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Exercise: Recognizing the Positive Aspects of Your Life Experience

Summary: Understanding Why You Chose Your Life Experience

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Background: The administration of karma is "governed" by your "Life Contract". This "Life Contract" ensures you do what it is you came here to do. Most individuals spend their entire lives trying to complete the first section of their Life Contract ("Must Dos"). This is what the individual has signed to do in their life, like: the people they have to meet and interact with, the careers/jobs that they must take, and the life experiences they have chosen to undertake (accidents, illnesses, poverty, failed relationships, etc) to work off their past life karma.

Goal: This exercise will enable you to see your current life experience the same way that karma sees it. Every experience - no matter how painful or negative it seems - has a greater and a POSITIVE learning for you. Karma strives to teach you through these experiences (although it can seem more like punishment). The goal is to help you heal the past so that you can create the future you desire.


Careful preparation is the key to the success of this exercise.

1> Ask and you shall receive. You are a Divine spiritual being, a spark of God come to Earth to have a human experience. Inside yourself, you have and know everything you need to. While you are doing this exercise, try to look your experience as if you were an outsider who knew that what was happening to you was for the best: for your highest good and for your greatest growth.

2> Constant Comments. Think back on all the comments that others have consistently made about your situation. Consider - for a moment - that there is some merit in what they have told you. Think back on the explanations your mind came up with in the past that you rejected. Consider - for a moment - that this was inner wisdom trying to help you. Life is always trying to impart its wisdom to you. To receive it, all you have to do is to be open, pay attention, and listen closely. Remember: "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." (Winston Churchill)

3> Being comfortable is the key. To get the best results, you must have an uninterrupted time to do this exercise. While doing it, you need to feel fully relaxed and comfortable. So be sure to do it in a quiet, safe space.
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How to Do This Exercise:

1> Current Event: Briefly describe this event. There is no need to go into detail about all of the facts. You know them better than anyone else.

2> Negative Aspects: Go into DETAIL about what you do not like about this event. List (at least) your top ten thoughts and feelings about it. Be honest and lean into your negativity. Write them out until you feel "emptied" of the negativity.

3> Positive Aspects: For each negative thought and each negative feeling, write down what you can do to turn this situation around. Ask yourself: "What can I do to think more positively about this event?" "What can I do to feel better about this event?" "What is the positive learning flowing from it?"

4> Karmic Lesson: Look at this situation as if you were karma. Ask yourself: "What is karma trying to teach me here?" "What can I learn from this event?" "How can I learn this lesson?" Your mind will give you an answer! Remember that - karmically - life is about GAINS! Even the most painful experience comes with gifts in its hands. This exercise is about recognizing them!

Examples: This exercise is better understood by "real life" examples:

Event 1: My "so called family" is constantly and consistently cruel to me.
Negative: I feel hurt and angry. They teach me to think I am worthless.
Positive: I give myself permission to create a life separate from them.
Karma: In a past life, I caused them feel/think the same way.

Event 2: I had a series of soul sucking, slave ship type of corporate jobs.
Negative: These jobs made me feel trapped and powerless.
Positive: Work discontent prompted me to get a better career.
Karma: This balanced a pattern of dictatorial past life leadership.

Event 3: I was born blind-deaf-sensory impaired in this lifetime.
Negative: It is hard to navigate the physical world with sensory impairment.
Positive: I have learned to better use and appreciate my other senses.
Karma: This is a required classroom inside the human experience.

Event 4: I was born with impaired-malformed body parts.
Negative: It is hard to navigate the physical world with a broken body.
Positive: I have learned to better appreciate the gift of life and health.
Karma: Present impairment is a balancing of past life causes.

Event 5: I was unexpectedly hospitalized and almost died.
Negative: For months I continued to feel tired and blocked.
Positive: I trust my body-mind-emotions are doing their best.
Karma: I needed to learn to better nurture my body-mind-emotions.

Event 6: A friend I helped abandoned me while I was sick.
Negative: I feel foolish for placing my trust in this person.
Positive: I am grateful to see their true character revealed.
Karma: This balances a past life when I abandoned that person.

Event 7: A family member is always dictatorial/domineering.
Negative: Many times I get tired of their dictated agenda.
Positive: I will do my part if they do theirs to improve our relationship.
Karma: This is past life role reversal (we traded places).

Event 8: A family member was struck by Alzheimer's Dementia.
Negative: This person's erratic behavior angers-frustrates me.
Positive: I must do better both at flowing with this and managing my conduct.
Karma: This is intended to break disempowering past life habits.

Event 9: A child is under-performing in school (bad grades).
Negative: I am worried this child will fall into a habit of failing.
Positive: I do my best to set this child up for future success.
Karma: There is a karmic agreement to help this child do better.

Event 10: I have had a life-long battle with lack of money.
Negative: I am sick and tired of always working around lack of money.
Positive: I take steps to be open to greater levels of abundance.
Karma: I needed to balance many abuses of money in past lives.

Event 11: A "competitor" engages in deceptive business practices.
Negative: This person discredits my work by their deceptive claims.
Positive: This person serves as a model of "what not to do" here.
Karma: I know that karma will deal fairly with this individual.

Event 12: My business has not lived up to my expectations.
Negative: I find it nerve wracking to rely just on client flow.
Positive: I pursue another business part-time to supplement my income.
Karma: I learn my lessons about trusting in universal abundance.

Credits: from channeled information.



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