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Food #34: About Being "At Fault": Where Karma and Free Will Collide

Being At Fault... Karmically: What it means to be "at fault" from the perspective of karma, reincarnation, and past lives... and how past faults effect the present.
Being At Fault... Fault Context: The benefits of "Fault Analysis" in solving problems considering both the micro (present) and macro (past lives) context.
Being At Fault... Fault Analysis Benefit: The benefit of fixing the problems rather than fixing the blame as well as common sources/causes of mistakes/problems.
Being At Fault... Fault Analysis Process: A brief overview of the process of "Fault Analysis" in solving problems in the past to create a better future.

Being At Fault... Karmically

"For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." (Bible: Hosea 8:7)

If you want to clear your karma, eliminate this phrase from your thinking... it is not my fault.

* Total Responsibility: Every time I hear a professional counselor say to a client, "It's not your fault!", it bothers me. This is is not how karma works... and because kind of ignorance of karma causes nothing but fear in the world.

* Based on a True Story: A woman drives her car under an overpass. Without the aid of instruments or calculations, a container of acid is dropped on her car. In a split second, the perfectly delivered acid container punches through that woman's windshield and breaks over her face (this was a one in a million shot). The woman is horribly burned as a result and her face remains disfigured after several surgeries. This is the kind of "random act of violence" that terrifies people.

* Random Violence: When people hear news like this... they become fearful. They think, "Could this happen to me?" Maybe they stay in their house for awhile until their memory of this "random act" fades from their minds. And yet, the fear would be drained from this situation... if the whole karmic history of this individual was known. Since this woman made her story public and has repeatedly - in public - wondered why it happened, here is the answer to her question.

* Karmic Justice: In one past life, this individual was an agent of the German Inquisition (this was practiced throughout Europe not just in Spain). This man roamed the countryside searching for offenders against God's law. When they were caught, this man did not just see them hanged (the original punishment). This man doused those convicted of heresy with the medieval equivalent of lighter fluid before burning them at the stake. This man did not do this cruelty once... he did it nearly 100 times... until a family member of someone he torched murdered him.

* Karmic Precision: Although the Inquisitor's life was ended, his need to repay this karma had just begun. When it comes to past life healing, it is a common misconception that karma created in one life must be repaid in the next one. Karma is very patient and can wait for a long time to balance the scales. So fast forward to the 21st century where the container of acid was dropped to complete this karma. Now that you know the whole story, the next time you hear the phrase, "It's not your fault!" know that there is a just karmic reason for all that has happened.

Being At Fault... Fault Context

"When I see nothing annihilated, and not even a drop of water wasted, I cannot suspect the annihilation of souls Thus finding myself to exist in the world, I believe I shall... always exist; with all the inconveniences human life is liable to, I shall not object to a new edition of mine; hoping, however, that the errata of the last may be corrected." (Benjamin Franklin)

Karma teaches that fault is always a matter of context and of the heart.

* Karmic Case: Take the case of the woman (above) who had acid dropped on her (acid burn depicted above). The end result: she was burned over 75% of her body (enough to allow her to live). In the context of this incident who was at fault?

* Micro-Context: In this woman's present life, the individuals who chose to drop the acid on the women's car planned and executed this act were 100% at fault. While the woman, who was a stranger to these individuals, was just peacefully driving along the highway. In this life, she was 0% at fault. These people had never met her before and were not targeting her personally... in the micro-context, from the human perspective, it was truly a random act of violence.

* Macro-Context: In the context of past and present lives (the macro-context), since everything happens by agreement, both are 100% at fault. In this present life now, the acid dropping individuals are 100% at fault for choosing to use their free will to perform a random act of violence. Just as in the past life, the burned woman was reaping what she had sown by choosing to use her free will back them to cause others to be horribly burned to death. By being burned now, she repaid her karmic debt to the former victims of her violence... by experiencing it for herself. So it was "her fault" through coming into agreement to be burned.

* Constant Karmic Balancing: This is how karma teaches us as we journey through our cycles of reincarnation. We learn by exercising our free will. When we abuse our power in one lifetime, we suffer from others abusing their power over us in future lifetimes. This cycle of power and powerlessness continues until we learn to use our power responsibly. For until we accept total responsibility for the causes-effects we create, we will be reborn and try again to learn this!

Being At Fault... Fault Analysis Benefit

An accountant goes in after the war is lost and bayonets the wounded." (Anonymous CPA)

Mistakes will reincarnate... until the fault behind them is identified and corrections are made.

* Fixing Problems Not Blame: When mistakes happen, Fault Analysis starts from the premise that a mistake really is the fault of everyone involved (to a greater or lesser extent). So Fault Analysis has the goal of fixing the problem (making sure things go right the next time) rather than the blame (who is tagged with being the cause of the problem). Continuous improvement is the goal of Fault Analysis.

* Problem Cause: Without naming names (if at all possible), who/what caused the problem? When did the fault start and stop? Finding the exact cause/fault is essential to preventing it from happening in the future. Just like medical diagnoses suggest treatments, so does the cause of the problem point to its solution, such as:

- Fell Between the Cracks: when something is routinely and regularly overlooked, it needs to be spotlighted in future.
Time Pressured: when time pressures lead to mistakes, more time needs to be allotted in future to create quality and excellence.
Misconceptions: when conflicting realities keep colliding, better communication is needed in future to create clarity and understanding.
Repeating Patterns: when the same problems crop up, new solutions must be implemented in future to create consistency.
* Problem Solution: With naming names, who can do what to solve the problem in the future? When will this start? How will it continue? How will everyone know when the fault has stopped? When is the fault solved? Here is how to know:
- Mutual Solution: when the solution is "win-win" for all parties concerned, it can stop the fault from happening in the future.
Roles & Responsibility: when everyone is clear on who does what, it will stop the fault from happening in the future.
Accountability: when everyone is held accountable for their decisions and actions, it will prevent the fault in the future.
Success Metrics: when everyone can measure the success of the solution, the fault is gone from happening in the future.

Being At Fault... Fault Analysis Process

"Who dares nothing, need hope for nothing, will do nothing, will get nothing." (Johann von Schiller)

Do you make mistakes? Do you want to learn from them? If so, Fault Analysis can help.

* Being Human=Taking Risks=Making Mistakes: If you want to do great things, you need to take great risks. Yet when you take great risks, you will make mistakes. No matter how careful you are, no matter how well you have planned, no matter how many possible contingencies you have prepared for, you will make mistakes. Being human means making mistakes. So part of the human experience becomes dealing with mistakes. Fault Analysis helps you to profit from them.

* What Happened When?: The essential part of Fault Analysis is having a clear, precise understanding of exactly what went wrong. Unless you understand how the mistake was made, you have no chance of preventing it from "reincarnating" in the future. This requires honesty, openness, and the willingness to seek the truth.

* Who Did What Why?: What often stops Fault Analysis dead in its tracks is the desire of those involved to dodge responsibility for the mistake. When it is done with the goal of fixing the problem instead of fixing the blame, it works. Going in after the war is lost and bayoneting the wounded is cruel and pointless.

* Where Was the Fault?: Often the mistake comes from a combination of human error, failure in the design of the system, and failure in the execution of a process. Finding where the fault lies is essential in helping to design the procedures, policies, and controls to prevent the mistake from happening again.

* How to Fix the Fault?: The first step is to correct the original mistake to the extent possible. The next step is to decide how to do things differently in the future.

* How to Know the Fault is Fixed?: The final step is to have measures of success which will help you to be sure the fault is under control.

For example, if parents have decided that they will not curse because they want to set a good example for their children, the penalty for anyone cursing would be to put money into a Curse Jar. There is nothing more motivational in correcting errors than having an individual take a hit to their pocketbook. Plus this shows children that their parents under living under the same set of rules as they are.

Credits: from channeled information.



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