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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Out of Body Experiences - OBE
    (Spiritual - OBE Karmic Exploration)
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Short Description: Out of Body Experiences
In the Out of Body Karmic Exploration form of Beyond Body Experiences (OBE), an individual temporarily leaves their physical body while in full consciousness while "awake" to explore and unwind their karma in the inner worlds of God.

Causes: Out of Body Experiences (OBE) are brief periods "in which a person's consciousness seems to depart from their body, enabling observation of the world from a point of view other than that of the physical body and by means other than those of the physical senses." Unlike most other phenomena, OBEs are the result of a person's conscious choice to leave the body using one of the following methods:

1> Relaxation Induced OBE: The individual experiences a shift in consciousness when they "realize" that they are "floating out of their body". Everyone - whether they realize it or not - experiences an OBE while in the sleep or near-sleep (hypnagogic) state. Through deep relaxation and meditation practices, the experience of this "conscious disconnection" from the physical body can be achieved.

2> "Will" Induced OBE: The individual experiences a shift in consciousness when they use their will to "step out of the body". They literally loosen their inner bodies from their outer physical one by sheer willpower. This shift energetically appears as if their inner bodies have stepped away from their physical body.

3> Soul Travel Induced OBE: The individual experiences a shift in consciousness when they gently move their awareness through their inner bodies by means of visualization and/or mantras. They simply focus their attention on the inner body by seeing it with their inner vision or chanting the tones to activate their attention on it.

4> Wake Initiated Lucid Dream: The individual experiences a shift in consciousness during the dream state by initiating a lucid dream. The individual states "I am awake" at various times while "awake" or "asleep". The individual experiences a shift in consciousness by programming themselves with this "24 hour a day" belief so that they can remember "awake" or "asleep" experiences equally well.

5> Near Death State: is a form of OBE where severe trauma to the physical body has weakened it so dramatically that individual's consciousness automatically shifts into their inner bodies (see NDEs).

Symptoms: Most of Body Experiences (OBE) do not fall into the karmic exploration category. What distinguishes a Karmic Exploration OBE from a "regular" OBE is the following:

1> Encounters with spiritual beings identifying themselves as the Lords of Karma or their representatives.

2> Rapid review of many past life karmic threads which relate to and have created the present day issues.

3> Replay of past life events with the opportunity to see the results of making more empowering choices.

4> Rapid review of present life to assess progress in meeting the spiritual goals of the current lifetime.

5> Review of potential future scenarios for the present life to assist in meeting it's spiritual goals.

6> Communication regarding an individual's dharmic missions to be carried out on the Earth plane.

7> Spending time in the "Cave of Purification" to burn off unneeded karmic residue (see Accelerated Karmic Release).

After Effects: The after effects of the Karmic Exploration OBE vary widely among individuals. Some remember the experience with perfect clarity while others realize "something" happened without fully understanding it. Those more advanced in Soul experience or are "more ready" to heed the call of Soul will respond more to the karmic counseling given during the Karmic Exploration OBE and will need to/want to retain more of the experience in their conscious awareness.

Advice: The best thing you can do is to embrace the experience for what it has to teach you. The worst thing you can do is to pretend it was a fantasy induced by wishful thinking. A Karmic Exploration OBE is a "golden opportunity" from your Soul to unwind your karma by "painless, effortless" karmic exploration. Pay attention to it and your life now and in your karma-created future will be better… spiritually. Ignore it and the problems that you think you are avoiding will just become compounded… as always, the choice is yours.

Case History: Since the karmic burnoff experienced during a Karmic Exploration OBE is an intensely personal and highly sacred, no Case History will be presented out of respect for the Lords of Karma.

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Credits: from channeled information and from "Anna's" life story.



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