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RELAXATION HEALING: Process & Techniques [see Meditation]

Both Eastern and Western healing traditions hold that regular relaxation practice is vital to keep an individual in vibrant health.

Below are "Relaxation Processes" to help you know more peace in body, mind, and emotions and to heighten your spiritual connection. The time you invest in relaxation will result in more energy by day and better sleep by night. The quality of your life can only improve.


Benefits & Tips for Success
Prepare to Be Relaxed
Basic Process of Relaxation
Advanced Process of Relaxation
Attaining Serenity

Basic Process of Relaxation! Tips for Success

* BENEFITS: Relaxation reduces stress on the heart (slowing heart-rate and lowering blood pressure), increases blood flow to the muscles while decreasing muscle tension, and increases overall oxygenation. This gives a much needed break to the stress on your system.

* RESULTS: Relaxation helps to give your body more energy, deeper sleep, less pain, and a stronger immune system. It helps your mind know better concentration, more efficiency, and enhanced problem solving. It helps calm your emotions by diffusing negativity.

* BE PATIENT: If you do not succeed with relaxation at first, be patient and hang in there, eventually you will feel the warmth and happiness that comes with full body-mind-emotions relaxation. The only way to fail at relaxation is to quit practicing it. Just invest 15 to 30 minutes a day!

* ABOUT MUSIC: If you are having trouble relaxing, you can use special relaxation music (at 8 Hertz (Hz): the frequency of the Earth) to help you relax (at first). Remember you need to relax without any external aids... with no other help than your own body and mind.

* ABOUT CLOTHING: If you are meditating with clothing, make sure that it is very comfortable. Loosen any belts, ties, collars, and waist-bands. Remove any jewellery or shoes. If you choose to be naked, make sure you are warm (a light blanket). Above all, be comfortable.

* BREATH WARM-UP: Inhale to the count of one then exhale to the count of two. Inhale to two then exhale to four. Inhale to three then exhale to six. Reverse this by inhaling to three then exhaling to six until you are back to inhaling to the count of one and exhaling to two.

Prepare to Be Relaxed! Get Clear, Comfortable, Composed, and Calm

* GET CLEAR: Before you begin, take a few moments to get clear. Imagine there is a bucket beside you. Put any physical pain or discomfort into that bucket along with any unwanted thoughts or disturbing emotions. This just puts them aside... they will return when the process is done.

* GET COMFORTABLE: You need to be in a quiet place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. Only you know what makes you comfortable: whether that is reclining in a cosy chair or lying down on a soft bed. If you drift into sleep, so be it... whatever is best will happen.

* GET COMPOSED: Now just close your eyes. Pay attention to your breathing. Take control by breathing more deeply and more slowly. Feel the gentleness of your body's movements as you inhale and exhale. Let your mind turn control of your breathing back to your body.

* GET CALM: Travel in your memory to the place where you have been the happiest. Remember how good you felt while you recall what you saw, and heard there. Bask in your "happy place" until you are totally calm and peaceful. Let a wave of pure contentment wash over you.

Basic Process of Relaxation! Journey Through Your Body

* RELAXATION EFFECT: The key to relaxation is to allow all of your muscles to become as comfortable and as still as possible. As your muscles relax, they stretch out. This allows more oxygen and blood to flow into them. This causes your muscles to feel warmer and heavier.

* FEET-LEGS: Begin by relaxing your feet: from the tips of your toes through to your ankles. If you are tense, wiggle your toes and imagine you are shaking off any last tension. Continue through your calves, into your knees, and up your thighs. Your legs become more relaxed.

* LOWER TORSO: Continue to roll the wave of relaxation through the hips and buttocks. Feel it flowing though your lower back and curling around your spine. Notice how your stomach gently moves up and down with the rhythm of your deep breathing. Enjoy the warmth.

* UPPER TORSO: Continue to roll the wave of relaxation through your chest, your shoulders, and your upper back. Feel your heart beating in a slow and gentle rhythm. Notice how your lungs gently inhale and exhale. With each breath, you are becoming more comfortable.

* HANDS-ARMS: Continue to roll the wave of relaxation down your upper arm, through your elbow, along your fore-arm, and down your fingers right to the tips. Gently reverse the flow back to your shoulders. Notice how warm your body has become and how your muscles are still.

* NECK-HEAD: Continue to roll the wave of relaxation through your neck drawing it through your spine and into your head. Feel your facial muscles relaxing through your jaw, your cheeks, your nose, your eyes, your fore-head, and through to the top of your head.

Advanced Process of Relaxation! Program Your Mind and Emotions

* PROGRAMMING: While you are deeply relaxed, you are highly open to suggestion. If you have any simple affirmations you want to program yourself with, silently think about them. For example, "I think with deep clarity" or "I feel calm" etc.

* MIGHTY WIND: Sit up totally straight. Take a deep breath in. Hold it for a count of one and then release it with a forceful exhale. This "mighty wind" releases any mental or emotional tension from your body. This is used by speakers before embarking on a public speech to relax.

* MIND LIGHT: To quiet your thoughts, imagine a warm, golden white light filling your body from toe to head. Imagine that this "mind light" is filling you with confidence, power, and strength. See it coming out of the top of your head and connecting with the universe.

* EMOTION CALM: To calm your emotions, imagine a warm, golden white light filling your body from toe to head. Imagine that this "calming light" is pushing any unwanted or unpleasant emotions out of your body and mind. See the "black cloud" being released and dissolved.

* FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE: Imagine a place where you are isolated from the stresses of the outside world. Here there are no cares, worries, or problems. See yourself "recharging your batteries" in this place. Emerge calm, clear, and ready to tackle life's challenges.

* GRACIOUS OASIS: Prepare a list of 10 places where you have been totally happy. Visualize these places in your mind (sights, sounds, smells, touches, and tastes) as you practice relaxation. When you are stressed, remember these favorite places and relaxation will kick in!

Attaining Serenity! Bringing Relaxation into Your Outer Life

Do you want to become more serene?

If so, here is what you need to know... and to do to experience serenity in your daily life. The more serene you can be in daily life, the easier it will be to relax!

S - Stress: Stress is the opposite of serenity. Whenever you are stressed, you cannot be serene. When you are serene, it is because you have mastered your stress response and have learned to maintain a state of calmness.

E - Emotion: Many times people cannot be serene because their emotions are overwhelming them. When this happens, it is essential to get them under control. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the Breathe Cure, and the Sedona Method are excellent tools for getting quick control over emotions.

R - Remember: Becoming serene then becomes a matter of remembering and applying these techniques as you need them. Carrying these tools around in your mind can help you be... and stay... serene in each and every situation.

E - Expectations: One huge barrier to serenity is your perceived need to meet expectations... whether these are your own or others. The stress between what you can do and are expecting to do can keep you from being serene.

N - New-Unfamiliar: Many times people cannot find serenity because they are faced with what is new or unfamiliar. To get comfortable with the new, be sure to ask many questions and to do research to become familiar with it.

I - I-Me Time: Remember each day to take some time for yourself... to practice becoming serene... and to relax and to remain centered.

T - Time: Many times people cannot find serenity because they are under time pressure. When this happens, prioritize key tasks and delegate (or delay) what is not essential to meeting the deadline to help you regain serenity.

Y - Yes-No: Perhaps the greatest key to serenity is being able to say "No" and mean it. "No" can mean "Not Now but later when I have more time." Or "No" can mean "I am over-committed and must be gentle with me!"

Credits: from channeled information.



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