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Guestbook Entries #621 - #640

   Entry #621:   AdinaA - USA

Ellen, Thank you for your work. It was much more personal than I was expecting. I was very moved by your email reading. I already gave your info to a good friend of mine to experience your work.

   Entry #622:   JillB - USA

Hi Ellen, I want to thank you from the bottom/all of my heart for my " Past Life Profile" and for my phone session. It was very honorable to connect with you (you have a great sense of humor). I appreciate all the insights you provided (like constructive criticism from a true friend).

I finally feel I have a purpose for my existence. It all boils down to Love tied in with sincere/ steadfast Forgiveness of oneself and others. I think we all are crossing our own mirror images of ourselves through the journey of life (the good and the bad).

I'm confident that my ability to write along with the "unlocking" of other hidden talents will emerge, as a result of the ongoing healing of my mind/soul. I have noticed that my intuition/psychic awareness appears stronger and clearer at times.

You truly are the "General". I feel like the wounded soldier that finally made it's way back to "Base Camp" in order to regroup/refuel. So I can go back out their. Carry the "torch of love and light" on behalf of God our Creator (by practicing self love and forgiveness). Namaste and much Love.

   Entry #623:   Alexandra - USA

Dear Ellen: I want to honestly thank you for that very insightful past life reading. It rang true and helped me understand why I have had such a difficult [life experience] and the reason for the lessons I am learning [now]. Thanks for giving me insights from my spirit guides. I am working to eradicate [some unhealthy patterns] in my life.

Thanks to your insight I realize now [what I must do]. Not to mention other physical issues you helped me find the cause of... I wanted to thank you for such an insightful reading that I am still in the process of processing but I understand that I will realize more and more as time goes on. Blessings of love, luck, joy, and prosperity to you.

   Entry #624:   JDon - UK

I would like to thank you very much indeed for my past-life analysis. It has really been an enormous help! You referred to a past life as [private detail withheld]. I have had several extremely emotional and spontaneous flashbacks to this past life. I am clearing regrets of [private detail withheld]. You also said I was [private detail withheld]. This rings very true with me. I currently work [in a related field]. I have often wondered why destiny led me to [that job] and now I have a strong clue - thanks to your guidance! God bless you for all your help.

   Entry #625:   KrisEJ - USA

I want to thank you for my email reading. I also very much appreciate your website: you are one of the few who list books, music, herbs, movies, etc. that have helped you along your own journey. Iím like you, I only want the best recommendations. I thank you for being here and that I found your website. From my heart!

   Entry #626:   TheresaK - USA

Thank you so much for the quick response! Some of the things you wrote to me in the Past Life Profile triggered other memories and some things are becoming clearer. One, that I have never felt like I belonged in this family, now I know why. Two, what you told me helps me to see why I am afraid of success, because I know it creates enemies. Three, why I avoid any type of leadership position, and yet people follow my lead. I will look into the healing exercises you suggested. Thank you for everything!

   Entry #627:   JoaneW - USA

Thank you so much for your evaluation of my Past Life Profile. Frankly, I don't know what to say. I want to thank you so much, Ellen, for providing me with insights into my past lives and also for giving me links to exercises that will help me. What you have is a gift and it's wonderful that you use it to help people. I have a friend who is also [blessed with psychic gifts] and who has told me things about myself, too, but not yet at the depth that you have displayed. I appreciate your speedy response to my profile, and your time very sincerely.

   Entry #628:   EnriqueM - Mexico

Thank you very much Ellen for the information Past Life Profile. Surely it marks a milestone on how approach my life development.

   Entry #629:   SandraEL - USA

WOW! That's great information on the Past Life Profile, It is right in line with what others have been reading on me. Now everything is more clear.

   Entry #630:   AlexisS - USA

Ellen: Thanks for your ebooks. I'm really enjoying them!! Blessings!

   Entry #631:   LoriF - USA

Dearest Ellen: I am so very impressed with your knowledge that I cannot stay away from the site. I have been led by my guides to your work, and now I know why. I have chosen to jump off the road of karma. I have had almost all the same and similiar illnesses you did... but you made it. You were not afraid to use your voice or publish it on a website for others to see, and you heal. You are a wounded healer. I admire this. You channel well. I only hope I can be as much and as efficient as you when I make it through what I have chosen to undertake.

   Entry #632:   Psyber-Monk - South Africa

Greetings being named Ellen. I would like to thank you for your efforts here in this physical reality to construct this cyber one with such incredible information. I have not found another site with such real and rich perceptions as this one in a long time. Quickly browsing through the section on "Rules of the House", I found nuggets of truth. Thank you again for the substantial spiritual/new-age perceptions. Keep up the good work.

   Entry #633:   HiMP - USA

I would like to just drop a note to say a big thank you for you website. I have been visiting it for awhile now. The information you are presenting is very powerful and inspired. And you are offering this all for free or without any obligation. I just love all the practical exercises like "Aligning with Your Higher Self". May God bless you for making a difference in so many lives.

   Entry #634:   SarahW - USA

I have just come across your web site - it is absolutely fantastic - very interesting reading! I hope to get the book by Ian Stevenson - "Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect" - it should be fascinating reading. Thanks again for a web site I will continue to explore!

   Entry #635:   BrendaH - USA

I somehow found my way to your site today. What a lovely way to spend a winter's day. Thank you so much for your words, insights and honesty. I have loved every moment with you and I will return to continue my reading. Love and Light to you.

   Entry #636:   TrishS - USA

I was browsing around and came across your web site. It is truly awesome. I've visited several times since. I just couldn't pass by without letting you know how helpful your site is. Thank you.

   Entry #637:   EleniR - France

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your effort. It is amazing that even over the Internet I receive such loving and positive vibes from you. Thanks.

   Entry #638:   MarieD - USA

Really Great Site! I've been on a quest for a while now, and this is the most comprehensive and concise site I've seen. What you say makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

   Entry #639:   JoanR - USA

Thank you - I have had the most joyous, content-with-myself-and-god week ever!

   Entry #640:   LouisaN - USA

This is a "Letter of Indignation" to one I loved, but had to say goodbye to for my own self respect:

"When I met you I was a screwed up person who had been hurt so many times, that I was too frightened to allow myself to care for anyone. I now know that I am strong enough to cope with the feeling of vulnerability that loving someone unconditionally brings. Thank you for teaching me this lesson in life, as I am now open to the kind of loving relationship that I deserve... with someone else."

"I understand that you are not at a place in your life which allows you to let someone love you and love them in return. I hope that this happens for you someday as it has for me. I forgive you for your cruel words and actions, so that I can move on with my life without you. If you are ever in need of a friend and find every door closed to you, mine will always be open. Be happy. Goodbye my love."



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