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Guestbook Entries #741 - #760

   Entry #741:   DianeL - USA

Dear Ellen, Thank you so much for my in depth Past Life Profile. It is indeed helpful & informative.

I have found, as you wrote concerning Parkinsonís Disease, that staying home, staying relaxed, and really focusing on taking care of myself makes it much more manageable and my life more peaceful.

I can do things, but I have to pace myself carefully and rest a lot in between. I have to work hard to stay relaxed and unstressed. Sometimes itís hard for me to do... I have a tendency to feel I should always push myself and carry a lot of guilt about "doing nothing", but this reading definitely helps me to realize even more so how Important it is to pace myself, and why. Thank you so much!

   Entry #742:   StephG - USA

I wanted to express myself in regards to my Past Life Profile. Thank you so much for your time and service, it has truly been an enriching experience, and continues to be. Since this Profile, I've made numerous reflections on what you have relayed.

I have to say, I am amazed, and perhaps a little afraid to believe - it's all too much. Still, it explains a few things. I appreciate your suggestion of exercises to heal my past and have tried a few. Thank you so much again. Take care.

   Entry #743:   G&T - USA

Hi, Ellen! Thank you so much for my Past Life Profile! It came so quickly - great surprise for me! I have to say - everything makes perfect sense.

I know I started benefiting from this knowledge from the second I started reading the email... I'm not surprised about anything, I knew at some level everything :) I know I've been few times (lives) in the countries you've mentioned.

I know I'm a very, very old soul with so many lives behind me... and I'm pretty aware of all of them... I believe the
exercises will help me a lot. So I wanted to thank you for the great service! Your job is so helpful, meaningful and important!

Congratulations on the great karma you are building :) Faith, Hope, Love, and Wisdom!

   Entry #744:   JoanS - USA

Ellen, Thanks for getting back to me quickly. I wanted to offer you some feedback on your Past Life Profile reading. I'm always curious about the unknown, unseen, but have been all my life a skeptic. As such, I did not give you much to go on as I reasoned that your connection with the unseen "me" would be quite capable of filling you in.

Here is how you did: [private details omitted]. It was interesting food for thought. I appreciate your time and effort. I will take a look at the exercises. Once again, thanks so much for doing the reading.

   Entry #745:   DanielleB - USA

Thank you VERY MUCH!! I received my Past Life Profile. I appreciate your help a lot. You were able to shed a lot of light on my life! Hope all is well.

   Entry #746:   PatrickMC - USA

Hi Ellen, I wanted to thank you for the Past Life Profile. It really confirmed more of my own feelings than it brought new information to me. Thanks!

   Entry #747:   A.W. - USA

Hello Ellen and Friends, I was just reading on your website about spiritual laziness. On several occasions I had to laugh-out-loud.

Whomever wrote and edited this web site has a good sense of humor and a unique way of letting their visitors know there is someone on the other end! :)

I have spent hours skimming through this wealth of information. Your words have a profound resonance in my heart and I think it would be a great opportunity to meet myself (formally), and begin to acknowledge where I have been and where I am going. Thank you for the wonderful website!

   Entry #748:   CindyPM - USA

Dearest Ellen: I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation for who you are and all you do. I always look forward to reading your daily "Karmic Insights". I have learned so much and found so many uplifting and inspirational words of wisdom for my own personal spiritual growth.

You most definitely are BEing useful and helping to serve others through your gifts. I look forward to continued awareness through you. Sending Bright SMILES :):):); Warm HUGS ((())) and Big Love!

   Entry #749:   Lowra - USA

Reading your "Karmic Insight: Reincarnation" has made me realise why I am here, It seems through all my life to be helping others. People always say what a difference I have made in their lives. My life has always been hard and I hope this life will be last one in this world, although my life is better than it has ever been and I actually enjoy living. Regards!

   Entry #750:   JudithC - USA

Thank you Ellen, for sharing your experiences with finding money [lying around waiting to be picked up]... I like the way you worded your message to the universe and the way you send it on to others "to also experience" [unexpected abundance]... a very good point! I'm always finding coins too...

One day, I found a $20 dollar bill and then I found $50 dollars... I alway say thank you to the universe... but I've never thought about adding the "please send more"... really a great idea!

   Entry #751:   Ruth - USA

I wish everyone who uses healers would read your page on "Healers Gone Wrong" ... I know some intelligent people who have been riped off by fees for taking a curse off or they must have this stone or that color or only this brand of something, etc.

Things to note about a client crying. Many are not aware of the difference between crying for healing-and-release and crying from hopelessness-and-helplessness. These are different! YES! If your healer does not allow crying they are NOT any good.

   Entry #752:   MargeM - USA

I couldn't agree more with your Karmic Insight's take on "Psychic Scams". There was a phrase that you repeated a couple of times, "but don't tell anybody". ANY time this is said, RUN.

You are doing a great service by spelling out the signs of bad intentions. People are so conditioned to 'be nice' and to 'go along' that they disregard their gut instinct, intuition, or higher wisdom - usually to their detriment. I've been doing your Past Life exercises for years. Keep up the good work!

   Entry #753:   DianeMM - USA

Ellen, It is interesting that you send the daily ezine to me it is like you know exactly what I am doing or thinking at that time. You sent one about "Psychics and Psychic Scams". I have had some psychics say they can GUARANTEE to [solve the problem].

How can they guarantee? Do they give you your money back if the dates come and go and they still have NOT achieved what they say they can do? No! I just wanted to thank you for your daily messages.

   Entry #754:   BobL - USA

I appreciate your "Karmic Insight" on "Global Warming". One thing that is not mentioned is that CO2 produced from fossil fuels is taking the carbon in the ground, and combining it with the oxygen in the atmosphere. The levels of oxygen are LOWER today than 100 years ago. THIS scares me even more than freak thunderstorms.

I would like to breathe through the next hundred years, and would hope for the same for my kids!

   Entry #755:   ElizabethGL - USA

Thank you for your ezine on NDE [Near Death Experiences]. What you say is very true. It can be difficult enough to be a NDE'r but to live with one is extremely difficult. They dance to a completely different tune which in our commercialized and materialistic world can be very difficult for those who share the life experience with an NDE person.

   Entry #756:   PamelaD - USA

Stumbled across your site and could not stay away. I have believed in past lives for quite some time. It has brought me great peace. Your site has helped me further expand and solidify that belief. Thank you for that... See you out there!

   Entry #757:   L.B. - USA

Dear Ellen: As both a subscriber and recovering alcoholic/addict, I especially appreciated your insight on "Recovery". I love your ezine and get a lot of inspiration from it. Thank you so much!!

   Entry #758:   Liz M - Australia

Hi Ellen, Fantastic!!!! I love your version [of 100 Quotes on the Philosophy of Karma]. Thanks again Ellen and thank you for all your wonderful work.

   Entry #759:   PatriciaB - USA

Hi Ellen, I have been receiving and reading your ezines for some time now. And all in all you give very good advice. Thanks!

   Entry #760:   RonQ - USA

Thanks, for your ezine remembering our soldiers who are sacrificing so much so we can be free. The New Age seems often so critical of and to have so little empathy for these brave individuals and their causes. Thanks for affirming their broader purpose.



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