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GUIDELINES: for Getting the Most Out of Healing Exercises

Healing the Past & Present

The exercises for healing past lives and for empowering the future are the most powerful part of the site. These exercises are meant to help you heal on your own in the privacy of your own home (and NOT while operating heavy machinery!).

Each exercise was meant to stand on its own as written... but here are guidelines to help you get the most out of them!

Remember this is your journey through the universe and... you must always do ONLY what feels right in your mind-heart-soul!

About the Healing Exercises! Tips for Success!

* STARTING OUT: When you start doing the exercises, start out doing them just as written. Much thought and care went into their creation. There is a reason and a purpose behind every step. It is natural to feel some discomfort at first... this is just your mind resisting something new (that is its job). Many times, you have not been able to change because your mind is keeping you safe from what harmed you in the past.

* START TIME: If you feel you have given the exercise a fair try - having done it seven times all the way through - then it is appropriate to make changes to suit you better. Healing is a personal journey and it must be what works for you.

* ALONE & QUIET: These exercises are personal journeys. While you make choose to do them with others, you get the most out of them when you are alone. They should be done when and where you can devote your entire attention to them. You should never do them in a moving car. You should do them in the privacy of your home.

* DAILY PRACTICE: Most of these exercises are to be done more than once. Some will not work well unless they are done for the number of days/times specified. Everything in the physical world requires effort. If you want your life to change, then you must do things differently and also do different things.

* REPETITION: Some individuals will need to do some exercises many more times than recommended. This is especially true of the "Breaking the Hold of Past Life Vows" exercise. How often this exercise must be repeated is directly related to how many past life vows were taken, how often they were repeated, and how they were worked (if vows were committed to until "the end of time and beyond").

* PROGRAMS: Taking vows, oaths, and giving other promises in past lives are like programs that continue to run your life... until you put an end to them. Remember: you started them and only you can put an end to them... the choice is yours.

* MEANING: The primary reason to change an exercise is because the same words have different meanings to different people. For example, I cannot use one affirmation program because it says "I am bullet-proof" which did not prove to be true in my ex-military career. So if a word in the exercise is bothering you like this, change it!

* COLORS: When using colors in exercises, the color black should be avoided as it can enable "dark" energies to attach to your energy field without your knowing. This can result in a very unpleasant form of psychic attack which you would do well to avoid. White and gold are always safe to use.

* MEASURE: When you are doing an exercise, you are doing it because you want to achieve a result. Progress with most exercises will be gradual (a good thing)... and that is how you will notice it. Being persistent is the key to success in doing the exercise. Like anything else, you only get out of the exercises what you put into them.

* BONUS: If you continue with the exercises - even after you have achieved your original result - you will continue to dissolve your karma. You will enter the "bonus" area where you will be expanding... and where your life can grow in directions you cannot have imagined when you started doing them.

* CLOSURE: A time will come when you no longer will need to do a particular exercise. For example, in the "Breaking the Hold of Past Life Vows" exercise, when you were effected by Vows of Celibacy (no marriage) and Vows of Chastity (no sex) but you have transcended it by having a healthy, sexually fulfilling marriage... your past life vows are broken!

* MOST POWERFUL: I have been asked about which exercise is the most powerful one: it is the exercise that has existed for the entire 6,000 years of human history: the Loving Kindness (Metta Bhavana) exercise because it works!

About the Healing Exercises! About the Need to Integrate!

When you have gotten a healing, you will need to INTEGRATE that into your beingness!

* Speed Healing: Whenever you receive a healing - from traditional or alternative medicine or from self healing practices - you need to integrate this. Your mind must accept the thought and integrate it with your beliefs. Your emotions must resonate with it and integrate it with your feelings. Your body must update your cellular memory and integrate it into your physicality: these happen in different timeframes.

* Healing Differential: Whenever you receive a healing, your integration happens differently at each level. Your mind can integrate new thoughts and beliefs at the speed of light (in water it travels 225,000,000 meters per second). Your emotions can integrate new feelings and sensations at the speed of sound (in water it travels 1,450 meters per second). Yet your body is like the poor turtle (at 2 meters per minute) plodding to keep up� and what happens in the mind and emotions relatively instantly can take the body days, weeks, months, or even years to process.

* Physical Lag: Your body is slower at integrating healing because it is the most dense part of your energy field because it is matter which vibrates the slowest. Emotions (residing in the astral realm) are less dense and so can change quicker while thoughts (residing in the mental realm) are even less dense and so can change more quickly. Although your body was built to change and adapt to its environment, its mechanisms are easily overwhelmed by hours of intense spiritual practice which can advance one years in their growth into soul awareness.

* Closing the Gap: So what can you do to make it easier on your body to integrate your healing physically more quickly? You can speed up this integration process. This means eating more because your body is burning up more calories while you are integrating your healing. It means drinking more water to help your body release toxins from the "old junk" you have worked so hard to release. It means getting more rest because your body is working so hard just to keep up with the blistering pace of change set by your mind and emotions. It means being patient with yourself as changes are being integrated.

* Regular Practice: The more you want to heal your karma, your past lives, or anything else in your life, the more you will need (and benefit from) regular spiritual practice. While meditation and loving kindness are recommended, anything you can do to relax yourself will help your being to perform the last step in integrating healing into your physicality.

About the Healing Exercises! About the Need to Rest!

When you are healing a serious problem, you will need to take rest breaks along the way.

* Healing As Fast As You Can: When you have a serious health problem, you often feel a sense of desperation to heal it. When you find a healing modality that works for you, you will want to heal as fast as you can. The problem is that the human body does not easily support non-stop, continuous healing. The body is built for alternating cycles of rest and activity. So when there is much healing activity, this must be balanced with rest.

* Signs Rest is Needed: Physically, when you feel tired and exhausted after a healing treatment, then you should rest until you are feeling more refreshed. Mentally, when you think that you "just cannot go on" after a healing treatment, then you need to rest until you think that you can continue. Emotionally, when you feed depressed, sad, and low, after a healing treatment, then you need to rest until you feel that you can continue.

* Resistance to Rest: Since many people view rest as "unproductive down time" there is a resistance to resting. Many do not want to rest because they feel as if they are not moving forward in their healing. Nothing could be further from the truth: rest periods are necessary and productive in the healing process.

* What Happens During Rest: Rest gives you a chance to integrate your healing treatment(s). Physically, while you are resting, your body is updating your cellular memory. Mentally, while you are resting, your mind is integrating new thoughts. Emotionally, while you are resting, your body and mind are changed to better handle your new feelings (by Osborne at dhead clothing). So rather than resisting rest, understand that it is part of your healing.

* Resting As Best You Can: The best way to rest is to embrace it and NOT to beat yourself up for taking a break. The only way to fail at healing is to quit. Resting is not quitting when you intend to continue your healing process. Sometimes it is helpful to promise yourself that you will resume your healing process by a certain date if you feel rested. If you are not rested, extend that date. When you feel rested, it is time to continue.

About the Healing Exercises! About Sensory Impairment!

"I asked God for health, that I might do great things. I was given infirmity, that I might do better things." (Civil War Prayer)

Do you think a sensory impairment means you cannot do the healing exercises? It does not!

* Full Senses: These healing exercises are written assuming that those doing them do not have any sensory impairment. They rely on seeing (and visualizing) and hearing (and affirming) to a great extent. Those who cannot visualize or affirm because of sensory impairment are at a (slight) disadvantage. Yet, it is an abundant universe and there are ALWAYS more than one way to achieve any objective... especially in healing.

* Sight Impaired: Those who are blind (especially those who were born that way) will not visualize in the same way as those who are sighted. Those who are sighted, however, will not visualize the characters and events in the same book in the same way. The fact is we all create our inner world by our own inner visions. Those inner visions created by the blind are as helpful to them as those created by the sighted. So, when visualization is called for, whether one is sighted or blind, trust in your inborn ability to see inside your mind what you need to see.

* Hearing Impaired: Those who are deaf (especially those who were born that way) will not affirm in the same way as those who can hear. Those who can hear, however, will not chant mantras or say affirmations in the same way. Yet we all mold and shape our beliefs based on our own life experience. So, when affirmations are called for, trust that you will find the words that work for you. So, when mantras are called for, trust that you can feel the vibrations from chanting mantras and they are helping you.

* Limits versus Limitations: Karma can send us limits (as in having blind eyes and/or deaf ears) but what really matters is how we respond to these are limitations. Blind people can attain functionality in compensating for blindness by learning Echo-Location. Deaf people can attain functionality in compensating for deafness with Cochlear Implants.

* Past Life Benefit: A benefit of past life exploration for the sensory impaired is that, during past life recall, they can be free from sensory impairment. The blind can receive images as if they were able to see and the deaf can receive sounds as if they were able to hear� because their senses were not impaired in their past lives.

Credits: from channeled information.



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