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Rules #8c: "As Above So Below": About How Sense Memory Works

Guidance Through Sense Memory

* Sense Memory: The mind forgets but the body carries its past memories.
* Sensory Trigger: The most common triggers stimulating past life recall.
* Sensory Activation: Past life recall allows the blind to see/deaf to hear.
* Sensory Lessons: Lessons from experiencing other senses more fully when being deprived of one sense.

Sense Memory

"The body, the organ of sense-perception, may be as much a hindrance as a help to remembrance [of past lives]. In that case, casual gleams of memory, giving us sudden, abrupt, momentary revelations of the past, are precisely [what] we would expect." (William Knight)

The mind forgets all about our past lives but our emotions carry its seeds and our body carries its memories.

* A Forgetting: Whenever you come into a new life, you enter into an agreement to forget about all the old ones which came before it. You agree to consciously forget about your past lives for two very good reasons.

* Information Overload: So that you will not be overloaded by irrelevant information. If you were to become consciously aware of the vast storehouse of your past knowledge, you would find it absolutely and totally overwhelming.

* Fresh Start: So that you will get a "fresh" start. This allows you to try again with those people you have had difficulty with in the past. You get to start over from scratch (free of baggage) and try to make this time different and better.

* Buried Anchors: Although they are "forgotten", our past lives lie just near enough to the surface of our conscious awareness for us to access them. Often all we need to do is look at the surface and see the outlines of the buried treasures that are strewn like little diamonds across the sands of our awareness.

* The Easy Way: "Sense memory" is the easiest way that we can access our past lives. This works because our "memories" are always getting jogged by "sensory" triggers. A favorite song can remind us of a romantic date. A special scent can remind us of a happy time. A certain smile or laugh can remind us of someone we once loved very much. You can use common household objects to stimulate your sense memory into unleashing the related past life awareness by clicking here.

Sensory Trigger

"There is a wisdom of the head and a wisdom of the heart!" (Charles Dickens)

How do you know that your past lives are triggering you? By your sensory reactions!

* Triggers: The knowledge of your past lives is always present. When past lives are crying out for healing, the easiest way for karma to get your attention is to trigger your senses. Since most only believe what they see, hear, touch, smell, and taste, when their senses do not act normally, it motivates them to heal their karma.

* Sight Triggers: Do certain movies really upset you? Are you so triggered that you have to stop watching them or else risk getting physically sick, mentally over-stimulated, or emotionally upset? Especially when they are historical movies, they may be triggering unhealed past life karma that you have come here to resolve.

* Sound Triggers: Does certain music automatically trigger a strong emotion in you? Can music instantly make you feel a certain way? Happy, sad, peaceful, angry... these are emotions that music or sound can trigger. More often than not, these sound links were created in past lives when the music was first heard.

* Touch Triggers: Do you have trouble being touched on a certain part of your body? Do you instinctively move away when someone tries to touch you there? If so, it is likely that when you are being touched in the same place where you were killed in past lives, your body remembers it and moves away to protect you.

* Smell Triggers: Do certain smells turn you on or off sexually? Do some smells help you to relax while others tense you up? Before language, people recognized one another and detected predators by smell. Certain smells can trigger people into uncontrollable rages... usually these smells trigger unresolved past life issues.

* Taste Triggers: Do some foods literally make you sick... when others have no problem in eating the same foods. For example, I cannot eat mushrooms, they literally make me sick and, if I eat one, I cannot keep it down. I was poisoned in a past life, died horribly, and my body is protecting me from further mushrooms!

Sensory Activation

"It is only with the heart that one can see properly: what is essential is invisible to the eye." (Exupery)

If one is lacking a sense now, but did not in past lives... those senses come through in past life recall.

* Richness of Life: What would a blind person give to see colors? What would a deaf person give to hear music? What would those who could not feel touches or smell or taste give to have these senses back? Past life exploration gives those who suffer from sensory deprivation now a unique opportunity to activate them.

* Sensory Deprivation is Limited: At one point in their cycle of reincarnation, most people must experience deprivation of all the senses. Most people choose to be blind, deaf, or otherwise sensory deprived in only one lifetime to get the karmic lessons associated with sensory deprivation. Therefore, in most past lives, each individual has full use of all their senses. More to the point, they will remember past life events with all their senses... which recorded their life experiences.

* Complete Sensory Past Life Memories: When sensory deprived people explore their past lives directly through hypnotic regression, they experience events with their capabilities as they WERE and not as they ARE now. In other words, when recalling past lives, the blind person will be able to see light as they did when they could see in the past and the deaf person will hear sounds as they did when they could hear in the past. Any incapacity in the present can fall away in the past.

* Understanding the Deprivation: The sensory deprived who have explored their past lives not only gain greater knowledge about themselves, they understand what their damaged senses have been missing. To see colors and light or to hear sounds and music, even if it just for a short time, enables the blind and deaf to gain more understanding about what they had been missing. For many, this brings many a profound sense of peace as well as insights now about their missing senses.

* Restoring the Connection: The sensory deprived, who have seen, heard, touch, smelled, and tasted during past life recall, are better able to understand how their deprived senses should function in the present. One of them described this as "sensory activation" which "restores their connection" to the world. Although past life exploration does nothing to restore their senses now, it does help them to understand their karma better and also that any sensory incapacity is temporary.

Sensory Lessons

"Although the world is full of suffering, the world is also full of overcoming it." (Helen Keller)

If you have physical karma resulting in the loss of one or more of your senses, consider this.

* Common Classrooms: Everyone in the universe goes through the experience of lacking each one of the senses. These are common karmic classrooms. If you were born deprived of sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell in this lifetime, there was an important karmic reason why you came into agreement with this condition.

* Sensory Curriculum: When you are deprived of one sense, you are forced to develop the senses you have left to ever deeper levels. This is much like taking a required course in school, you have to do it because everyone has to do it... it is on the curriculum and no one can change the schedule of courses.

* Sensory Lessons - Part 1: Sharing my own experience of losing each one of the senses in past lives, here is what they can teach you:

- When I was blind, I learned to look within and to channel past lives.
- When I was deaf, I learned to listen by focusing on expressions.
- When I felt no touches, I learned to appreciate those who loved me.
- When I could not taste, I learned to be grateful for the gift of food.
- When I could not smell, I learned to track with my other senses.
* Sensory Lessons - Part 2: Other things that you can learn from experiencing other senses more fully by being deprived of one is:
- Blind people can use sound via EchoLocation to "see".
- Deaf people can use reflections, shadows, movements to "hear".
- Touch deprived people can connect more deeply through hugs.
- Taste deprived people can appreciate food color, texture, etc.
- Smell deprived people can develop a keener sense of touch.
* Sensory Lessons - Part 3: Overcoming suffering is one of the lessons karma teaches to those who suffer from physical disabilities. The most important lesson is to focus on the senses you do have and to develop them to the best of your ability. You will be grateful for these lessons in future lives. Education about the nature of life is the one thing that is never wasted in the universe.

If you are blind/deaf, click here for how to use the exercises.

Credits: from channeled information.



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