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Guestbook Entries #61 - #80

   Entry #61:   Corbett - USA

I am amazed at the past life reading I got. It was very helpful and some of it confirmed what I had already concluded. I like the fact that suggested exercises are included with the reading.

   Entry #62:   EmilioK - USA

Thanks great advice from Ellen and I will take this advice forward!

   Entry #63:   JaneD - USA

The Past Life Profile was very interesting and definitely hit home, giving more meaning to some of my personality traits. I am following the exercise given for getting in touch with my higher self , and I am seeing a difference. Thanks for doing this work!

   Entry #64:   IainP - USA

Thank you for your advice [given in our ebook "Lose Weight: Forever, Unstressed, Naturally"]. I will target my ideal weight!!

   Entry #65:   SharonP - USA

Dear Ellen, Thanks very much for your website and the invaluable information you provide to everyone. I have spent years searching for the answers, spent much money on readings to find out why things weren't working out only to believe in the readings which led to disappointment frustration when the "good things" did not happen. I did it all spiritual classes, was positive - in the moment, only to find the answers on your website.

I am truly grateful that you have a website and services to help many people like myself to heal from past lives. I didn't have a clue that past lives impacted your life so severely. I had only read about people going to regression therapist for a "phobia" which could have been a past life issue. Once again God Bless You for YOUR WORK. With sincere thanks and gratitude!

   Entry #66:   PattiR - USA

Ellen, You are a most wonderful and giving soul to not only invest your time and energy in such a fantastic website as this, but also show how much you care for your visitors and clients with the wealth of information available. I felt a deep gratitude and love for you upon reading your "Personal Holistic Healing Oath" since it so closely mirrors my thoughts on how life should be experienced.

Thank you. I know I was led to your site by an aching desire to know and learn. I'd like to offer my appreciation for having the New Age section share the link to your site. With many loving and happy sprinkles sent to you and all!

   Entry #67:   ThomasS - UK

Dear Ellen I have tried your exercises and have found them to be truly remarkable. I have been trying various exercises and meditations from "new age" books for years and there is nothing to beat the effectivness of your exercises for clearing blockages caused by past life karma. I can reccomend these exercises to anyone seeking clarification on their spiritual journey. Blessings!

   Entry #68:   AlisonRM - USA

Thank you, Ellen, for the work that you do and for sharing your knowledge with others through this website. I have learned so much just from reading the "Rules," etc., about what I need to do in my life. It's overwhelming!! I will keep trying to trust the Universe. Peace, Love, and Light!

   Entry #69:   SimoneZE - Malta

I took your [past life IQ] test and found it to be most enlightening and informative. I am a keen believer in Karma and Reincarnation philosophy as well as a current researcher on the subject for personal use. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! P.S. My country (Malta) is not listed in your location list. It is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean, but it is one with a very big heart. Please add. Thank you. [It is there now -EM]

   Entry #70:   DeborahA - France

I just want to thank you for your generosity, Ellen. You are full of love. I'd just like to add one thing: Is there any way of getting in touch with you for ordering outside of high-tech? [YES! Just Email me your postal mail address and I will send you a blank form free of charge! - Thanks, EM]

   Entry #71:   KarenCG - USA

This website has been tremendously helpful to me through the practical lessons and information it contains. I had never heard of this site but I dreamt a counselor gave me a thin book titled "The Mummy In Chains". I later typed this exact title into a search engine (Google) and the HealPastLives site came up. I have had results very quickly - and I wanted to give thanks for these positive changes. I recommend this site very strongly.

   Entry #72:   ChrisC-L - USA

Dear Ellen, I came to you in darkness and torment, and now, just a few short weeks later, my pain is beginning to receed, and the day is just beginning to break once more - Thank you for showing me the "Reclaim Your Chakras" exercise, it has helped more than words can say!!

   Entry #73:   WilliamC - USA

I've enjoyed this site immensely for its content and easy to understand explanations. I've always believed in reincarnation and the fact that human life is both more complex and simpler than most people want to believe. Thanks for a brilliant site!

   Entry #74:   HelainaC - UK

Your site is excellent and very helpful. I think some of your exercises will be very useful. I wish you well and shall visit this site again.

   Entry #75:   AnnieH - USA

While searching for another website, your header caught my eye. (I'm the effect/affect person.)
[Past lives EFFECT the present as in past causes driving present effects! -EM]

   Entry #76:   KevinH - USA

Very insightful website. I have learned many new things and remembered things that I had forgotten.

   Entry #77:   LeAB - USA

Nice site, very informative.

   Entry #78:   AngelikaS - USA

Loved the info on angels! :O)

   Entry #79:   DebraC - USA

Great site!! I hope to lean much from everyone here.

   Entry #80:   TomN - Australia

G'Day and thanks!



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