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Rules #27b: "Settling Accounts in True Coin": Rules of Past Life Healing

"The Past is Still Present..."

"If someone's phobia is eliminated instantly and permanently by the remembrance of an event from the past, it seems to make logical sense that that event must have happened."
   (Edith Fiore, "The Unquiet Dead")

We live in a loving, compassionate universe. God wants us all to know the joy that is our birthright. All we need to do is let ourselves out of the prisons we have created in the past.

Here's how Past Life Healing Works...

Source of Past Life Problems
Present Effect of Past Life Problems
Release Healing of Past Life Problems
Quieting the "Unquiet Dead" Forever

SOURCE of Past Life Problems: The Unquiet Dead

The Past is Still Present: If you feel like you are still living a particular past life and/or are bonded to a past life personality, then you are being effected by the unquiet dead. They will continue to stalk you until you have settled their affairs.

* One Life to Share: When you reincarnate into a new life and you have a past life that was extremely traumatic and unresolved, you will be haunted by your "unquiet dead" past self. You will feel their presence (their desires, their needs, and their agenda) by day and their memories will haunt your dreams by night. You will not feel free to pursue your life fully until the "unquiet dead" have been somewhat appeased by your actions now in satisfying their desires, needs, and agenda.

* One Body to Use: When you are haunted by the "unquiet dead", you will find yourself doing things that you would not usually do. You will find that your journey is being guided by an unseen hand ("much like a chess piece being moved from square to square" -Jeffrey Keene). The chess piece is the perfect analogy because you feel as if someone outside of and other than yourself is moving you to where you need to be to fulfill the agenda of the "unquiet dead".

* One Mind to Think: When you are haunted by the "unquiet dead", you will find yourself living with someone else inside your head. You become filled with their memories. You wrestle with completing the tasks associated with their unfinished business from your past lives. Your identity is blurred: you feel as much like the "unquiet dead" as you feel like yourself in this life now. Your mind gives equal priority to what your past and present life selves want.

* Many Emotions to Feel: When you are haunted by the "unquiet dead", at times, you are caught up in the choppy seas of emotions from your past and present selves. Until you satisfy the agenda of your "unquiet dead", you will continue to be assaulted by their emotions. You will cry their unshed tears. You will boil with their unexpressed rage. You will want to put right what once went wrong. Before you do, the "unquiet dead" will have the capacity to make your life a living hell. When you finally do, you will quiet the "unquiet dead" once and for all.

Present EFFECT of Past Life Problems

* Effect vs Affect: The past is still present: the past effects (rather than affects) are felt physically, mentally, and emotionally in the present. Affects means a passive, indirect influence while effects means an active, direct influence. Past lives actively and directly impact the present as in past life cause, present life effect.

* Physical: The greatest effects of past lives on the present are physical. All the following flow from the balancing of past life karma:

- Birth: Many happen at birth as marks (skin discolorations) and defects (missing, malformed, or malfunctioning body parts).

Illness: Many happen in childhood or young adulthood as disorders (body parts breaking down or taking damage) or diseases (body parts invaded by external organisms).

Accident: Many are the result of "accidents" (from the present life perspective) resulting in temporary injury or permanent impairment.

Age: The rest are the result of the aging process (which are the result of how the present life has been lived).
* Mental: The most subtle effects of past lives on the present are mental. All the following flow from the balancing of past life karma:
- Beliefs: What an individual has come to believe about life comes much more from past lives than from parents. Lifestyle choices, relationship patterns, money attitudes, religious beliefs, political opinions, hobbies, interests: all of these have been formed by cumulative past life experiences over cycles of reincarnation.

Preferences: An individual's preferences like "introvert/internal-or-extrovert/external", "thinking-or-feeling", "sensing-or-intuition", or "judging-or-perceiving" were formed and shaped by past lives.

Conditioning: An individual's conditioning like desiring "sameness-or-difference", being "proactive-or-reactive", or focusing on the "big picture-or-small details" was formed and shaped by past lives.
* Emotional: The most enduring effects of past lives on the present are emotional. All the following flow from the balancing of past life karma:
- Deep Patterns: How an individual experiences themselves now is how they have known themselves to be for the last 100 years of elapsed time of life on Earth (usually this is several lifetimes).

Negative Emotions: Those -who are depressed, anxious, moody, unhappy, and trapped in other negative emotions now - have been so for a long time karmically. Given the unrelenting violence, turmoil, and hardships in past lives, these experiences cannot help but leave a deep imprint behind. For more on these emotional imprints, click here.

- End Goal: The flow of emotions driven by past life trauma can be especially difficult to heal… but, once healed, the karmic goal of greater love, joy, and awareness will be achieved.

RELEASE HEALING of Past Life Problems

* Metaphysical Problems: Past life healing produces profound, perceivable, and permanent for problems originating in past lives. Although past life problems are "meta-physical" in origin, they manifest as "medical" issues. IF the problem is from past lives, then it can be remarkably resistant to present cures.

* Identify: You identify the problem by tracing the pain back to its point of origin. Instead of finding where in present your life the problem comes from, you find where in the trail of your past lives it was created.

Example: Say you have a fear of heights that you only discovered when you found it difficult travel by airplane. If there is no explanation for this in your life now, you decide to look back in the past. There you learn that you were sacrificed twice (first by the Mayans and then by the Aztecs) in past lives. The violence of these murders has programmed your sub-conscious mind to automatically avoid anything that "feels" like falling from a great height. The sensation of moving through the air in a plane "feels" like those past deaths... and is resisted by a fear of heights.

* Connect: You connect with the past experience by resonating with it. You have done the hard part the first time by having the experience. Resonating with it is necessary so you can release the pain connected with the experience.

Example: Say you have a fear of heights and that you resonate with (in other words, you know and feel the truth) of both of these past life traumatic deaths at the hands of the Mayans and the Aztecs. When you hear the story of these past lives, your sub-conscious mind automatically recalls them and relives their highlights. Your conscious mind does not receive all the details but you "know and feel" what is necessary for you to connect with those past experiences... and to understand the origin of your fear of heights. This puts you into a position to release it - permanently.

* Release: You release the pain of the past experience by truly understanding of it. When people learn past life information about themselves their connection with THAT KNOWINGNESS is what causes the past to release and heal. Their truth cannot help but resonate with them . Truth is what sets them free: how they got to that past life truth is irrelevant for healing purposes. It is absolutely UNTRUE that only regression can release past life traumas -and- that channeling or free exercises do nothing to help the person heal from their past life issues.

Example: Say you have a fear of heights and that you have chosen to release it. Whether you release this past life trauma through a waking glimpse, a past life dream, a free healing exercise done at home, via regression-hypnosis, or channeling, your sub-conscious mind will become satisfied that you understand WHY you fear heights now. It no longer has to hold you back by "unknowing fears" to keep you safe. Once you are consciously aware of the past you can choose to continue to carry that fear of heights or to release it forever from your mind and your beingness.

* Heal: Knowledge and forgiveness is the ONLY way healing ever occurs. You must choose to consciously choose to confront the past, forgive yourself and all others involved, and release the past - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Identifying the pain but doing nothing to connect with it just keeps it alive.
- Connecting with the pain without understanding/releasing it just intensifies it.
Releasing the pain without forgiving the past lessens pain but does not heal it.
Healing the pain only comes with understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness.

QUIETING the "Unquiet Dead" Forever

* Hazard of Old Souls: When you have lived a significant number of past lives, you are bound to have some "unquiet dead" inside you that are not quiet... not at peace. Until their spirit is laid to rest, they can make your current life a living hell.

So if some of your dead are not quiet, here is what you can do to help them (as well as yourself) to find the peace they are seeking, click here.

To learn more about how Past Life Healing works through time, consult the FAQ on Past Life Healing to see how healing flows "back" through time.

Credits: inspired by Peter D. and from channeled information.



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