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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

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    (Past Life Causes of Depression & Anxiety)

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"The 'Good Old Days' - they were terrible. They were good only for the privileged few. Civilization was a brittle veneer that covered widespread turmoil and suffering. For most life was an unremitting hardship... [Most were] to be pitied rather than envied. [They] could only dream of the Utopian miracles that have become part of our everyday life..." (Otto L. Bettmann)

The PAST is Still PRESENT in Depression and Anxiety

Our violent past gave us many reasons to be depressed and anxious. Here are the most common causes of Depression and Anxiety driven by past life resonances:

*** Resonances from Illness Experiences

Depression Symptom: Unexplained aches/pains to justify substance abuse.
Anxiety Symptom: Hypochondria - rushing to doctors at each ache/pain.

Deadly Disease: Waves of illness were constantly taking away friends and loved ones. Those who were happy and healthy today could be dead and gone tomorrow. Sudden death was quite common.

Depression Symptom: Disinterest in getting medical treatment ("it won't work").
Anxiety Symptom: Fearful of getting medical treatment ("it will go wrong").

Bad Medicine: You had to treat your skin like paper and your bones like glass because the cure from primitive medicine was worse than the cause. Many home remedies aggravated the problem until you died of it!

Depression Symptom: Caused by old age illnesses, grief, loss of independence.
Anxiety Symptom: Caused by old age illnesses, grief, loss of independence.

Age & Fail: No remedies for age related disease! Go blind or deaf and your days were numbered. Any incapacity due to age or any permanent injury leaving you unable to work was as good as a death sentence.

Depression Symptom: Post partum depression which gets worse with each child.
Anxiety Symptom: Excessive precautions taken in the child-birth process.

Female Mortality: A third of women either died in child-birth or were permanently damaged in the process. Most women died after giving birth more than three times. Wives usually died before their husbands.

Depression Symptom: Premenstrual (PMS) and Dysphoric (PMDD) disorders.
Anxiety Symptom: Premenstrual (PMS) and Dysphoric (PMDD) disorders.

Infant Mortality: Half of all babies died in child-birth or before six months. Christenings were delayed until it looked like the child would thrive. Half of surviving children died before reaching adulthood.

*** Resonances from Crime Experiences

Depression Symptom: Trouble concentrating, taking actions, or remembering.
Anxiety Symptom: Trouble focusing, making decisions, or remembering.

Sudden Death: Violent crime was a daily reality. If you could outrun you attacker, they would just steal your goods. If not, you could be beaten, raped, and left for dead. Sudden death was a daily possibility.

Depression Symptom: Feeling restlessness, on edge, everything bothers you.
Anxiety Symptom: Feeling irritable, agitated, everything bothers you.

Sudden Injustice: The law enforcement officers were often as corrupt as the criminals. With the bang of a gavel and the stroke of a pen, you could be thrown into prison and lose all you had... for no apparent reason.

Depression Symptom: Trouble concentrating, taking actions, or remembering.
Anxiety Symptom: Trouble focusing, making decisions, or remembering.

Murdering Mobs: It did not take much for those you had known for a lifetime to turn their back on you and beat/shoot/stone you to death. Unfortunately, this was one of the few forms of entertainment.

Depression Symptom: Feeling restlessness, on edge, everyone bothers you.
Anxiety Symptom: Feeling irritable, agitated, everyone bothers you.

Powerful Predators: "Might makes wrong" when powerful men with soldiers could come and take all you worked so hard to build. Worse was when it happened regularly with no way to put an end to it.

Depression Symptom: Reluctant to participate in travel: too much work.
Anxiety Symptom: Fearful of accidents while travelling: too much risk.

Travel Hazard: When you chose to travel, you were literally taking your life in your hands. People made wills before departing because there was a real possibility that (with no maps or roads) they would not return.

*** Resonances from Eating Experiences

Depression Symptom: Loss of appetite due to fear of food contamination.
Anxiety Symptom: Loss of appetite due to fear of food contamination.

Poison: Medical testing has caused poison to fall out of favor now. In the past, poison was routinely used to get rid of problem people. Monarchs used to have their food tasted by others as a pre-caution against it.

Depression Symptom: Loss of appetite or excessive eating.
Anxiety Symptom: Excessive eating of "junk" food for comfort.

Food: Eating every day was for the rich few. Most ate a little a few times a week. Usually it was the same food (which did not change even for holidays). More often than not, the food was not good nutritionally.

Depression Symptom: Consume alcohol to induce or create excessive sleep.
Anxiety Symptom: Consume alcohol to ease feelings of panic and anxiety.

Drink: Most water was polluted (as human waste was dumped there). So alcohol was the drink of choice (with its depressing effects after the buzz wore off). Only alcoholism remained at the bottom of the bottle.

Depression Symptom: Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and despair.
Anxiety Symptom: Feelings of dread, terror, and extreme fear of animals.

Animal Hazard: In past lives people and animals competed for the same food. Many times animals mistook humans for dinner. As past life wisdom says: "Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you."

Depression Symptom: Substance addiction to ease feelings of hopelessness.
Anxiety Symptom: Substance addiction to ease feelings of fear.

Addiction: Life was such a struggle, full of unrelenting hardship and misery that substance abuse (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs) was the only escape from a life NOT worth living. All work/no play makes an addict!

*** Resonances from Weather Experiences

Depression Symptom: Cannot control negative thoughts: "everything will fail".
Anxiety Symptom: Fearful that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Crop Failure: Crops could wither and die for so many reasons: a blight, a drought, a fire, a frost, a pack of hungry insects or animals. That failure effected you for years because it literally effected everything around you.

Depression Symptom: Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and despair.
Anxiety Symptom: Feelings of dread, terror, and extreme fear of fire.

Fire Hazard: Open flames in kitchens meant that homes were at real risk for burning down and taking the family with them. Most were constantly on alert around fire. House fires were very common occurrences.

Depression Symptom: Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and despair.
Anxiety Symptom: Feelings of dread, terror, and extreme fear of snow.

Snow Hazard: Snow could cave your house on top of you. Blizzards could blind you from finding your home even if it was just a few feet away. Snow could freeze you to death in your sleep slowly and silently.

Depression Symptom: Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and despair.
Anxiety Symptom: Feelings of dread, terror, and extreme fear of water.

Water Hazard: When you do not know how to swim, you will drown. If you are caught in a tsunami or a hurricane, you are on your own - before, during, and after. If you are caught in a drought, you die of dehydration.

Depression Symptom: No energy, always exhausted at any temperature.
Anxiety Symptom: Hyper-active, fearful of extreme temperatures either way.

In-temperate: No central air or heat meant that you froze in winter and fried in summer. Death by frostbite or heat stroke was very common. Constantly adjusting to changing temperatures was very stressful!

*** Resonances from Social Experiences

Depression Symptom: Feeling lonely even when others present to help.
Anxiety Symptom: Separation Anxiety - overly fearful at parting from children.

Abandonment: If you got the plague or another life threatening illness, you were sure to be abandoned. In most societies desertion meant death. Being connected socially was all that could save you from dying alone.

Depression Symptom: Feeling that "nothing I do really matters" at all.
Anxiety Symptom: Feeling that "nothing I do really matters" at all.

Frozen by Birth: It was the rare individual who could transcend the station in life handed to them at birth. Try as they might, their parent's destiny determined theirs. No way to get ahead and nowhere to run.

Depression Symptom: Agoraphobia - not able to leave the house.
Anxiety Symptom: Must always be surrounded with well known people.

Isolation: Most people stuck close to home because locals were mistrustful of outsiders. Make a mistake and you lived with it for life. There was nowhere else to go where others would accept you.

Depression Symptom: Loss of interest in favorite activities.
Anxiety Symptom: Inability to sleep, mind racing with stress.

Leisure Time: Except for religious holidays, there was no leisure. Most worked from sunrise until sunset. Sleep was the only escape (often cut short). Few could read books, let alone have money or time for them.

Depression Symptom: Self loathing and self hate reinforced by religion.
Anxiety Symptom: Unworthiness and fearfulness reinforced by religion.

Religion: Being on the "right" side of religion was often a matter of life and death. Being a heretic meant risking death for speaking personal truth. Today being politically correct creates the same kind of stress.

Myths about Depression and Anxiety

* Incurable: BUNK! Depression is NOT a "genetically inherited physical problem that cannot be cured only treated" as some claim. Those who hold this belief either have a financial incentive to do so (those profiting from selling anti-depressants)
-OR- a life payoff to do so (as those wanting attention, sympathy, or pity).

* Incapacitating: BUNK! Depression does NOT "impair the mental processes or freeze the emotions such that meaningful change is impossible" as some claim. Those who hold this belief are using it as an excuse NOT to change. Although making changes is more difficult while depressed, it is not impossible. Refusing to try and change is the only thing that keeps a person permanently depressed.

* Clinical: BUNK! All "clinical depression" means is that an individual has been diagnosed by a healthcare professional who recommends a specific course of treatment including (but not limited to) medications and counseling for a certain period of time... after which the diagnosis of "clinical depression" should be reevaluated. It is NOT a life sentence unless an individual chooses to believe it is.

* Possession: BUNK! Depression is NOT caused by "evil, external, energetic interference" (involvement of tags, devices, implants, or entities). Those who hold this belief as seeking to avoid responsibility for their karma (as in "not my fault it is the entity"). Past life personalities seeking healing are often mistaken for "entities": the belief they are separate from the person short circuits their healing process.

* False Memories: BUNK! Depression is NOT caused by "false memories", which those (in denial of karma) choose to label past life recall. Those who hold this belief usually have a financial incentive to do so (those who offer an alternative healing modality which is incompatible with a belief in reincarnation).

* Karmic Fatalism: BUNK! Depression is NOT karmic destiny. Those who say "it is my karma, there is nothing I can do about it!" hold this belief to avoid acting on their depression. Those who truly believe in karma TAKE responsibility for their lives, knowing that if they AVOID it their depression will only worsen.

Credits: from channeled information.



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