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Cure #27: After Care for Strokes: Dos and Do Nots

When your body has been through a major event (like a Stroke) and you survive it, that is much like a earthquake. Surviving such an event is NOT the same thing as recovering from this catastrophic event.

Recovering from a major event requires serious after care both to minimize its after-shocks and to assist your body in its long term healing process.

AFTER CARE: Here are some general rules of thumb that will help you to recover from the effects of a Stroke:

* Temporary Restrictions - for 60 Days after Intensive Care (below)
(click here for "General After Care" Instructions)

* Permanent Lifestyle Strategies for Stress Reduction
(click here for "General After Care" Instructions)

* Special Instructions: Stroke Intensive Care (the first 60 Days)

* About Stroke: Stroke should be renamed to "strike" for strokes are invariably caused by the body-mind-emotions going on strike against the sufferer's lifestyle. To those around them, strokes are seldom a surprise because others can usually tell how the sufferer has failed to honor themselves - body, mind, and emotions.

* Risk Factors: Stroke "victims" have not consistently honored their bodies by giving them the proper food, drink, exercise, sleep, and other things "which everyone knows" they should do. They do not honor their minds by consistently getting the "time off" they need to play, "re-charge", and "re-create" themselves. They do not honor their emotions instead choosing to deny, suppress, minimize, or distort them if they "get in the way". Doing all of these guarantees a stroke.

* Contributing Causes: The "Western Diet" (high in sugar, fat, oil, refined carbohydrates, meat, cheese, as well as food additives-preservatives), high blood pressure, smoking, too much stress, too little exercise (mainly walking less than 30 minutes daily), chronic inflammation, and chronic lack of sleep (less than 8 hours daily).

* Energy Work Eligibility: Strokes severely disrupt the energy field. So energy work should wait until after physical therapy has started. When the sufferer is well enough to do physical therapy, they are well enough to do energy work to support their recovery.
* Spiritual Cause: Strokes happen when an individual has ignored the consistent and persistent cries of their body and mind to slow down... so the stroke does that for them. The goal of Stroke Intensive Care (for 60 Days after the Stroke) is to force (in a good way) the brain to rewire itself so the stroke sufferer can regain lost functionality to get a second chance at life and at loving themselves more.

* Stroke Intensive Care - Tips for Loved Ones

- Key Point to Remember: Stroke sufferers are unusually receptive to the emotions of loved ones around them. So their loved ones should do their best NOT to worry (outpicturing negative outcomes for the stroke sufferer).

Love: Loved ones should consciously project LOVE to the stroke sufferer and to picture a positive outcome for them. Showing them physical affection (touches, hugs, and kisses) is essential for helping their body rebuild damaged pathways.

Flow: Loved ones should keep the stroke sufferer engaged in whatever they are passionate about doing with their life. They should connect the stroke sufferer to the present by telling that person how they have contributed to their life. They should find ways for them to have FLOW moments (see the book: "FLOW: The Psychology of Optimal Experience" by Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi).

* Stroke Intensive Care - Medical Techniques

- Physical Therapy: Do what the therapist advises to help the stroke sufferer progress outside of sessions (help them to walk, pick up things, and so on). Start with super light exercise like moving eyes, hands, feet, arms, legs gradually.

- Speech Therapy: Ask the stroke sufferer open ended questions (avoid yes-no questions). Progressively increase the time spent talking to the sufferer. When they can tolerate speaking for 10min, speak for 20min, and so on. Let the sufferer do most of the talking. When you cannot understand what they are saying, ask them to repeat it. Ask them to repeat words they have garbled. Help the stroke sufferer practice speaking words that are routinely difficult for them.

* Stroke Intensive Care - Alternative Techniques

* "Reiki Heart Anchor": helps the stroke sufferer to flow more love into their body at any time (without drawing undue attention). For lots of love is desperately needed to help repair a stroke damaged heart and mind.

* "Reiki Heart Hug": helps the stroke sufferer to experience one of the highest quality hugs ever. It requires the assistance of a loving, healthy partner. The healthy individual should focus on sending as much love as possible to their stroke damaged partner. This will definitely speed up the stroke recovery process.

Eye - VAK Visual Technique: Clasp your hands together, interlace your fingers, and line your thumbs together so that they point upward. Extend your arms out and use your clasped hands to draw a figure 8 (eight) laying on its side (like someone had toppled it over). Start at the upper left hand side and go down to the right following your imaginary figure eight until you have returned to where you started. Repeat whatever it is you want to recall as you keep your eyes fixed on your thumbs (be sure not to move your head, only your eyes). Do this 7 times.

Eye - Tibetan Eye Mandala: Staring at this mandala with a soft focus helps to rewire the brain to compensate for neural pathways damaged by the stroke.

Eye - Visual Pursuits: Low light intensity video games (no strobing effects, etc) helps to rewire the neural pathways damaged by the stroke.

Ear - VAK Auditory Technique: Put your thumb and index finger together and use the tips to gently massage the outer rim of your earlobes. Start at the top of the earlobe where it joins the face. Continue until you go all around the earlobe until it rejoins the face. Be sure to gently roll-massage the lobes as you go. Repeat whatever it is you want to recall the entire time that you are doing the earlobe massage (be sure to minimize moving your head). Do this 7 times.

Ear - Relaxation Music: Special music at the 8 Hertz (Hz) Earth frequency) helps the brain heal itself (visit the Sound Cure for detailed information).

Ear - Auditory Pursuits: Turn off the sound in "no strobing" video games and have the sufferer sing their own tune to action.

Touch - VAK Kinesthetic Technique: While standing up in an area with enough space to swing your arms and legs around, raise your arms, and bend them at the elbow. Slowly raise your left knee off the ground and move your right arm toward it until they connect. Then return to your original position. Slowly raise your right knee off the ground and move your left arm toward it until they connect. Repeat whatever it is you want to recall the entire time you are moving. Do this 7 times. When you are done with this dance, place your hands over your heart, and repeat for the final 7 times whatever it is that you want to recall. [The stroke sufferer should only do this AFTER physical therapy has enabled the person to stand and walk without pain or difficulty and only with medical approval.]

Touch - Tactile Pursuits: Getting lots of touches (hugs, kisses, etc) as well as doing puzzles, juggling, and other games promoting hand-eye coordination.

* Helpful Natural Supplements: These are: D-Ribose, CoEnzyme Q-10, Vitamins B6 & B12, Omega-3, Folic Acid, and Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract.

* Be On the Lookout for for Warning Signs of Stroke

These are the same warning signs as for a Heart Attack.

Before using any of these techniques, click here for a "Word of Caution."

Credits: from channeled information.



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