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Guestbook Entries #561 - #580

   Entry #561:   AbdulMS - USA

I have felt some positive tangible effects as a result of the Remote Releasement session and I hope that it continues. I will look into the recommendations and suggestions that you have given. I have been doing the mantra daily since then.

   Entry #562:   CaseyV - Canada

I want thank you for the help and guidance you have given me. I am trying to do the deep breathing exercises on your web site. I would like to give you an extra big thank you and wish it were possible to give you a hug also. Lots of Love and light to you!

   Entry #563:   NguyenH - USA

I'd like to thanks for you consultation with my Higher Self. I'll do the "Aligning with Your Higher Self" exercise as was suggested. This is indeed what I looking for. And it is FREE!

   Entry #564:   SharonSQ - USA

Hi Ellen, Thank you so much for helping me to heal during the Remote Releasement. I am feeling very different in a wonderful way. My head feels lighter, I am eating and at the same time realizing that I am not hungry and wondering why am I eating and I am able to stop overeating. I am feeling mentally stronger and more confident. Thank you again for helping make a healing connection.

   Entry #565:   JessF - USA

Hi Ellen! I don't know how much you remember of our last session together, but I want you to know that it helped me a lot. Not just what you told me, but the WAY you said it... I am becoming more adept at assessing the BODY's response to people/ situations in addition to the thoughts I have about something. Your words FELT true, and I am learning to let my HEART decide the truth for me.

So this is just a note of thanks and blessings, to let you know that what you do means something, a big something in certain people's lives..... Kudos, big hugs, and continue to live in the Light of Truth.

   Entry #566:   DanielC - Canada

Dear Ellen, Thank you so much for the Past Life Profile. The things in the reading struck a number of chords in me. I have noticed positive changes and evolutions because of it. I look at things I do / used to do / in a totally different light and feel this is only the beginning of another journey. Every day I see new signs/confirmations that I'm going the right way. Thank you again for genuinely helping me.

   Entry #567:   AnaMB - Cuba

Thank you so much for your healing words, I received your [Chakra Cleansing] recording. This was new to me because I have never heard the sounds you repeat for the meditations. I am learning something new: about visualizing light, the colors of the chakras, and so on. I find in your recordings something new to practice. I really appreciate your healing words and giving me all your support in helping me overcome what I am feeling. I really appreciate you emailing me. I am feeling much better now. THANK YOU!

   Entry #568:   SheilaP - USA

I received the recordings. I love them and I am using them, especially the one for healing difficult relationships [the "Loving Kindness" Meditation]. I am looking foward to the positive changes I know are going to happen in my life.

   Entry #569:   KarenC - USA

Dear Ellen, I came across "" in a desperate attempt to find relief from [my] past life baggage. None of the techniques or suggestions I have used in the past have proved to be effective. I have been aware of past lives and the effect they can have on ones current life, yet I didn't know where or how to begin the healing process.

Upon perusal of your web site, I have found many different healing exercises (Free of charge) to help me move forward until such time that I can free up the money for your paid services. The wealth of information on your site is a piece of art. You are clear, concise, and extremely knowledgeable, which puts a wealth of information at ones's fingertips.

The exercises you offer are easy to understand, even those who are new to this will easily benefit from the materials you have so carefully designed. Within the hour after visiting your site, I was on my way to healing what ails me. I started with the
"Reiki Heart Anchor" and have felt sudden & significant results. What a powerful thing to share with those you love.

I also am quite impressed with the
"Understanding the Human Energy Field", as it is very easy to understand and remember the fundamentals the Aura, Energy Fields, and Chakras.

Ellen for the first time in years I feel validated. I have always known that no matter how hard I have tried to live my life differently, or have a different relationship with money, that there was a reason that I am so blocked.
"Breaking Past Life Vows of Poverty" has confirmed just that and has validated my feelings. That in and of itself was a great release.

Your web site has put the tools at my fingertips to help me improve the quality of my life (through understanding why… and utilization of services). I now know that the fear, frustration, isolation, and loneliness I have lived with, does not need to be "My Story" any longer.

I would like to say thank you so very much for the time, love, and generosity you offer to the Internet community. It is comforting for me to know that you have provided this material and your services for everyone who wishes to utilize it. Anyone who visits your Web Site will be touched by your gift, as I know I have been. Namaste!

   Entry #570:   DebF - USA

Thanks Ellen. I did all the exercises briefly from Liberman's Eye Cure to Breathing patterns... to the Abundance Healing... it is WONDERFULLY ON THE NOSE! for what i need now... I also put them in files for daily use... Thank you over and over again... your energy and good intension is uplifting and a perfect antidote to these times!.. WILL be following your work... Love!

   Entry #571:   ChristineAD - USA

I don't think it was an accident that I stumbled onto your website awhile back. The work you do really helps people like myself who use spiritual tools for healing and growth. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Thanks again for all your hard work. You provide a wonderful service- I'm always finding new things to learn. Feel free to post my comments. If they can help someone else, that's an extra bonus.

   Entry #572:   ElizabethC - USA

Ellen, Thank you so much for making your site. It is really lovely. It's one of my favorite bookmarks. I have been doing the exercises to contact my Higher Self, and can say it changed my life immediately, although I know there is a lot more work to do.

   Entry #573:   TamarVWM - USA

I did your ["Breaking Past Life Vows"] exercise. My Reiki hands were hot as I brought the past life "gifts" into my heart. I 'saw' a typewriter, a quill pen, a bottle of black ink, and a paintbrush. I also saw a golden harp, but I gave it back, because I already am a musician in this lifetime and I do not wish to learn the harp. The "universal" hands took it back and closed the mirror.

   Entry #574:   AniaC - USA

Ellen, how beautiful these "To Be/To Do" healing exercises are! Thank you so much, whether you know it or not, your site, just this small part, has changed how I see myself and what I'll do about it from now on... Blessings to you!

   Entry #575:   DeeKathy - USA

The lifetimes of evolving in and out of human form; conditioned, enlightened, confused, excited, and not knowing has exhausted my being. Thank goodness I am not a human doing! Being in this skin has not been joyful, however your insight has given me hope! Now I can have peace in between my ears and in my mind's eye! For now my heart beats stronger. May your gifts from the highest level of love touch those who are able to reach you in this dimension.

   Entry #576:   ChickieLaLa - USA

Thank you so much for the information. I will begin the exercises today. Truly, I can see that loving myself is very difficult. My deepest appreciation and love to you for your help in the email reading.

   Entry #577:   JamesK - Kenya

Ellen, Thank you for the advice it was pertinent and true. It is wonderful to know how much we can understand if only we can allow ourselves to see. I think you may be right about Kenya: it is a place of the heart. With sincere thanks.

   Entry #578:   TedJ - UK

Hi Ellen, Thanks for the wonderful guidance. I bless you with all the goodness of the universe in abundance. Cheers!

   Entry #579:   JulieN - USA

Dear Ellen, I first found your site, after I'd put past lives into my search engine. I liked the cleverness of the name, Past Forward. There are lots of pictures and information and best of all, it was invitational... lots to do and lots to engage my mind and curiosity, as well as my finger tips. I clicked my way through the site and revisited, with the aid of the images, the process that had brought me to my present.

I've done a lot of rummaging through my story and found many treasures which have been protected my layers of shame, rage and regret. Your site has reawakened the missing - the yearning I've lost... I want to become 'unstuck' that is stopping me from being excited, joyful, and hopeful about the future.

I want to give the unlived/unloved possibilities of my life their chance. I have a sense that this is the appropriate moment for giving my past lives form and expression. Right now past lives is a concept and I want to experience the reality. Shalom!

   Entry #580:   CarlaM - USA

I must say your site is very interesting, It's a slap of reality, or the reality that many people don't see... I may not be perfect now, in this life... but for some reason I don't want to be another person ever...I want to be me. I feel like I should be right now... I am defined by what my soul looks like to how I am physically... yet I still carry past life problems... but I am working on them... and I promise myself I will be all I could ever want to be at the end of this life... Your website is imensely intriguing...



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