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Rules #36d: "Inbetween Times": Life Between Lives - Events

Inter-Life Inner World Events

When you are between lifetimes (the Inter-Life), there are many events in the inner worlds that you can choose to experience. These include some events that are known but widely misunderstood and some that are well known. Here is what karma teaches about them:

Inner Events: Karmic Counseling
Inner Events: Guide Visitation
Inner Events: Dream After Dying
Inner Events: Life Review

Karmic Counseling

* What is Karmic Counseling?

"Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny." (Confucius)

* Serious Message: Before your guides will ever visit you "in person", they will try first to get their message across through traditional karmic counseling. Here the focus is on the message that is communicated (and not the messenger guide who remains unseen).

* Karmic Counseling: When an individual is seriously off course in their Life Contract, their guides can decide to take the radical step of arranging a "necessary mid-life course correction". Many times, this starts out slowly with a series of dreams where the same message is delivered repeatedly. Either the person will be told to stop doing something that is inconsistent with their Life Contract or to start taking immediate action towards achieving its objectives.

* Vivid Dream: Vivid dreams stand out because, unlike most dreams, these are ones which wake us up and stick in deep our memory. Vivid dreams show us the tragedy that will happen if we do not stop what we should not be doing. They can also show us the triumph that will ensue if we start doing what we came here to do. Even if we cannot remember the details of the dream, the intense emotions will stay with us, hopefully motivating us to take positive actions on our Life Contract.

* Lucid Dream: Lucid dreams are those where we actually asleep but feel like we are awake. When we have a lucid dream, we can experience a conversation with our guides, with our Higher Self, or with a prominent figure from the religion we follow (like Jesus, Moses, Buddha, or Confucius). Our guides will tell us - point blank - what has to change in our lives in the future. Although we will not remember all they say to us, we will get the gist of their message in a very powerful way.

* Hypnagogic Messages: While we are falling asleep or waking up (hypnagogic state), we can receive images or words outlining our guide's messages to us. Although we cannot see our guides, we are in the most receptive state to getting their message. We will remember it with the highest degree of clarity and accuracy.

* Near Death Experience (NDE): An NDE is a "last resort" karmic counseling to get a person's life "back on the track" of their Life Contract. The NDE propels the individual in full consciousness into the inner worlds to review the "progress of their life to date". This is an intensive "karmic counseling" session with their guides during the span of the NDE after which they must decide whether or not to return to their body. If they do choose to return, they must "mend their ways!"

Inner Events: Guide Visitation

* What is a Guide Visitation?

"In war, when a commander becomes so bereft of reason and perspective that he fails to understand the dependence of arms on Divine Guidance, he no longer deserves victory." (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

* Light Body: Your guides can choose to make themselves visible to you: if they do, be sure to pay close attention to them.

* Visitation: The vast majority of the time your guides - who are always with you - are not allowed to make their presence known to you. They are supposed to remain in the background and guide you gently with flashes of inspiration, insight, and wisdom. They must first try to reach you by karmic counseling. When this fails and they choose to appear to you, there is a good reason for their rare visit.

* The Visit: Usually visitations happen in the middle of the night when you are alone. Often, you will be woken from a sound sleep. Your guide may appear in their light-body or you will feel their presence. Most of the time, you will hear them speaking to you. You will engage in a long conversation with them during their visit.

* Totally Planned: Visitations are extremely rare. Before they happen, your guides will have exhausted every other means of communicating with you. They will also carefully plan exactly what they want to say to you. Each word and each item of information they will communicate to you were literally months in the planning.

* Totally Critical: Visitations are meant to change your life. They are meant to change the way you think about yourself and the path your life will follow. Often your guides will try to get you to follow a vision of the future that you have not thought of and/or not believed to be possible… to help you achieve your destiny.

* Famous Visitation: When George Washington encamped near Bowman's Hill (pictured) by the Delaware River, he was seriously considering giving up. His troops were starving and freezing. They were outnumbered and outgunned. They were up against professional soldiers with state of the arm firearms. A victory seemed impossible and the great general felt hopeless. Then one night his guide appeared and showed Washington how he could win by crossing the river and then launching a surprise attack. Washington was also shown the great future of the United States of America. That visitation filled him with hope and the rest is history.

Inner Events: Dream After Dying

* What is the Dream After Dying?

"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream." (Folk Song)

* Still Attached: When people die but they are not always ready to leave their life, they get a "Dream After Dying" to help them gently detach from their last life. This also helps to prepare them for their next incarnation.

* "Dream After Dying": When people die suddenly or traumatically, leaving a life that they were particularly attached to, they have a harder than usual time letting go. Perhaps they were very young or had close loving relationships or had "so much to live for", etc. For whatever reason, they must be weaned from these deep attachments to that life… but it must be done carefully... in a "Dream After Dying".

* Dream Works: In the "Dream After Dying", the dead person continues to lead their lives "as normal" often forgetting whatever event that had caused their death. As the dream goes on, the people and events they encounter become progressively more unreal and surreal. When the individual is not ready to accept a particular level of unreality, they will "wake up" and begin another phase of the dream that is more acceptable to them. Eventually they will detach from the dream altogether.

* Dream Goal: The goal of the "Dream After Dying" is to allow the dead person to experience whatever attaches them to life. The child will grow up a bit until they can let their parents go. The lovers will get a chance to love more before saying their Goodbyes. The unfinished goal will be accomplished and then be left behind.

* Dream Detachment: When the dead person goes through enough cycles of the "Dream After Dying", they are brought to accept that it is unreal. They are then led to the realization that they are "dead" to their old life and must now let it go. Often they will relive their death. While in they are in the "Dream After Dying" state, they exist in a quarantined area of the inner worlds. Often, when grieving people are told their loved ones are in a rest cycle and cannot be contacted by mediums, it is because they are not yet ready to let go of the "Dream After Dying".

* Dream Release: No one can "open the eyes" of those dreamers... they must do that for themselves. They must decide finally to trade their dreams for a new reality: a new life in a new body, continuing the cycle of reincarnation. The movie "Vanilla Sky" is an excellent depiction of the "Dream After Dying" process.

Inner Events: Life Review

* What is a Life Review?

"O would to God the gift He gives us to see ourselves as others see us." (Burns)

* Final Exam: School is never out. After you die, you will take the ultimate final exam: an unsparing review of how you have lived your life. The only way you can prepare for it during your life is to love yourself and others the best you can. You will be pleased with the results.

* Life Review: After you translate (die), when your guides feel you are ready, you will get a review of your performance in this life. In a timeless manner, you will relive each moment of your life. During this review, you will examine your motivations (why you did what you did) and their impacts (how you and all others were effected). You will face the ultimate truth about yourself without excuses.

* Surround Emotion: As you review each incident in your life, you will relive how you felt at the time. You will also feel how the other person felt about it from their point of view. You will also see the "ripple effect" of each incident on all others concerned (how they felt about it and how it ended up effecting them). This is the ultimate in karmic justice because you will get - with perfect clarity - how your loving/unloving actions/inactions effected others… and they will get - with perfect clarity - how they effected you. There is only the truth and nothing but the truth.

* After Life Rework: Many times, after an individual has their life review, there may be some events they want to relive... to see if they can do better. So they enter into an inner world scenario, temporarily forgetting the past, feeling like they are back in "real life", to try new approaches to put right what once went wrong.

* In Life Review: Life reviews are not limited to after death. Reviews of your life while you are living it (known as "Paging") happen all the time. In a compressed timeframe, while awake, you will go on a journey through past events in your life now. You will relive key moments in your life. You will see both your actions and inactions from a higher point of view: the same point of view as a life review.

* Leave it to Karma: This knowledge about the "Life Review" hopefully will inspire you in two ways. One, you should not regret when others do not understand you (because they will during their life review). Two, you should leave any desire for revenge or retribution to karma and free yourself to know more love now.

Credits: from channeled information.



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