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Rules #35b: "You Asked For It, You Got It": Life Contracts - Basic

"The fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves." (William Shakespeare "Julius Caesar")

Basis of Life Contracts

The two principles of existence are that "Soul exists because God loves it" and "what you do unto others (in the past) will be done unto you" (in the future). All here happens by agreement. For a truly loving God does not really allow such things a "victims" or "perpetrators". These only seem to exist when what one sowed (perpetrator in the past) is reaped (victim in the future).

Karma and Life Contract     Soul Levels
Three Part Life Contract      Old Souls
Past Life Load                      Bench Strength

Karma & Life Contract

This system of action and reaction, cause and effect, known as karma, ensures that perfect justice is the law of the universe. The administration of karma is "governed" by one's "Life Contract". This "Life Contract" ensures you do what it is you came here to do. It is unbreakable as long as the reasons for its existence remain valid (if unaltered by present experience, for more).

Every Life Contract falls into three parts:
1) Must Dos, 2) Nice to Have, and 3) Extra Credit.

* Must Do: Most individuals spend their entire lives in trying to complete this first section of their Life Contract. The "Must Dos" are what the individual has signed to do in their life. This includes such things as: the people they have to meet and interact with, the careers/jobs that they must take, and the life experiences they have chosen to undertake (accidents, illnesses, poverty, failed relationships, etc) to work off of their past life karma.

* Nice to Have: Only after the individual has substantially completed their "Must Dos" can they work on their "Nice to Have" part of their Life Contract. What would be "Nice to Have" includes such things as: completing special projects like working for causes, creating artistic works, or dramatically expanding one's comfort zone. It can also include: completing special intentions relative to specific individuals and/or groups.

* Extra Credit: Only after the individual has substantially completed their "Nice to Haves" can they work on their "Extra Credit" projects. These are things that were not scheduled for this life but have been brought forward to be worked upon now. Very few people ever get to this "Extra Credit" stage but it is possible. This only happens when the individual has consciously and consistently striven to work down their past life karma.

Every Life Contract is always effected by:
1) Past Life Load and 2) Soul Levels.

Past Life Load

"It is nature's kindness that we do not remember past births. Life
would be a burden if we carried such a tremendous load of memories."
(Mohandas K. Gandhi)

Our "past life load" is the number of past lives (full of karma) are one chooses to work on in any given lifetime.

* Primary Three: Most individuals are deeply effected by three significant past lives. More often than not, a person's birth family is a gathering of souls from one shared past life where deep karma must be balanced. Almost always, a person's marital family is a gathering of souls from another shared past life with deep karma. Finally, an individual's health and wealth are from a third past life and often represents the deepest karma to be worked through in their lifetime.

* Three Plus: When an individual has worked through enough karma on their primary three past lives, other lives will emerge to be healed. People most often notice this when their smoothly flowing lives all of a sudden hit big and unexpected turbulence. Perhaps a loved one contracts a deadly disease. Or maybe financial disaster strikes and all in the family have their lives torn apart. Even worse is if a family member is lost to violent crime or a devastating, crippling accident.

* Ten Plus: Few individuals chose to reincarnate with a plan to work on ten or more past lives at once. Those who reincarnate agreeing to work on 10+ past lives find themselves living a very tough life. They usually have health, wealth, and relationship challenges. They often wonder why others have a much easier life than they do. Yet they also have the internal resources to meet and master their life challenges… and to also work off deep, troublesome past life karma.

* Fifty Plus: Very few choose to work on more than 50+ past lives in one lifetime. Those who reincarnate agreeing to work on 50+ past lives find themselves living a super tough life. They always have one or more tough health challenges to live with. They always live on the razor's edge of abundance (having enough but struggling hard for wealth). Their relationships are always complicated and turbulent at times.

* Past Life Load: Whatever the number of past lives you are working on, know that you chose to do this work in the inner worlds before you are born. Know also you are only given what you can handle and what is best for you to help you move forward in love, joy, and awareness. Karma is about teaching not punishing.

Soul Levels

"I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself." (Aretino)

Our Soul level is what we have earned from our past lives and what we carry to our current incarnation. Thus the proper measurement of the level of Soul awareness is what an individual has learned during their cycles of reincarnation.

* Bench Strength: This concept in reincarnation means that what matters is not how young one is on the outside but how old one is on the inside. Those who are "born 40 years old" have deep "Bench Strength" (and so are "Advanced" Souls). Those who still want to act like teenagers when they are 50, 60, or 70 years old do not possess much "Bench Strength" (and so are "Beginner Souls"). Those who are "inbetween" these levels of maturity would be "Intermediate Souls".

* Beginner Souls: These individuals are learning the "basics" by working out of their Root, Sacral, and Stomach Chakras. Beginners working on the Root Chakra are learning courage as in how to manifest their "individual" desires (as these relate to sex, money, and power) into the outer physical world. Beginners working on the Sacral Chakra are learning creativity as in how to manifest their "group" desires (as these relate to work) in co-creation with others. Beginners working on the Stomach Chakra are developing their character: who they are in relation to what others and society wants or expects. Beginners are caught up in the now and have no energy for past life exploration (and are deep into "reincarnation skepticism").

* Intermediate Souls: These individuals are learning "mastery" by working out of their Heart and Throat Chakras. Intermediates working on the Heart Chakra are learning caring as in how to demonstrate compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness to others. Intermediates working on the Throat Chakra are learning candor as in how to communicate with truth, kindness, and empowerment. Intermediates may or may not have energy for past life exploration (and may or may not be skeptical).

* Advanced Souls: These individuals are expressing "mastery" by working out of their Brow and Crown Chakras. Advanceds (Old Souls) working on the Brow Chakra are learning deep clarity as in how to communicate with accuracy, objectivity, and thoroughness. Advanceds working on the Crown Chakra are learning to exercise their free will lovingly by developing discipline, detachment, and, above all, discernment. Advanced Souls do this through past life exploration.

If you are wondering if you are an Advanced (Old) Soul,
here is how you can find out... for sure.

Old Souls

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts." (William Shakespeare "As You Like It")

If you feel like you were born "40 years old", then you are very likely an "old" Soul. Here are the signs:

* Well Defined Personality: From an early age, the "old" Soul will have a very well defined personality. Their preferences and predispositions emerge often before the infant can talk. Their personality does not seem to develop: rather it seems complete "right out of the box" to parents and other family members.

* Prematurely Mature: As the "old" Soul grows, they will be much more mature at each age than their peers. Their early maturity will often convince others that the "old" Soul is much older than their biological age. They will frequently be mistaken for being older by those who are meeting them for the first time.

* Preference for Older People: The "old" Soul will seek out the company of people much older than themselves. They will feel more comfortable around older people. They will often avoid the company of their peers, preferring to be around those who are older and "more like" who they truly are on the inside.

* Avoidance of Peers: The "old" Soul will avoid the company of peers. They view peers as being "children" with whom they have little or nothing in common, even though they are the same age. They will have "more mature interests" than their peers, preferring activities that are attractive to much older people.

* Feeling Old While Young: "Old Souls" will tell you that they "have always felt very old" on the inside. They will say things like they "usually feel out of place with peers", that they "belong to another time in the past", and that they "think or feel differently" than most others around them. They will have some "world weariness" feeling like they "have been there and done that" all before. Given their many past lives, they are most likely right (so please give them the benefit of the doubt)!

Here are other signs of an Advanced (Old) Soul
that are uncommon and even rare.

Bench Strength

"It is a strong proof of men knowing most things before birth, that when mere children they grasp innumerable facts with such speed as to show that they are not then taking them in for the first time, but are remembering and recalling them." (Marcus Tullius Cicero)

How do you know if someone has had lots of past life experience? It is "Bench Strength!"

* Bench Strength: This concept in reincarnation means that what matters is not how young one is on the outside but how old one is on the inside. Those who are "born 40 years old" have deep "Bench Strength" as Advanced Souls. Those who still want to act like teenagers when they are 50, 60, or 70 years old do not possess much "Bench Strength" as Beginner or Intermediate Souls.

* Dissimilar Identical Twins: Identical twins who were born within minutes of one another, who were the same in appearance both physically and genetically, and who were raised in the same environment, should end up the same, right? Wrong, because the one thing that cannot be identical between twins is their past life bench strength. In my extended family, one twin became a drug addict while the other founded a multi-million dollar company. The addict was young as Soul while the businessman was a very old Soul and that "Bench Strength" made the difference.

* Child Prodigies: There is a bumper crop of child prodigies that the modern media has faithfully reported. Movie lovers will remember actors: Abigail Breslin, Macaulay Culkin, Dakota Fanning, and Haley Joel Osment. Music lovers will remember musicians: Joshua Goldberg and Matthew Savage. Child prodigies can be found in all walks of life - such as artists, musicians, attorneys, business leaders, builders, physicians - and all these are created by "Bench Strength".

* Resistant to Adversity: "Bench Strength" makes the most difference under conditions of adversity. Most children who were raised in orphan mills, like those in Africa, China, Romania, and Russia, end up with rage and attachment disorders if they have resided there for more than two years. Yet many children, who were inmates in such orphanages for longer than that, emerged without any of these problems. Why? The answer, of course, is past life "Bench Strength".

* It's All Inside: Most people are not aware that there is more inside them than they may have experienced so far. So, if you want to tap into your personal "Bench Strength", all you need to do is "Unleash Your Past Life Talents".

Credits: from channeled information.



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