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Quotes #11: Don't Even Go There: Famous Quotes on Suicide

The Terrible Truth About Suicide

Cesare Pavese said "no one ever lacks a good reason for suicide." That is because most who take their lives do not learn the truth about suicide until their next life... when it's too late.

Here is the truth about suicide from one who has been there and back. The moral of this story is: 'Suicide: don't ever go there'.

Definition of Suicide: "Suicide is the act of one who causes his own death either by:

* Positively destroying his own life, as by inflicting on himself a mortal wound or injury.

* Omitting to do what is necessary to escape death, as in avoiding the obligation incumbent on man to preserve his life."
from the "Catholic Encyclopedia"

Confession of a "Suicide": For about the last 150 years, I have been reeling from a series of suicides. In the American Civil War, I was so recklessly indifferent about my life that I was killed (failing to preserve my life). I incarnated into a life of violence in the American West so repugnant to me that I intentionally provoked another man into killing me (thereby inflicting a mortal wound on myself).

The Penalty: So next I - literally - descended into hell on Earth: 4 years in a Nazi concentration camp. When I could not take it anymore, I again arranged for my own death. Then I incarnated into this life with severe physical problems. All of these experiences have left me with a profound respect for the sacredness of all life.

The Aftermath:

Those who have committed suicide reincarnate into a broken body-mind in their next life depending upon how they left their last one.

Post suicide reincarnations prove the ultimate connection between cause and effect. The
birth defects inherited by the returning suicide match the suicide method used... precisely.

Suicide Method      Reincarnation Birth Defect
Shot/Stab to the Head      Down's Syndrome - Anencephaly
Shot/Stab to the Chest      Congenital Heart Defects
Shot/Stab to the Stomach      Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Hanging by the Neck      Oesophageal Atresia
Electrocution      Cerebral Palsy
Drowning - Suffocation      Chronic Pneumonia
Gas - Strangulation      Chronic Bronchitis
Poisoning - Opening Veins      Leukemia - Sickle Cell
Death by Alcohol Poisoning      Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Jumping from a Height
  Shattering Bones
     Spina Bifida - Fibrodysplasia Ossificans
Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Suicide:

Going from Being into Nothingness & Finding No Exit
Welcome to Your Nightmare: Understanding Suicide
Breaking the Law... You Have to Pay for It... Next Life
Remember This: In Your Struggling, You are Not Alone
Count Your Blessings and Go on Living

Going From Being into Nothingness & Finding There is No Exit

"As much as the suicidal personality feels able to escape the world by getting rid of the body, reincarnation's revolving door ensures that all hope (of escape) is short lived. Those who learn that they have killed themselves in past lives are quickly brought to the realization that suicide, far from being an answer to life's problems is (instead) the violent breaking of the lifeline. If the (suicide) could only realize the resulting intensification of difficulty which must enter the life to come, (suicide) would never be (attempted)."
Joe Fisher ("The Case for Reincarnation")

"In cases in which the related previous personality had committed suicide, the subject has shown an inclination to contemplate and threaten suicide."
Ian Stevenson ("Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation")

"Once a person has taken their life, in the inner realms, the "suicide will repeat automatically the feelings of despair and fear which preceded his self murder, and go through the act and the death struggle time after time with ghastly persistence... They remain conscious - often entangled in the final scene of the earth life for a very long time, unaware that they have lost the physical body."
Annie Besant ("Ancient Wisdom")

"Every disgruntled person in this world has played with the idea of suicide, self destruction, at some time or other. The law of God does not allow self-destruction in any form. When a person destroys himself to escape the problems of life, he must return to life almost at once in a new bodily incarnation in order to work out the karma which he refused to confront in the life he just left."
Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad (Eckankar: Book 2)

"Woe to the suicides! I believe that there can be none more miserable than they. Oh, there are some who remain proud and fierce even in hell, in spite of their certain knowledge and contemplation of the absolute truth; there are some fearful ones who have given themselves over to Satan and his proud spirit entirely. For such, hell is voluntary and ever consuming; they are tortured by their own choice. For they have cursed themselves, cursing God and life. And they will burn in the fire of their own wrath forever and yearn for death and annihilation. But they will not attain to death."
Fyodor Dostoevsky

"Suicide thwarts the plan of the entity which sends out the personality. Fortunately, the entity is far beyond the reach of man's destructive tendencies."
Manly P. Hall

Welcome to Your Nightmare: Understand What You Are Getting Into

" is only death which is hopeless."
Maria McIntosh

From a patient of Brain Weiss MD: "''I'm going to shoot myself and end this misery! I've shot myself in the mouth, and now I can see my body. I'm still so sad. I'm so tired. But I can't rest. Someone is here for me. He has something to tell me. I should not have ended my life!' And so Brian Weiss reflects on his patient's story: "Themes of separation and loss plagued his lifetime. This time they had led him to suicide. He had been warned about not ending a life prematurely. But losses were occurring anew, and grief had returned. Would he remember or would hopeless despair overtake him once again?"
Brian Weiss MD ("Only Love is Real")

Ian Stevenson began investigating the case of the Brazilian Paulo Lorenz: The "personality of reincarnating as Paulo was that of his deceased sister, Emilia. She made several suicidal attempts. Finally she took cyanide and died very quickly on October, 12, 1921." Joe Fisher continued the research: Emilia died "fourteen months before Paulo's birth. He took on Emilia's self destructive instincts. Paulo made several attempts to kill himself before committing suicide on September 5, 1966 by setting himself on fire."
Ian Stevenson ("20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation")
......and Joe Fisher ("Case for Reincarnation")

"Not only is suicide a sin, it is the sin. It is the ultimate and absolute evil, the refusal to take an interest in existence; the refusal to take the oath of loyalty to life. The man who kills a man, kills a man. The man who kills himself, kills all men; as far as he is concerned he wipes out the world... The suicide insults everything on earth by not stealing it. He defiles every flower by refusing to live for its sake. There is not a tiny creature in the cosmos at whom his death is not a sneer. When a man hangs himself on a tree, the leaves might fall off in anger and the birds fly away in fury: for each has received a personal affront... There is a meaning in burying the suicide apart. The man's crime is different from other crimes - for it makes even crimes impossible."
Gilbert K Chesterton

" soon as we examine suicide from the standpoint of religion we immediately see it in its true light. We have been placed in this world under certain conditions and for specific purposes. But a suicide opposes the purpose of his creator; he arrives in the other world as one who has deserted his post; he must be looked upon as a rebel against God. God is our owner; we are his property; his providence works for our good."
Immanuel Kant

"The devil is not only a liar, but also a murderer, he constantly seeks our life, and wreaks his anger whenever he can afflict our bodies with misfortune and harm. Hence it comes that he often breaks men's necks or drives them to insanity, drowns some, and incites many to commit suicide, and to many other terrible calamities. Therefore there is nothing for us to do upon earth but to pray against this arch enemy without ceasing. For unless God preserved us, we would not be safe from him even for an hour."
Martin Luther
(Why do you think the devil goes to so much trouble? - EM)

"A sleep without dreams, after a rough day of toil, is what we covet most; and yet
How clay shrinks back from more quiescent clay!
The very Suicide that pays his debt at once without installments
(an old way of paying debts, which creditors regret)
Lets out impatiently his rushing breath, less from disgust of life than dread of death."
George Gordon, Lord Byron

"I do see that there is an argument against suicide: the grief of the worshipers left behind, the awful famine in their hearts, these are too costly terms for the release."
Mark Twain ("Letter to W. D. Howells, 7/13/1889")

Breaking the Law... And You Will Have to Pay for It... Next Life

"As my body lay dead on that stretcher (he later recovered from being struck by lightning attracted by his cell phone), I was reliving every moment of my life, including my emotions, attitudes, and motivations. The depth of emotion I experienced during this life review was astonishing. Not only could I feel the way both I and the other person had felt when an incident took place, I could also feel the feelings of the next person they reacted to. I was in a chain reaction of emotion, one that showed how deeply we affect one another."
Dannion Brinkley ("Saved by the Light")

"Yama, The Judge of the Dead, will say, 'I will look into the mirror of evolution! When he looks into the mirror of evolution, all your sins and virtues will clearly and distinctly appear therein. You lies will not help. But since you cannot die, even though your body is cut to pieces, you revive again."
The Tibetan Book of the Dead

"The law does not expressly permit suicide, and what it does not permit it forbids."

"And what shall he suffer who slays him who of all men, as they say, is his own best friend? I mean the suicide, who deprives himself by violence of his appointed share of life. Not because the law of the state requires him. Nor yet under the compulsion of some painful and inevitable misfortune which has come upon him. Nor because he has had to suffer from irremediable and intolerable shame, but who from sloth or want of manliness imposes upon himself an unjust penalty."
Plato ("Laws")

"For if it is not lawful to take the law into our own hands and slay even a guilty person, whose death no public sentence has warranted. Then certainly he who kills himself is a homicide, and so much the guiltier of his own death as he was more innocent of that offence for which he doomed himself to die."

"God forbids suicide, and is unwilling that his creatures should destroy themselves."
Anatole France

"But though this be a state of liberty, yet it is not a state of license. Though man (has) an uncontrollable liberty to dispose of his person or possessions, he has not liberty to destroy himself... No one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions. For men being all the workmanship of one omnipotent and infinitely wise Maker; all the servants of one sovereign Master, sent into the world by His order and about His business; they are His property, whose workmanship they are made to last during His, not one another's pleasure... Every one as he is bound to preserve himself, and not to quit his station willfully."
John Locke

"In no passage of the holy canonical books there can be found either divine precept or permission to take away our own life, whether for the sake of entering on the enjoyment of immortality, or of shunning, or ridding ourselves of anything whatever. Nay, the law, rightly interpreted, even prohibits suicide, where it says, 'Thou shalt not kill.' This is proved especially by the omission of the words "thy neighbor," which are inserted when false witness is forbidden."

"It is altogether unlawful to kill oneself... Wherefore suicide is contrary to the inclination of nature, and to charity whereby every man should love himself... Life is God's gift to man, and is subject to His power, Who kills and makes to live. Hence whoever takes his own life, sins against God... for it belongs to God alone to pronounce sentence of death and life."
Thomas Aquinas ("Summa Theologica")

Remember This: That in Your Struggling, You are Not Alone

"How interesting it would be to write the story of the experiences in this life of a man who killed himself in his previous life; how he stumbles against the very demands which had offered themselves before, until he arrives at the realization that he must fulfill those demands. The deeds of the preceding life give direction to the present life."
Leo Tolstoy
.......(Note to Leo: I lived that life and it's less interesting than you think -EM)

"Nine men in ten are would be suicides."
Benjamin Franklin

"Guns aren't lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful. So you might as well live."
Dorothy Parker

"There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium and suicide were the only solutions to the strangulation that life had prepared for him."
Antonin Artaud

"Success and failure are both difficult to endure. Along with success come drugs, divorce, fornication, bullying, travel, meditation, medication, depression, neurosis and suicide. With failure comes failure."
Joseph Heller

In Memorium to Kurt Cobain: "He had it all. A great career as a rock star, hordes of adoring fans, money up the wazoo, a loving wife, a beautiful daughter, a future bright with promise... and yet his response to success was the ultimate failure: suicide. Despite the love surrounding him on all sides: he could not see it, could not hear it, could not feel it. It is love that makes us go on living. It is love that attaches us to life. It is love that carries us through the dark moments of our lives. So if you are thinking about ending your life, learn from Kurt's mistake. Take a moment to look around you. You may be amazed to see there is more love around you than you know and more reason for living than you could ever imagine."
Channeled from Kurt Cobain

"There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide. Judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to answering the fundamental question of philosophy."
Albert Camus ("The Myth of Sisyphus")

"In the last analysis, the service the Christian does is not his, but Christ's. Thus he must not feel too keenly the burden of responsibility, because at the end of the day all he can say is, 'We are unprofitable servants'. This knowledge, far from inhibiting action, actually releases the Christian from that appalling feeling of responsibility that has driven so many high-minded humanists to despair, even to suicide... Work done conscientiously by the Christian is his share in Christ's service; but it is Christ's service, and therefore the Christian need neither be proud because it has succeeded or overwhelmed because it has failed. The service of Christ is supremely expressed in the apparent failure of the Cross."
Anthony T. Hanson ("The Church of the Servant")

"As a man increases in moral strength of character, so his conscience becomes more sensitive; he realizes more keenly the distance that separates him from the ideal, and hence the weight of the feeling of guiltiness oppresses him ever more heavily. Growth in goodness does not, therefore, necessarily imply increased happiness, on the contrary, it may mean greater unhappiness. And his unhappiness increasing in proportion to the elevation of his ethical standards, a man's end is either Buddha or suicide if he knows no God. While if he knows God, it is despair or that conversion which, having sobbed away its tears on the Father's breast, thence derives ever new strength to fight the battle of life, sure of the final victory."
Heinrich Weinel ("St. Paul, the Man and His Work")

Count Your Blessings and Go on Living

"Blessed is every one that loveth the Lord; that walketh in his ways."
Bible: Psalms (128:1)

"Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High."
Bible: Psalm (82:6)

"For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."
Jesus in Bible: Luke (17:21)

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."
Bible: Psalms (23:4)

"And Levin, a happy father and a man in perfect health, was several times so near suicide that he hid the cord, lest he be tempted to hang himself, and was afraid to go out with his gun, for fear of shooting himself. But Levin did not shoot himself, and did not hang himself; he went on living."
Leo Tolstoy ("Anna Karenina")

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."
Carl G. Jung

"If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide."
Mohandas K. Gandhi

"When all the blandishments of life are gone, The coward sneaks to death, the brave live on."
George Sewell ("The Suicide")

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

"'Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord: that He may teach us His ways' (Isaiah 2:3). 'Let the Word of God dwell in you' (1 Corinthians 3:16). We should ponder these daily - some new fire to arouse the heart will always be found, but we slip everyday. The flesh, sin, death and the world assail us. Not for even one moment are we safe: because sins surround us on all sides and weaken godly feelings. Besides, the world persecutes us. So it is necessary to hear the Word of God constantly, so our feelings may be enlightened. 'Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil' (Matthew 6:13). We must live every day by the Word as the body lives by food. A return to the Word guards against sins. The heart is always grinding. If the grain, namely, the Word of God, is good; the bread, namely your life, will be good."
Martin Luther

Prayer To God for Those Who Wish to Keep On Living
"Father, I receive Your breath of Life into my mortal body now. I lift up my hands to You, to receive it; I fix my hopes on it and turn my life completely over to You. From this day forth I pray that you will give me the grace and wisdom to guard my heart diligently, to obey You and to resist every scheme of the enemy. I commit all I am to You and I have full faith that You are able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ever ask or think. Lord, send me the help I need now. Show me the way. I thank you for the love that you have lavished upon me and I pray that for the rest of my life, I will show that same love, mercy and forgiveness to all those around me. Amen!"
Mercy Aiken



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