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HOW the PAST is Still PRESENT!

After working with clients over time, here is what I have learned about how our past lives effect our present life. The best learnings from past life healing are those which create - inside the individual - greater self love, expanded awareness, and a greater capacity to feel and know more joy... in their life today.

*** About Greater Self Love & Knowledge

Gender Identification: Over their cycle of reincarnation, the vast majority of individuals develop a preference for one gender over the other. Few people are equally happy being a man or a woman.

Place Preference: Over time, most individuals develop preferences for where in the world they want to live. If they cannot live there in this life, they will try to visit that place at least once if at all possible.

Career/Work: What an individual chooses as work/career usually is constant. Most choose to be masters of a few trades and to deepen their mastery. Fewer choose to be jacks of all trades and masters of none.

Religious Affiliation: Those with a religious vocation tend to explore various paths and to settle on one toward the end. Those who are not religious tend to ignore it consistently during their cycle of reincarnation.

*** About Love Relationships with Others

School House: Life is a gigantic school house. Those we spend the most time with are our teachers. We learn from them what is and what is not like love. Our marriages tend to be the toughest classroom of all.

Only Love is Real: Love is the golden thread that draws us back to the same group of people time and again. Those in our birth and marital families have been with us repeatedly so we all can learn to love better.

Death Tennis: For those who want to get rid of an enemy... Learn to love something about them so the cycle of Death Tennis (I kill you/You kill me) can be broken. If not, there will be a re-match in another life.

Others Mirror: What one likes in others is what they like in themselves. What one does not like in others is what they fear lurks inside them. This tends to be fairly constant throughout one's trail of incarnations.

*** About Expanded Awareness as Soul

Always Relevant: Past lives do not come up at random. They are always relevant to the individual's present day issues. Sometimes the relevance is so overwhelming that it surprises and shocks the individual.

Unexpected Story: Most are surprised by their past life stories. They see how their history relates to their life now... yet it is rarely what they expected it to be... and that "new" information can be life changing.

360° View: Although we experience life from all viewpoints, we do not like them all equally. Some we experience only once. Those past lives tend to be the most stressful and painful for us & require the most healing.

Inner Light: When we leave any given life, the only thing we take with us is our learnings and our feelings. The goal in every lifetime is to gain a better knowledge of love through our ever present teacher, karma.

*** About Capacity to Feel & Know More Joy

Love Reincarnates: The greatest source of joy is a reunion with a loved one from many past lives. It is joyous to know that true love never dies... and it draws the lovers back together life after life to know more joy.

Greater Totality: Once an individual connects with one or more of their past lives, they understand they are more than just the person they see today. Today is just the tip of a huge past life iceberg of wisdom.

Divine Justice: Understanding the purpose of all their life experiences - both past and present - helps an individual to understand karma. Karma is about teaching the laws of life and love and is not about punishing.

Karma Healing: If an individual is willing to confront and learn from their past, then they can heal their karma. Their health problems can either be eliminated or substantially improved. Their past life talents can re-emerge.

*** Overall Past Life Perspective

Definitive Life: Some past lives effect us more than others. There are a "definitive" handful of past lives that shape and mold us into the unique individuals that we become by the end of all our incarnations.

Historical Personalities: Although they are very few and far between, I have read individuals with famous past lives. Far from being thrilled by this knowledge, most recognize such lives as the source of their issues.

Emotional Impacts: What effects the present the most are unresolved emotional issues from past lives. This crowds out rememberance of details like former last names, addresses, and other identifying data.

Dying Thoughts: Words unsaid. Deeds left undone. Wrongs never righted. All these kinds of dying thoughts drive an individual into their next life and create opportunities to say words, do deeds, and right wrongs.

All of life is about learning. Here is what I have learned in this lifetime now:

That being loving and kind is more important than absolutely anything else.
That true happiness comes from giving the world your best each and every day.
That the best classroom in the world is everyone's actual, real life experience.
That true happiness and growth are unfolding journeys and not final destinations.
That I can choose how I think and feel as well as how I act on thoughts-feelings.

That I should be careful about what I ask for because, at some point, I will get it.
That I should be careful about what I say because I might have to eat those words.
That when you have true love, life on Earth is as close to Heaven as you can get.
That you should never hesitate to tell another "I love you" when you really mean it.
That the best thing I can spend on another is my love, time, care, and attention.

That an opportunity to show another love and kindness should never be missed.
That just one person being kind to me can turn a bad day into a great day.
That everyone you meet deserves to be treated with consideration and respect.
That even the most problematic people want to be loved and appreciated.
That you should accept all gifts with gratitude (even if you end up flowing them on).

That most problems are not urgent and solutions can be created with time and care.
That solutions to urgent problems are best created with a clear, confident mind.
That ignorance of the law/facts does not stop them from acting against you.
That for those who claim they cannot do something, someone else is doing it.
That the opportunities you let go of will always be taken up by someone else.

That love and persistent action, not the passage of time, heals all wounds.
That revenge, remorse, and unforgiveness poison your life, not the lives of others.
That positive emotions like love and negative ones like fear cannot coexist.
That what others really want is your hand to help and your heart to understand.
That I can always pray for someone when there is no other way to help them.

That no one is perfect and I should forgive others as I would wish to be forgiven.
That each person is my superior in that I may learn from them and grow thereby.
That life can be tough, but that I am tougher still and I can meet any challenge.

Credits: inspired by a question from a very wise individual and from channeled information.



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