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Rules #35d: "You Asked For It, You Got It": Life Contracts - Advanced

"The virtues we acquire, which develop slowly within us, are the invisible links that bind each one of our [past life] existences to the others - [past life] existences which the spirit alone remembers." (Honore Balzac)

Karma & Life Contract

This system of action and reaction, cause and effect, known as karma, ensures that perfect justice is the law of the universe. The administration of karma is "governed" by one's individual "Life Contract".

This "Life Contract" ensures you do what it is you came here to do. It is unbreakable as long as the reasons for its existence
remain valid (if unaltered by present experience).

Here is more on how "Life Contracts" work:

Life Potentialities            Exit Points
Group Karma Healer     Rare Karmic Events

Life Potentialities

How can the contradictory concepts of karma and free will co-exist and manifest in our lives? If we come into life carrying a load of past life karma, then is there is no room for free will? Yet, if everything in life is all free will, then is there is no room for past life karma?

* Karmic Crossroads: Life potentialities are where karma and free will interact and the result of this interaction manifests as how we experience our lives.

* Inner Potential: When each individual is born, they carry into their life various potentials for the resolution of past life karma. Each potential represents a different approach to resolving conflicts created and left unresolved in past lives. When an individual encounters similar situations in this life, they get the opportunity to make different choices now than they did in the past. Whether they choose to do so or not is their free will. The choices they make reveal the potential they have achieved: the more loving the choice, the higher the potential for transforming their karma.

* Outer Results: When the individual addresses the root causes of the issue, then they can move forward in life. If the person is successful in solving the problem and learning the lessons from it, their environment transforms to move them to the next set of life potentialities (issues and opportunities). If they are unsuccessful, their life is "switched" back to a similar issue, so they can try again to solve it.

* Life Tracks: Usually an individual incarnates with four sets of life potentialities (some people have more depending on their needs) as follows:

* FIRST - Lowest - Default Path of Karma: If you are content to just drift through life, the tides of karma will move you along. This is the default karma where you get the minimum amount of love, money, and health out of life. You often feel that "luck" is against you.

* SECOND - Good - Just Above Karma: If you want more from life than karma is giving you, you need to take action to create more love, money, and health. A minimum amount of action connects to this potential. You often feel you have made your "luck" in life.

* THIRD - Better - Significantly Above Karma: If you have a vision for your life that is much larger than what you are currently experiencing, you will need consistent, sustained, massive action to connect to this potential. You often feel that "luck" is on your side.

* FOURTH - Best - Path of Dharma: If you have a mission, a calling, a compelling cause in life, your constant devotion to this, moves you from the sphere of karma and onto the path of dharma (loving service). You are past "luck" and you are living your path.

Exit Points

Have you ever wondered why people "die before their time" unexpectedly? It happens because there is a decision - at a Soul level - that no further learning is possible in the present incarnation. Usually these "Exit Points" occur at predictable intervals.

* Scheduled Departures: Built into many (but not all) individual's Life Contracts are exit points. These are times that an individual can exit their life without committing suicide. Below are the most likely locations for these "Exit Points":

* Karmic Cycle Change: Every twelve years since you were born, you enter into a new karmic cycle. When you cross from one karmic cycle to another, you arrive at an "exit point" in your life. These exit points are always open but are infrequently used. For the exit point to be used, the person must ask for it repeatedly and must have a compelling reason to exit life before the body naturally expires.

* Significant Life Event: "Exit points" can open up immediately before or after a significant life event. The news is full of people who die immediately before or after they graduate, get married, have a child, lose a spouse, or resolve deep issues in a long term relationship, etc. We are here to learn lessons and to bring more love to others. When the significant life event is substantially completed, this automatically opens up an "exit point" for us... because significant karma was resolved.

* By Request: If an individual is convinced that their life holds no more potential for karmic learning, they can request that an "exit point" be created for them. If an "exit point" is granted, the person will be guided to take action that results in their death... by means other than suicide. Usually this means they will connect with a form of public transportation where all onboard have agreed to their end of life.

* Karmic Opportunity: "Exit points" will open when a new life with more potential for karmic resolution than the present one. At a Soul level, a choice will be presented to the individual (who is usually highly connected to inner guidance). Either they leave their current life to take advantage of the new and better karmic opportunity or they recommit to their current life. The closer the individual is to the normal end of their life, the more likely they are to use that "exit point."

Group Karma Healer

All at once, we exist inside circles of karma: personal, family, group, nation, and global. Those who work on healing their karma while, at the same time, helping others to transmute and transcend their karma... are known as "Group Karma Healers" (GKH).

* Karmic Bargain: As a GKH focuses on directly healing their own issues, those who were involved in that same situation (whether in their past now or in past lives) also receive a healing... indirectly. This ends up being a very compact paying off of karma, especially for those in the group served by the healer. For those in the group experience a release without having to directly process the past issues.

* Karmic Growth: Since the GKH focuses directly on confronting and healing their past life they experience rapid karmic growth and acceleration. It is like the "extra" karma they take on for the group is a heavy weight which helps them to grow their spiritual muscles. This helps them to achieve karmic growth inside the span of one life what would otherwise take them many different lives to achieve.

* Life Interrupted: Although the GKH grow rapidly spiritually, the price of such advancement is a life interrupted. Most GKHs are unsatisfied with their "human" lives on some level. Many take a hit to their health during times of intense karmic processing. Others do not have the time or energy to create the level of money or abundance they want. Some experience disruption in personal relationships.

* Physical Strain: Most GKHs do this for only part of their lives. The strain of processing for multiple people becomes physically, mentally, and emotionally wearing over time. Fortunately, all a GKH needs to do is just step out of agreement with healing the karma of others.... and focus on just healing their own.

Rare Karmic Events

"Rare Karmic Events" happen where the normal Life Contract is not sufficient to allow the individual to move forward in their life now. These events are designed to help the effected individuals execute their agreements with others and unwind their karma.

* Accelerated Release is a rapid cycle of karma clearing when the body must rapidly throw off toxic residues from a massive release of Past Life Resonances from Cellular Memory. This forcibly brings to the surface the abilities the individual has earned in past lives that are needed to complete the present Life Contract. The goal is to help them to remember consciously what they know subconsciously.

* Near Death Experiences are the most common of the "rare" events. They are a form of
Karmic Counseling" which happens while the individual's body lays close to death. The NDE propels them in full consciousness into the inner worlds to review the "progress of their life". They receive an intensive "karmic counseling" session with their guides during the span of the NDE experience after which they must decide whether or not to return to their body and "mend their ways".

* Total Life Shift usually happens only to advanced Souls. They will experience a serious life threatening accident or illness which completely incapacitates them while their body and mind are being "upgraded" with new skills, abilities, and talents. Total Life Shifts are as unique as each individual who karma is being expanded.

* Walk-Ins: Whether it is a Soul Exchange or a Soul Braiding, when one soul walks into another's body, they instantly and automatically inherit the unfinished business of the walk-out's Life Contract. Those who walk out must "watch and learn" to see how they could have handled things differently... which is what the walk-in is certain to do. Learning for both is certain to happen one way or another.

Credits: from channeled information.



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