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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Karmic - Total Life Shift
    (Spiritual - Karmic Expansion)
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Short Description: Karmic - Total Life Shift
In Total Life Shift, an advanced Soul will experience a serious life threatening accident or illness which completely incapacitates them while their body and mind are being "upgraded" with new skills, abilities, and talents.

Causes: Sometimes advanced Souls will deliberately incarnate into bodies which are severely limited in physical, mental, or emotional capabilities. These limitations were chosen to force the Soul into having experiences they would not naturally have "attracted" to themselves. When the lessons from these "limitations" are fully learned and mastered, the individual becomes free to take on different challenges.

Problems arise when these other challenges require a body-mind much greater in capacity than the "limited vehicle" they currently reside in. Just as an old one lane country road must be completely torn up to accommodate a new four lane super-highway, the old body must be torn up to make way for the "new and improved" one. For only when the body-mind has been reborn can the individual's life shift.

Symptoms: Total Life Shifts are as unique as each individual who karma is being expanded. Yet there are common elements to the Total Life Shift which are typically found in most cases. These are:

- Successful resolution of long standing karmic issues
    (person may know this has happened)
- Higher level decision that karmic expansion is needed
    (done at the level of Higher Selves)
- Set up of circumstances for the illness or accident to happen
    (done by the unconscious mind)
- Execution of the illness or accident
    (usually takes the shortest amount of time of all the steps)
- Recovery/rebuilding from the illness or accident
    (usually takes the longest amount of time of all the steps)
- Discovery of "new, unlearned skills"
    (reactivation of skills previously mastered in past lives)
- Mastery of "new, unlearned skills"
    (practicing the newly acquired skills in the newly rebuilt body)
- Full integration and use of new skills on expanded life path
    (the destination of the Total Life Shift)
Total Life Shifts are most often implemented by "freak accidents" involving just the individual who will be undergoing the shift (unless there are karmic reasons for others to be involved). Most often the person will be a car wreck, a diving mishap, a near drowning, a fall in the house, etc where others will be nearby to get them the medical attention they need in time. Less frequently, Life Shifts are implemented by illnesses which are totally incapacitating in a way that restricts the individual's ability to move around (such as pneumonia, bronchitis, etc).

After Effects: Producing beneficial after effects is the whole idea behind a Total Life Shift. The goal is to help you "drop the baggage that was holding you back" while at the same time "loading you up with many skills and abilities" that will make your future life possible. Those experiencing a Total Life Shift will notice definite improvements along the scale of "life mastery".

In other words, they will notice a permanent change in their health for the better. Or they will attract work they love or leave behind work they hate and their financial situation will improve. Or they will easily resolve long standing, "unsolvable" issues in relationships with friends and family. In general, they will just "felt better and more like my true self" then ever before.

Advice: While you are experiencing the Life Shift, just accept the fact that you are going to be in "for a bumpy ride" to your next - and guaranteed - better destination. Rebuilding a body and mind on a massive scale is, by it's very nature, painful and frustrating in the short term. But it is truly a case of "temporary inconvenience, permanent gain." For those in a Life Shift, the good news is that you are not going to die… there is no point in ending a life that is about to be changed for the better. Yet the bad news is that life, as you have known it, it over. And at times, you will wonder why you could ever have agreed to making such a change. Yet, once your body-mind is totally rebuilt, you will find yourself better for the journey.

Case History: Total Life Shifts very commonly happen to those in the healing professions. Most healers have experienced a bumpy ride along their own personal path to healing. This is usually deliberately chosen so that the healer can offer deeper levels of empathy to their clients as well as the richer knowledge that such "real life" experience brings to their own understanding of their client's issues.

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Credits: from channeled information and from "Kathleen's" life story.



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