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Rules #35c: "You Asked For It, You Got It": Life Contracts - Intermediate

"O youth or young man, who fancy that you are neglected by the Gods, know that if you become worse, you shall go to worse souls, or if better to the better… In every succession of life and death, you will do and suffer what like may fitly suffer at the hands of like. This is the justice of heaven." (Plato)

Karma & Life Contract

This system of action and reaction, cause and effect, known as karma, ensures that perfect justice is the law of the universe. The administration of karma is "governed" by one's individual "Life Contract".

This "Life Contract" ensures you do what it is you came here to do. It is unbreakable as long as the reasons for its existence
remain valid (if unaltered by present experience).

Here is more on how "Life Contracts" work:

Karmic Onion      Karmic Webs             Choice to Return
Karmic Topics     Karmic Circle             Substantial Compliance
Karmic Layers     Karmic Participant

Karmic Onion

Past life healing works in layers: you can only heal the layer that you are ready to release. You become ready to release past pain based on how well you have resolved your karma now by what you have learned in this life.

* Onion Analogy: Past life healing is much like peeling back the layers of your karmic onion. Once one layer of a past life wound is healed and integrated, another slowly moves to the surface. When past lives were especially traumatic, each aspect of it will need to be healed separately. One layer will sit on top of another - holding it down until the top layer is peeled back. Just as with peeling a real onion, this karmic healing will sometimes create tears during the release process.

* Physical: Integrating the physical layers of your past lives means addressing their karmic after effects in your energy field. Past life wounds carry over directly into present life birthmarks, injuries, illnesses, and other impairments. When the lessons anchoring these wounds are learned, the energetic impairments can be released. Lasting healing can be achieved... in terms of measurable physical improvements.

* Mental: Integrating the mental layers of your past lives means addressing their karmic after effects in your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, habits, and behaviors. Past life experiences create your initial internal map of reality and it influences what beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, habits, and behaviors you chose to adopt in this life.

* Emotional: Integrating the emotional layers of your past lives means addressing their karmic after effects in your predominating moods and your usual way of managing your feelings. Past life experiences create your emotional intelligence and it influences how you choose to manage your emotions in this lifetime.

* Spiritual: Integrating the spiritual layers of your past lives means addressing their karmic after effects in the nature and level of your spirituality. Past life experiences mold what you believe to be true about the nature of life in the universe. More importantly, it drives how you confront and heal your karma.

Karmic Topics

Karma is administered by topic. For some topics, from the human standpoint,karma is good (pleasing results) while for others it is bad (unpleasing outcomes). All bad karma seeks is balancing through learning what is and what is not like love on any given karmic topic.

* Karmic Topics: Karma is organized by topic. Each individual will address all of the following topics over their cycles of reincarnation. In any given lifetime, certain topics will take center stage while others will be skipped. The exact topics to be resolved in this life are determined in your Life Contract created before your birth.

Topics include: relationships (romantic, family, friends, etc), love (self-esteem, how you treat self-others, etc), sex, money, health (disease, pain, injury, eating, sleeping, addiction, etc), stress-fear, job-career, society (crime, accident, weather, pandemics, etc).
* Karmic Account: When you come into a new life, you agree to work on various topics. For each topic, you take on a "set amount" of layers (blocks of related issues on the same topic) to help you move forward in mastering it. Usually, this "set amount" of karma remains constant (what was originally agreed to at birth).
Example: Like a credit card account, you are working to pay topics-layers down. Usually, you will not receive more karma (to balance) on the same topic (new layer(s) not part of the original Life Contract) unless there is a great spiritual benefit involved.
* Karmic Distinctions: Karmic topics are precisely defined. Take "Public Speaking" and "Court Appearances" which are two different topics. Although both involve speaking with others present... karmically, the dynamics are different.
Public speaking is voluntary: a person chooses what they talking about, what-how it is presented, and who they talk to. Court is involuntary: someone else decides what is talked about, how it is presented, and the audience is judge-jury.

Public speaking is large: groups are addressed directly. Court is small: others are present but only the opinions of the judge-jury matter.

Public speaking is not done under governmental control while court is. In a life, an individual can engage in public speaking but never appear in court -or- an individual can go to court but never speak publicly.
* Karmic Cross-Currents: You can have good karma on some topics and bad karma on others (most people do not have entirely good or bad karma).
Example: A person can have good karma as having in a happy marriage and kind children while having bad karma in suffering permanent impairment from an injury received in a car accident.
* Best Advice: about handling bad karma is to take comfort from your good karma. Learn from your successes and do your best to apply that knowledge to turn around areas of failure. The result can only be good future karma.

Karmic Layers

As your past lives are integrated, new topics (with different layers) of your "Karmic Onion" are peeled back for healing. This happens if-and-when you are spiritually ready to learn new lessons, to heal past life karma, and to advance in soul awareness.

* Topics-Layers Emerging: After one past life topic is cleared, time will pass before another topic (with various layers) will appears. Some wonder what the point of clearing past life topics-layers is if there is always more to work on. Yet the nature of life is learning, growing, expanding, and healing karma. We all are in the business of the enduring task of healing past and present life topics-layers.

* Topic-Layer Lessons: The past life topic-layer that emerges is the one most relevant to your personal unresolved issues. Whether you can believe it or not, the purpose of each past life karmic layer is to move you forward in love, joy, and awareness… in your life today so that you can become all you want to be.

* Topic-Layer Purpose: Although it may feel as if life is punishing you with unfolding karmic topics-layers, the reverse is true. Your Soul, your Higher Self, and your guides are trying to move you forward. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone… and this is not fun. Your patience and your will-power will be pushed to their limits… and this is hard. You will advance… this is good karma.

* Permanent Healing: Once a particular layer of past life trauma is healed in any given lifetime, the healing in permanent. In other words, that layer will never need to be addressed again - ever! So each time a past life trauma is put to rest, it stays at rest. That same past life layer will never need healing again. This is necessary because, since everyone lives thousands of lives over their cycles of reincarnation, the layers must be settled to keep us from being overwhelmed by past trauma.

* Maximum Layers: In any one life, there are only so many layers on a topic that an individual will be permitted to work on. This is good news because the only way to fail in the physical world is to quit. Once you have resolved many layers, there are sure to be gifts lying on the other side. After I resolved enough of my layers, I received the information and abilities that resulted in!

Karmic Webs

"A circle is the reflection of eternity: no beginning, no end. Place circles over one another and you get a web of infinite spirals." (James Keenan)
We all exist within a web of karmic circles that effect and complicate the resolution of our karma.

* Earth Karma: What happens to this planet happens to us all. What we do collectively has impacts globally. Today the hot karmic topic is "climate change" (better known as "global warming") which has been caused by solar minimums and maximums (remember that 1.3 million Earths can fit into the Sun). In this karmic circle, we all sink or swim together. For example, the frozen Delaware River that George Washington had such trouble crossing in 1776 has not frozen in my lifetime.

* Event: Some events are so widespread and so catastrophic as to effect everyone living in the inhabited areas of this planet. For example, in 1815, the eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia caused 1816 to be the "Year Without a Summer" and caused world-wide famine. It also caused great political, social, and economic upheaval across the world that changed the course of history.

* National: How the nation we live in is governed - its laws, its regulations, its customs, its culture, its religions, etc - effects us in matters great and small. This national karma dramatically shapes how free we are to live our lives on a daily basis. Unless we travel abroad and experience different ways of life, we just take our nation (and the related karmic freedom it provides) for granted.

* Regional: Even within the same nation, there will be significant differences by region. These differences will form our experience of life. For example, the lifestyle of those in rural areas is much different than those in urban areas due to varying degrees of opportunities and resources available for our growth and development.

* Community: What happens to our community - the city, town, or village where we live - happens to us. When there is a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, a flood, or a fire, we are put into the same karmic boat as our neighbors. The karmic impact on the world may be minor but it is major for ourselves and all around us.

* Family: This most familiar karma is what we spend the most time, energy, and attention on. As Confucius said, the family is the building block of society and it is built one member at a time. So do your best to help to create good ones!

Karmic Circle

Most people walk the Karmic Circle, from light to dark and back again, until they have learned to love. Walking the entire circle gives one a 360° viewpoint on life. To forgive all things comes from understanding them.

* Karmic Circle: Imagine that the Karmic Circle is like the Yin-Yang circle (a white part with a black dot and a black part with a white dot). If you are traveling along the outside edge of that circle, you will spend half your time in darkness and half your time in light. So everyone at some point will have been a victim (in the light) and at another point a perpetrator (in the dark).

* Karmic Learning: To serve God, one first must understand life. Imagine the vastness of the small part of the universe we can see from Earth and you will see understanding it is a great task. To begin to understand the universe, one must have experience of it from all angles so that one emerges with a 360° viewpoint on life.

* Walking the Circle: A person, through the trail of many lives, as they walk the Karmic Circle, will be all things. They will be famous and insignificant, rich and poor, victim and perpetrator, woman and man, all races, religions, and creeds. They will see life from every vantage point so that they can come to a correct understanding of it. The more they can understand, the more they can see love in every situation, the better they are qualified to be a fully realized CoWorker with God in the unfolding majesty of His-Her creation (the end goal of karma).

* Circle Blindness: It is the nature of human existence for people to remember vividly hurts they have received ("victim")... and to forget hurts that they have given ("perpetrator") while walking the Karmic Circle. Yet, the purpose of all our learning and experience is to discover how best to love and serve God.

* Circle Learning: We learn to forgive the "bad" parts, to cherish the "good" parts, and to love all our experience... by the end of our journey. So if you have had a rough time while walking the Karmic Circle, know that your pain and suffering were-are not pointless. Know that experience, education, love, and awareness are things in the universe that can never be wasted.

Karmic Participant

Some walk the Karmic Circle as participants: walking in the light or in the dark only and edging the opposite. The "Light Minders" cannot bear the dark. The "Dark Seekers" cannot bear the light. It is their nature.

* Participants: Imagine that the Karmic Circle is like the Yin-Yang circle (a white part with a black dot and a black part with a white dot). If you are prefer one side of that circle (light or dark) you will spend part of your journey traveling along the inside edge along the border of the other side that you do not chose to experience.

* Light Minders: There are some so enmeshed in the light that they could not conceive of spending half their time walking along the outer edge of darkness. These "Light Minders" only walk around outer edge of the white side and the inner edge of the white side where it borders the black side. Karmically speaking, these individuals are rarely perpetrators and are almost always victims. During the trail of past lives, they are usually passive (rather than active) and they experience darkness through an extensive cycle of being the "victim" karmically.

* Dark Seekers: There are some so enmeshed in the dark that they could not conceive of spending half their time walking along the outer edge of light. These "Dark Seekers" only walk around outer edge of the black side and the inner edge of the black side where it borders the white side. Karmically speaking, these individuals are rarely victims and are almost always perpetrators. During the trail of past lives, they are usually active (rather than passive) and they experience darkness through an extensive cycle of being the "perpetrator" karmically.

* Participant Learning: Most individuals chose to walk the full Karmic Circle. In their "light" lifetimes, they experience the effects of past lives spent in "dark" pursuits. Walking the outer edge of the Karmic Circle makes it quicker for them to link causes with effects. Yet both "Light Minders" and "Dark Seekers" also sow what they reap... just in a different way. "Light Minders" learn after many lives of victimization to claim their power. "Dark Seekers" learn after many lives of being the perpetrator that there is no "honor among thieves" and to use power better.

Choice to Return

No matter how much you love your life or the people in it, you eventually will feel weary of living through the daily grind of life. This weariness will eventually effect your choice in coming back to live another life.

* Soul Learning: You will get that choice when you have fulfilled the four main goals of karmic teaching: loving, creating, learning, and growing.

* Loving: Karma begins and ends in love... love is why we come into a physical life, learning to love is what we are all doing here and how karma drives us, and becoming love is what ends our cycle of reincarnation. We learn what is and what is not like love. When you are loving enough, you will have earned the right not come back. Who decides if you are loving enough? Why, you do, of course!

* Creating: Karma means learning to take action today to heal the past and to know joy in the present by creating now and the future as you desire them to be. To end your cycle of reincarnation, you must demonstrate sufficient mastery over your life. Who decides if you have mastered creating? Why, you do, of course!

* Learning: Karma means always becoming the being that you really always wanted to be: the God-Self within you. It means evolving into your Highest Self. When you have fully realized your God-given potential, you do not have to come back. Who decides if you have mastered learning? Why, you do, of course!

* Growing: Karma means being willing to change and evolve into greater love, joy, and awareness. The whole universe is always expanding such that today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better still. When you are easily able to go with the flow of expansion, you will have earned the right not to reincarnate. Who decides if you have mastered learning? Why, you do, of course!

Substantial Compliance

Substantial karmic compliance is what puts an end to your cycle of reincarnation. It happens when you have proved that you have grown enough in awareness and love to become a fully realized CoWorker with God.

* Awareness: Over the course of an individual's cycles of reincarnation, karma works to strip them of all false illusions so that they can see the perfection of their own creation by God ("Self Realization") and how they have served/serve/will serve the Divine Plan ("God Realization"). For the evolved Soul knows that there is no "we" and "they" or no "friend" and "foe". There are only Divine sparks of God all connected together and all separate at the same time. There are only those who serve God and those who know His love: "We" are "they".

* Mastery: Eventually you will have lived enough lifetimes to know that you have been here before. Then you will come to the place of really knowing that each way of life contains within it a unique and special gift of experience. Next, you gradually develop the 360° viewpoint on life that is necessary for you to become a fully realized coworker with God in the unfolding majesty of His Creation. This comes from mastering the "three D's" - discernment, discipline, and detachment - and realizing that we all are spirits mastering human experiences.

* Ascension: When a Soul has achieved "substantial compliance" with their karma, they are eligible for ascension. Ascension means that the individual can enter the inner worlds for good and can end their cycle of reincarnation. For if a Soul had to work out all the effects from all the causes they set in motion in all of their lives, they would never stop reincarnating. The only way reincarnation ends is for a Soul to "substantially comply" with the lessons of love. The whole point of karma is to bring each soul to the greater states of love, joy, and awareness.

* The End of Reincarnation: So be grateful for the principle of "substantial compliance": for you only have to "pass" the course of karma rather than to "ace" it. So let go of the pressure caused by believing you must be perfect karmically, just be excellent and focus on loving as best you can and your reincarnation will end!

Credits: inspired by Jody H and from channeled information.



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