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MEDITATION HEALING: Process & Techniques [see Relaxation]

All About Meditation:

Meditation Effects: How it effects you physically.
Meditation Benefits: Mentally-emotionally.
Meditation Focus: Getting more with less effort.
Meditate Quickly: Easy-quick ways to do it.
Meditate Cleaning: Cleansing as meditation.

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Meditation Effects

"I deepen my experience of God through prayer, meditation, and forgiveness." (Marianne Williamson}

Physical energy and vitality is how meditation deepens one's connection to God and all life.

Physical Effects: Meditation helps one to experience vibrant health.

Heart: slows the heart rate and relaxes the heart.
Heart: reduces cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease.
Circulation: increases blood flow and reduced blood pressure.
Lungs: promotes oxygenation and deepens/eases respiration.
Muscles: decreases tension and "knots" in the muscles.
Joints: decreases stiffness in the joints.
Digestion: helps with health weight normalization.
Skin: increases youthful appearance and disease resistance.

Endocrine: harmonizes and stimulates endocrine system.
Hormones: increases serotonin level which influences mood-behavior.
Hormones: reduces symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome symptoms.
Hormones: reduces stress causing infertility and interfering with ovulation.
Immunity: enhances immunity and higher resistance to disease.
Immunity: reduces free radicals resulting in less tissue damage.

Energy: increases energy and vitality.
Energy: helps in management of chronic diseases.
Physical Age: decreases the aging process.
Physical Age: increases the ease of exercise.
Physical Age: helps to slow or control pain from chronic diseases.
Recovery: helps recovery from post-operative healing.

Sleep: takes less time to fall asleep.
Sleep: helps to cure chronic insomnia.
Sleep: allows one to stay asleep for the full cycle.
Sleep: need less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation.

Brain: relaxes the nervous system.
Brain: increases brain wave coherence.
Brain: improves learning ability and memory.
Brain: greater orderliness of mental processing.
Brain: reduces or eliminated headaches and migraines.
Brain: higher levels of DHA improves memory and clarity.
Brain: helps to break smoking, alcohol, or drug addiction.
Brain: increases perceptual abilities and motor performance.
Brain: increases communication between the brain hemispheres.
Brain: produces beneficial changes in brain electrical activity.
Brain: decreases aging of brain tissue and increases intelligence.

Meditation Benefits

"Meditation is painful in the beginning but it bestows immortal bliss and supreme joy in the end." (Sivananda)

Mental, emotional, and spiritual peace are how meditation bestows its immortal benefits.

Mental Benefits: Meditation helps one to cultivate and master their mind.

Mind: builds greater self confidence.
Mind: helps with focus and concentration.
Mind: helps in controlling unwanted thoughts.
Mind: helps to make more accurate judgements.
Mind: increases ability to solve complex problems.
Mind: increases listening and communication skills.
Mind: develops character, intuition, and will power.
Mind: easier to reduce and then eliminate bad habits.
Mind: increases creativity and seeing the bigger picture.
Mind: helps to develop a stable, more balanced personality.
Mind: creates greater peace of mind and sense of happiness.
Mind: increases stress threshhold (takes more to trigger stress).
Mind: reacts more quickly and more effectively to stress triggers.

Emotional Benefits: Meditation helps one to manage their emotional states.

State: decreases aggressiveness and rage.
State: helps in resolving phobias and fears.
State: promotes better, more sociable behavior.
State: helps resolve ongoing emotional distress.
State: leads to greater tolerance and compassion.
State: increases skills in sympathy, and empathy.
State: increases feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
State: greater calmness helps to improve relationships.
State: reduces the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks.
State: decreases restless thinking and the tendency to worry.
State: increases one's sense of responsibility and productivity.
State: develops greater levels of emotional stability and maturity.
State: creates composure to act in considered & constructive ways.
State: increases in the capacity for intimate contact with loved ones.

Spiritual Benefits: Meditation helps one to grow in wisdom and awareness.

Learning: deepens level of spiritual awareness.
Learning: deepens relationship with God-source.
Learning: develops an inner sense of "knowingness".
Learning: helps one to access greater inner guidance.
Learning: increases the level of personal synchronicity.
Learning: helps to increase wisdom and enlightenment.
Learning: deepens understanding of oneself and others.
Learning: helps one to discover their true purpose in life.
Learning: creates a widening, deepening capacity for love.
Learning: increased levels of self-love and self-acceptance.
Learning: helps one to focus on living in the present moment.
Learning: creates better harmony in body, mind, and emotions.
Learning: taps into the power and consciousness beyond the ego.
Learning: helps to promote forgiveness and keeping things in perspective.
Learning: deepens a sense of "Oneness" with the collective consciousness.

Meditation Focus

"Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom." (Buddha)

Often the difference between success and failure are the habits we consistently choose to adopt, especially when we meditate.

The Question: "All the new age folks say that I should meditate but I do not know what to focus on - help!" A very creative and resourceful answer is: "If your mind wants to be busy during meditation and needs a focus, here is what it can focus on while you are relaxing your body."

Love: Let your mind contemplate how you can love yourself and others more. Love lies at the heart of all that you seek. What is unlike love is the root of your karma. What is like love is the highest vibration. The more you love yourself and others, the happier and more successful you will be.

Acceptance: "No amount of self improvement will make up for a lack of self-acceptance" (Robert Holden). Let your mind accept yourself just as you are right now and let go of what does not serve you. Only you can decide to stop self punishment, self criticism, and the "blame-guilt-shame" game!

Gratitude: Let your mind come up with five (5) things that you are grateful for. This will align your vibration to the blessings surrounding you. The more you focus on what is good, and true in your life, the more you will attract people, events, and situations that you will love and the happier you will be.

Service: Let your mind devise ways that you can do more of what you love which can only bring you joy. The more you love what you do and do what you love, the more you will attract increasing success, opportunities, and fulfillment into your life. What you give out comes back to you.

Responsibility: Let your mind determine how you can take responsibility for your life. Become aware of your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings as these create your life. Choose those that serve you and discard the rest. The more you own your internal world, the more you can change the external one.

Opportunities: Let your mind ponder ypur opportunities. When one door closes another opens. Tap into your intuition. Ask to be shown actions which will achieve your goals. Release any worries about obstacles or struggle. Be open to getting results easily. Access your intuition through meditation. Then act on your intuition and expect amazing things to start happening!

Meditate Quickly

"None can comprehend eternity but the eternal God. Eternity is an ocean, whereof we shall never see the shore; it is a deep where we can find no bottom; a labyrinth from whence we cannot extricate ourselves and where we shall ever lose the door." (Boston)

Would you like to meditate but just do not have the time? This is the key to meditating: "pray without ceasing" (Bible: 1 Thessalonians 5:17).

* Waiting Meditating: Stopped in traffic at light? Waiting in line at a bank, a store, a restaurant, a mall? Sitting in a doctor's office? Walking alone from one place to another? These are just some of the spaces in life that quick prayers, meditations, and spiritual exercises can be fit into easily. If you are waiting, then you have found time to be meditating... just make it a habit.

* Scriptural Verse/Story: Some people open the book of scriptures from their religion and choose a verse to contemplate during the day. They think about the meaning behind that verse to broaden their understanding of the universe. They determine if that verse relates to the present circumstances of their life. This helps them to better understand their choice of religion.

* Contemplate a Quote: Other people prefer to open a book of quotes and choose one to contemplate. Quotes provide a different viewpoint on life. They challenge us to open our minds and to question things which we have taken for granted. Quotes can help us to answer our questions, to solve our problems, to suggest a new direction, and to find a better path in the future.

* Get a Heart Hug: The Reiki Heart Hug shows you how to flow love to yourself quickly. For meditation can be described as bringing the currents of love down from the inner worlds into your body. The more you put your attention on meditation, the more you open yourself to love. That is why doing even quick meditations is always worth the time that is invested in it.

Meditate Cleaning

"Meditation is the life of the soul: Action, the soul of meditation and honor the reward of action." (Quarles)

Would you like to meditate but just do not have the time? While you are cleaning, you can be meditating.

* Cycle of Life: Cleaning is something which must be repeated… like eating, sleeping, and working. Since you have to clean, it better to join it because you cannot beat it. Meditating while cleaning makes it feel more productive!

* Sleek Millionaire: When your physical space is cluttered, your mental and emotional self is cluttered. If you look at the mansions of millionaires, you see clean open spaces which allow their energies to flow to attract greater money and abundance. When you declutter, see money around the corner.

* Warm Cleaning: When you are doing dishes or taking wash out of the dryer, appreciate the warmth of the water or the dried clothes on your hands. Think of how the sun nurtures you as you feel the warmth on your hands.

* Fresh Cleaning: If you dry clothes on a line, appreciate the fresh scent of air dried clothes. Enjoy the scent of natural cleaning products like lemon, lime, wheat-grass, and so on. Yes, natural cleansers really DO a great job!

* Shiny Cleaning: Cleaning is about making things look new: a wooden table that shines, a marble counter that sparkles, a faucet that gleams in the light. Expect that when your space looks brighter your spirit will brighten too.

* Splash Cleaning: The sounds of splashing water are naturally relaxing. When you are using water to clean anything, focus of the sounds of the water moving… and allow those sounds to soothe and relax you as you clean.

* Moving-Breathing: Cleaning means you are moving and breathing more… If you are thinking, it is a waste of time, remember more moving and breathing reduces your risk of contracting Alzheimer's Dementia.

* Workout Break: Today we spend so much time in mental pursuits that that cleaning gives our mind a break while our body is physically exercised. This combination helps the emotions to become more calm and centered!

Credits: from channeled information.



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