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Food #37: Why Come to Earth? 33 Reasons for Your Time Here

You are Here for a Reason

Here is why people come to Earth... here is what each day of life can bring you if only you will choose it.

 1. Each day brings you another chance to love and be loved.

Love is why you are here. You are on Earth to learn about what is and is not like love through your past life karma and your present life choices. You are here to grow in your ability to love: whether you are learning to love your mate, your family, your friends, your co-workers, others, animals, nature, or your experiences. Bringing love to higher and deeper levels is what life on Earth is all about.

 2. Each day brings you another chance to change your life.

If you are not as healthy, happy, or wealthy as you would like to be, then today can be the first day of the rest of your life. All you need to do each and every day is to take just one step toward achieving your dreams. As long as you keep walking toward your dreams and never stop, you will manifest your desires.

 3. Each day brings you an opportunity to be better than yesterday.

Your life is created one day and one choice at a time. If you will try to be a little better each and every day - to be kinder, more compassionate, more tolerant, more patient, and more understanding - you will know more love both for yourself and others. Your life and your karma will improve - guaranteed.

 4. Each day you can choose to be who you want to be right now.

By each thought, each belief, each attitude, each feeling, and each intention, you are choosing to be who you are now. If you are not being who you would like to be, you can choose to do different things and to do things differently by taking charge of your thoughts and feelings. Only you can choose your thoughts and feelings.

 5. Each day you can choose a more empowering state of being.

Your thoughts (beliefs and attitudes) and your feelings (desires and intentions) drive your actions and create your reality. You can choose different more empowering thoughts and more harmonious feelings. "Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative" as the song goes and you will create a better state of being for yourself.

Each day you can create happiness by your own actions.

You can consciously choose to be more kind, compassionate, and tolerant each day. Giving joy to others will make your day happier and your life better. Giving joy to yourself by taking time to play and have fun does this as well. Best all, giving joy is free but priceless... all it takes is for you to decide to act.

Each day you can choose to enjoy the gift of life.

It is best to live each day as if it were your last. Enjoy the warm sun on your face, the fresh air in your lungs, and the soft earth beneath your feet. Cherish the flowers of spring, the breezes of summer, the colors of fall, and the renewal of winter. When you enjoy your life to the fullest, you will inspire others to do the same.

Each day you can perceive the world in amazing ways.

If you can see, take time to see the beauty that is present in all living things. If you can hear, take time to hear the lovely sounds of nature and music. If you can taste, take time to savor the flavor of what you eat and drink. If you can smell, take time to bask in the aroma of flowers and herbs. If you can touch, enjoy the warm feelings inspired by the touch of someone you love who loves you back.

Each day you can choose to learn something new.

You can be most alive when you choose to learn new things that excite, inspire, and engage your passions. Learning new things helps you to get more out of life. Learning new things each day - even if it is just a new word - will help to keep you young at any age. There is so much information available that learning is easy.

Each day you can change your thoughts and perceptions.

You can choose to view your problems as opportunities to learn. You can choose to view the bad things that happened to you as a balancing of past karma. You can choose to see your obstacles as stepping stones to greatness. What matters is how you have internalized and integrated your perceptions of your life experience.

Each day you can change your emotions and feelings.

You can choose to control your emotions. Like a pack of wild horses, you can take the reigns and guide their forward motion in the direction you desire. Emotions are sent by your Higher Self to guide you along your journey through through life. Good emotions mean you are going in the right direction... honor them.

Each day you can take more responsibility for your life.

When you focus on the actions and inactions of others, you give away your power... because you cannot create for them. When you focus on your actions and inactions, you tap into your power... because you can only create for yourself. When you take responsibility for yourself, you begin to heal your karma.

Each day you can adopt more empowering beliefs.

Beliefs are thoughts you "know" to be true. If your beliefs are true, they can be the rocket fuel that propels you forward in life. If your beliefs are holding you back, you can choose to change them. Whatever you think is impossible only becomes so because you believe it to be. Change your beliefs and you can change your life.

Each day you can adopt more resourceful habits.

Habits are choices you make repeatedly. You can choose to drop a bad habit (like smoking or drinking) in a single day and stick with it. You can choose to adopt a good habit (like eating right or sleeping enough) in a single day and stick with it.

Each day you can use your physicality to improve your mentality.

Exercising your body by taking a walk opens your mind to the flow of creativity. Putting your attention on what makes you laugh automatically calms your emotions. You cannot cry and smile at the same time. When you try to do this, either the smile will dry your tears or the tears will erase your smile. So be sure to use the physicality of your body to uplift your mind and emotions.

Each day you can take a step toward your dreams.

When you do what you love, you have found the way to be happy. Goals worth achieving are not achieved in a single day. They are achieved through constant and consistent actions. "What can you do today to take one step toward your goals and dreams?" Remember: "a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step!"

Each day you can choose to take a risk.

Taking calculated risks - after considering them carefully - can move you forward in life. Nothing worth having comes without some risk. Although you can never be sure about the outcome, you can do your best to give your choice every chance of succeeding. If you fail, learn from it. When you succeed, embrace it.

Each day you can be grateful for what you do have.

Obsessing over what you do not (yet) have wastes what you do have. If you want more in your life, start being grateful for what you do have. Whether it is loved ones, family, friends, possesions (like a car or a house), talents, or opportunities, being grateful and thankful for what comes your way... attracts even more of it.

Each day you can choose to focus on good things in the world.

There are far more good things happening in the world than bad things. The bad things just get more press but you do not have to pay attention to that. Instead, focus on the love that is all around you. Look at couples who kiss, parents who hold children's hands, and artists who create wonderful paintings, sculptures, music, etc. Focus on the kid who helps you carry your groceries, the police officer who protects you, and the government official who sees justice done.

Each day can bring you something you have always wanted.

Good things come to those who learn how to wait. The best things in life come after patient and persistent effort like graduating from school, getting married, having children, and so on. The day you finally receive what you have wanted for so long is often one of the happiest days of your life... and you never forget it.

Each day you can live your true life's purpose.

Everyone on Earth is here for a reason. Even if you do not know why you are here, you can always find out. Start by deciding that you are here to grow in love, joy, and awareness. From there, your life's purpose will reveal itself... just be patient.

Each day you can choose to embrace your abundance.

You can be, do, or have anything you want... if you choose to transcend your karma and embrace your abundance. Everyone is abundant in some way: whether it is good health, financial wealth, happy relationships with family, friends, and coworkers, to name a few. When you appreciate everything you have and choose to share your abundance, more comes. Abundance is your divine birthright.

Each day you can choose to embrace your uniqueness.

You are the only person in the world who is just like you. When you decide to embrace who you really are, you can begin to live life with greater ease and joy. In this life, you get the unique and only opportunity to share with the world who you are and what you can do. So be sure to make each and every day count.

Each day you can choose to help other people.

The easiest way to manifest financial abundance is to choose to create value for others. When you can help others to become healthier, wealthier, and happier, you are creating that value. Giving a helping hand to someone else who needs it, creates great karma all the way around. It does not matter whether you influence millions or just one person. It only matters that you try your best to help others.

Each day you can choose to bring good cheer into it.

Words have power: they are the messengers of good cheer. So smile and say nice things - that you genuinely mean - to others... and to yourself. Everyone likes to get compliments and praise, yourself included. Kind words make everyone feel better.

Each day you can choose to really listen to others.

Life is always speaking to you. Listen to what those who are closest to you have to say. Listen to what those who are your biggest critics have to say. Listen to their comments - forgetting about who said them - and see if there is any merit to them. What you hear on any one day can change the rest of your days to come.

Each day you can discover new strengths and talents.

In past lives, you have accomplished great things. Just because you have forgotten them, they are all still there inside you. What you are naturally good at are clues to these past achievements. Discovering those strengths and talents is a gift that can magically appear on any given day... if only you will be open to it!

Each day you can choose to declare peace.

"Cease to cherish opinions and to nurse grudges because it only keeps your karma alive." You do not have to love or make friends with those who have harmed you... you only need to declare peace with them. Forgive them: this does not mean forgetting or condoning what they did or did not do. It means living in peace within yourself by letting go of what is not like love from your life.

Each day you can choose to not to "act your age".

Many people worry about their age. Some mistakenly believe that they are "too young" to do anything meaningful. Others believe they are "too old" to do anything significant. Life is supposed to be lived well at any age. Choose to get the most out of each and every year you are alive... and your life, at any age, will be well spent. Remember that age is just a number: it does not have to be a way of life.

Each day you can change your "Bucket List" again.

What is your list of all the things you want to do in your life before you die? Each day gives you the chance to cross an item off that list. Each day gives you the chance to add a new item to it. As you move through your "Bucket List", you will become aware of just how much you have accomplished in your life.

31. Each day you can choose to embrace serenity.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." Happiness comes from embracing this serenity philosophy as it aligns you with the greater wisdom of karma. It helps you to be the change you want to see in the world.

Each day you can choose to follow your own path.

At some point in your life, you are responsible for choosing your path. You can always choose to change the path you might have inherited from your family, your community, or your society. These days most people change careers several times during their lives. All it takes is one final decision to do so... on one single day.

Each day you can choose to use your time well.

As long as you are alive, you get a daily gift of time to do all the things you want to do. If you do not seem to have enough time for what you love doing the most, then you can choose to change that. Start by looking for the good each day brings you. Remember that today really is the first day of the rest of your life.

Credits: from channeled information.



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