothbrush once a month (toothbrushes are bacteria factories).

* Do not let toxins in: "If you cannot breath it in, do not keep it around!"

Avoid "Volatile Organic Compounds" (VOCs) in artificial chemical products.
No air fresheners (if you can smell it, it is slowly corroding your lungs).
Avoid artificial products (like cleansers, polishers, and all pesticides).
Avoid artificial cleaning products (like detergent, disinfectants, degreasers).
Use "green" cleaning products (containing all natural ingredients instead!).
Avoid craft hazards (like glues, adhesives, permanent markers, photo solution).
Always wear latex gloves when handling any kind of chemical product!

* Do not let toxins in: "Always avoid being exposed to what smells bad!"

Minimize paint exposure (like primers, lacquers, strippers, wax, and varnish).
Minimize fuel exposure (like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and benzene).
Minimize equipment exposure (like pesticides, toner for printers-copiers).
Minimize office exposure (like correction fluids and thermal copy paper).
Minimize commercial cleaning exposure (like chemicals on carpets and toilets).
Switch to green cleaners at home (these use natural ingredients only)
Always wear a dust mask to keep fumes out of your lungs (especially for sprays).
Have your home checked for the presence of toxic mold and other bio-hazards.

* Avoid unnatural high stress foods hard for your system to assimilate.

No alcohol (including beer, wine, spritzers, anything with ANY alcoholic content).
No caffeine (this includes coffee, tea, ALL soft drinks whether dark or light).
Avoid foods with heavy additives-preservatives and unnatural ingredients.
No sweeteners (Splenda, Aspartame, Stevia, sugar) or flavoring (MSG, colors).
Minimize intake of "high fructose corn syrup", "trans fats", "hydrogenated oils".

* Avoid polluted environments (air, water, chemicals, EM) at all costs.

Get regular fresh air: inside rooms can be more polluted than outside air.
Get lots of fresh air after traveling in enclosures like airplanes and trains.
No smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke (if exposed get fresh air).
No tap water (bottled water is better than tap, fresh distilled-oxygenated is best).
No bathing in unfiltered water (get a filter for chlorine-fluoride municipal water).
No swimming in public or private pools (too much chlorine and other chemicals).
No pets with hair/dander (unless they spend most of the time outside the house).
No vaccines (because you are immuno-compromised and vaccines are contra-indicated).

* Avoid electromagnetic stress: EM waves interfere with your system.

Be sure to sit back from the TV, take breaks from the PC, & insulate your laptop.
No irradiating what you eat (do no microwave your food if you can avoid it!).
Avoid strong power sources (avoid power lines-towers, etc).
Use earphones and do not hold onto cell phones (put them on a table).
Stay away from "smart" appliances (smart meters, smart phones, smart tv, etc).
Move away from electric devices while in operation.

The Ultimate DETOXER: Drink eight (8) eight (8) ounces glasses of water to flush the junk out of your body. These will put a crimp into your life… but would you rather FEEL and BE well -or- let modern life cripple your energy field? The choice is YOURS!

Before using any of these techniques, click here for a "Word of Caution."

Credits: from channeled information.



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