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TOP "TEN+" BEST HOLISTIC HEALING BOOKS If You Want to Read More About It, the Library of Ellen Recommends

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Unlike the Past Life Book List, this is not overview of the staggering array of holistic healing texts. Instead, this is a compilation of books I have found to be extremely useful in my practice as a holistic healer. Some are very well known while others are not. They are all worthwhile for those seriously interested in pursuing "alternative" healing.

Please note that these are my own personal selections and do not reflect the views of "management" or the opinions of anyone other than myself. Where there is more than one book listed in the group, I listed them in the order that I liked them. If you are interested in a listing of religious reference books, click here.

1> You Can Heal Your Life ( Louise Hay )
...... Take Off Your Glasses and See! (Jacob Liberman)
...... The Bodymind Workbook (Debbie Shapiro)
...... Your Body Speaks Your Mind (Debbie Shapiro)

Looking back one hundred years ago, we are amazed that anyone could believe that you could heal the body without healing the mind. Looking forward one hundred years from now, people will be amazed that anyone could believe that you could heal the body and the mind without healing the spirit.
......Given that, if I were stranded on a desert island and could only take one book with me, it would be
Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life". Hay's "list is life": for every "dis"-ease, she lists the spiritual problem and the "life remedy".
......If you want to "take off your glasses and see", Dr.
Liberman's book is a MUST for those who are truly on a vision quest!
......For more information on "dis"-eases, consult
Shapiro's books which are offer much more detailed information but are less accessible than Hay's book.

2> Hands of Light (Barbara Ann Brennan)
...... Light Emerging (Barbara Ann Brennan)

If you want an very detailed but easy to understand "Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field" then "Hands of Light" is for you. This book is cram packed with useful information and helpful drawings! "Light Emerging" is the follow up which shows you how to apply these techniques to your personal healing journey.

3> Little Giant Encyclopedia of Natural Healing (Diagram Group)
...... Healer's Handbook: Wellness in the New Age (Patricia Telesco)
...... The Healer's Handbook (Debbie Shapiro and Georgina Regan)

One of the frustrations of the Holistic Healing field is that "quick reference" guides listing all the available alternative therapies used to be non-existent.
"Little Giant" guide addresses this problem (I was surprised to find new alternative treatments there that I had not heard of !).
Telesco's and Shapiro's guides are good for their indepth analysis of the more popular alternative treatments.

4> Book of Chakra Healing (Liz Simpson)
...... Boundless Energy (Deepak Chopra)
...... Chakras and Their Archtypes (Ambika Wauters)
...... Anatomy of the Spirit (Caroline Myss)
...... Ageless Body, Timeless Mind (Deepak Chopra)

Just as chakras are gateways to the body, these books unlock their secrets.
......Othen than
my book, Simpson's book is the best: it links the chakras to the associated mental, emotional, and spiritual issues and to cures. Simpson's book conveys a vast amount of information on chakras in an easy and entertaining way.
...... Wauters gives exercises for you to heal your chakras by exploring common patterns of experience ("archetypes") and by "exploding" them out of your life.
...... Myss has the better known but less accessible book on linking disorders to the complexes of unresolved mental-emotional-spiritual archetypal issues.
...... I mention Chopra's books because they explain Ayurvedic Medicine which serves as a natural complement to chakra healing.

5> Love is in the Earth (Melody)
...... Laying on of Stones (Melody)
...... Crystal Wisdom (Dolfyn)
...... Crystal Communion: Love Light Meditations (Sri Akhenaton)
...... Book of Crystal Healing (Liz Simpson)

"Love is in the Earth" in the form of rocks and stones (also in my my book). These miracles of nature can be used as part of Energy Field (Vibrational) Healing to assist in the healing whatever ails you body, mind, and spirit
Melody's guides are the ultimate guides to rocks and minerals. "Love is in the Earth" is a huge, thick book which covers everything you ever wanted to know about every rock no matter how rare or obscure. "Laying on of Stones" shows various healing configurations using rocks.
Dolfyn's guide is better for the general reader who is interested in the healing properties of rocks which are inexpensive and commonly available. Dolfyn's guide is more accessible for the general reader and is even entertaining in parts!
Akhenaton's and Simpson's books convey a vast amount of information on chakra healing with rocks in an easy and understandable way.

6> The Pleadian Workbook (Amorah Quan Yin)
...... The Pleadian Tantric Workbook (Amorah Quan Yin)
...... Psychic Attack (Dion Fortune)
...... Psychic Self Defense (Llewellyn Guide)

If you are interested in performing holistic healing on yourself or in pursuing it as a full or part time career, then these Quan Yin workbooks and guidebooks are for you. They contain a great many healing exercises that can be used safely on anyone at any level of spiritual advancement.
...... Of course, once you begin your journeys into the inner realms, you want to be safe and protected from harm at all times. Fortune's work is the classic on psychic self defense while the Llewellyn Guide is a lot more comprehensive (and user friendly) for those beginning their journeys into inner realms.

7> Creating Money (Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer)
...... Living with Joy (Sanaya Roman)
...... Soul Love (Sanaya Roman)
...... Spiritual Growth (Sanaya Roman)

All these are books channeled from Orin, an advanced inner master. They challenge you to view your life from a higher perspective and to move toward a more joyful, loving, and abundant existence. I like reading them because their wisdom is delivered so gently and so simply that it is irresistible!

8> Sunlight on Water: A Manual for Soulfull Living (Flo Aeveia Magdalena)
...... Psychic Healing with Spirit Guides and Angels (Diane Stein)

....... Magdalena's "Sunlight on Water" is channeled from the "Nameless Ones" and is ONLY for the advanced. It is a treasure trove of wisdom and practical healing techniques that is esoteric and inaccessible to the general reader. Instead of reading it from beginning to end, hold a question in your mind and open the book. Read the first thing you see. Be with what is revealed to you. It may take time but you will get an answer.
....... Shapiro's book is a "step by step guide to psychic healing".

9> Love, Medicine, and Miracles (Bernie Siegel, MD)
...... Language of Letting Go (Melanie Beattie)
...... A Course in Miracles (Foundation for Inner Peace)

These are the best of the popular books on the "New Age" approach to healing.
...... I especially love Bernie Siegel's inspirational work on "Love, Medicine, and Miracles". His philosophy is the closest I have ever seen (from the traditional medical community) to capturing the core essence of healing.
...... Beattie's The "Language of Letting Go" takes it a step further showing you day by day how you can heal your life by healing your attitudes.
...... The "Course in Miracles " is the most popular work in this area.

10> Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe (Michael S. Schneider)
....... "I Ching, Book of Changes" (Brian Browne Walker)
...... Life You Were Born to Live / Peaceful Warrior (Dan Millman)
...... Secret Language of Birthdays / Relationships (Gary Goldschneider)
...... Signs and Symbols from Around the World (Miranda Bruce-Mitford)

For those that like astrology, numerology, the mechanical universe, etc, these are the masterworks! They are packed full of extremely useful information!



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