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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Near Death Experience - NDE
    (Spiritual - NDE Karmic Counseling)
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Short Description: Near Death Experience NDE
In the Near Death form of "Beyond Body Experiences" (NDE), an individual who came close to being dead physically (often being pronounced "clinically dead") later "just" revives or is resuscitated after a "karmic counseling" session with their guides.

Causes: "Sometimes it takes a thing as great as death to teach us about life" (Svarctic Sage). The primary purpose of the Near Death Experience (NDE) is to give the individual a "necessary mid-life course correction". This is a "last resort" to get a person's life "back on the track" of their life contract. The NDE propels the individual in full consciousness into the inner worlds of God to review the "progress of their life to date". They receive an intensive "karmic counseling" session with their guides during the span of the NDE experience after which they must decide whether or not to return to their body and "mend their ways".

Symptoms: As the Near Death Experience (NDE) is such a "widespread" phenomena and is massively documented by scientific evidence, it has received much study. Much of it in an effort to undermine or disprove the validity of such inner experiences. Nevertheless, there is substantial agreement as to the common elements of the NDE which are typically found in most cases. These are:

- Suddenly feeling totally at peace
    (as the Soul consciousness steps into detach you from your body)

- Seeing a dark tunnel and hearing noises
    (your consciousness moving out of your body)
- Finding yourself outside your body
    (awareness that you are now detached from your body)
- Seeing "bright lights" and "spiritual beings"
    (your guides manifesting their presence)
- Being guided to "cities of light"
    (your guides taking you to the "Hall of Karmic Records")
- An intense period of "life review"
    (of your progress to date and the options for the future)
- Sensing the "time limit" is reached
    (where you must go back to your body or leave it behind)
- Consciously returning to your body
    (the body will just die if the Soul decides to leave it behind)
- Realizing later "something happened" while unconscious
   (trying to recall/recount the NDE)
- Processing the NDE into your body
   (rejecting it or accepting it/corroborating the events with others)
- Integrating the NDE into your life
   (the degree to which you act on the NDE Karmic Counseling)
- Integrating the NDE into your view of death
   (the degree to which you accept you are eternal)

After Effects: The after effects of the NDE vary widely among individuals. Some remember the experience with perfect clarity while others realize that "something" happened without fully understanding it.

Scientific researchers have tried to attribute these differences to the severity of the illness or accident causing the NDE or to the varying level of medication in the physical body or to the religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs of the person having the NDE. Although these do have some impact, the real difference in after effects is largely dependent on the spiritual evolution of the individual.

Those who are "more advanced" in Soul experience or are "more ready" to heed the call of Soul will respond more to the karmic counseling given during the NDE and will need/want to retain more of the experience in their conscious awareness.

Advice: The best thing you can do is to embrace the experience for what it has to teach you. The worst thing you can do is to pretend it was a fantasy induced by physical impairment. Whether you can believe or accept it, your Near Death Experience (NDE) was a "wake-up call" from your Soul. Pay attention to it and your life now and in your karma-created future will be better… spiritually. Ignore it and the problems that you think you are avoiding will just become compounded… as always, as with everything in life, the choice is yours.

Case History: "I was in doubt about my ministry. I thought I was listening to God and following His way for me. Yet others scorned and mocked me. I was always desperately short of money. Even those I thought I was helping did not seem at times to be helped at all. I was in total despair when I was viciously beaten and left for dead by a gang of thugs sent to stop my mission.

I was almost dead when some from my parish found me and rushed me to a doctor. While I lay between life and death, I saw Jesus and He told me that He was pleased with all that I was doing in His name. Jesus told me that I needed to be strong and that I must carry on His work for many years to come. And when I finally awoke, I determined to do just that!"

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Credits: from channeled information and from "Martin's" life story.



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