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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

EchoLocation, Human
    (Physical - Ability Seeing through Sound)
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Short Description: EchoLocation, Human
EchoLocation is a technique where an individual uses sound to identify objects by the echoes they produce. This enables individuals to see without light through echoes produced by sound bouncing off objects in the environment.

Causes: Both vision and hearing process reflected waves of energy. Eyes process light as they travel from their source and bounce off objects in the environment as light waves. Ears process sound as they travel from their source and bounce off objects in the environment as sound echoes. Both eyes and ears can extract much information about the environment from these complex patterns of reflected energy.

EchoLocation is a natural sonar system that animals, like bats, dolphins, and whales, use to navigate through their environment. These animals emit ultrasonic chirps. When their sound waves encounter an object, they bounce off the surface and come back as an echoes. These animals listen for and then interpret all these returning echoes. By the sounds, the animals can discern information about an object's location (where it is in terms of distance-direction), its dimensions (how big it is and its general shape), and density (how solid it is).

Echoes and other sounds can convey complex and detailed spatial information. With echoes, a blind person can perceive information from distances far beyond the reach of the longest cane or arm. Echoes make information available about the nature and arrangement of objects and environmental features such as walls, doors, alleys, fences, curbs and steps, pedestrians, fire hydrants, parked or moving vehicles, trees, and much more. If they are questioned, blind people using EchoLocation can provide almost all of the details that a sighted person could.

EchoLocation is literally "seeing" with sound waves. For example, a louder echo will result from a larger, closer, or denser object. What animals can do naturally, humans can perform by clicking their tongues. Some can do this naturally while anyone who wants to can learn it. The tongue can be also be used to help blind people see through sensory input passed to it by a "BrainPort" vision device.

For blind people, EchoLocation works because, as scientists have discovered, the visual cortex has not become useless in the brains of the blind. When the blind use other senses to substitute for sight, like touch or hearing, the visual cortex becomes active, even though no light is processed by optic nerves. EchoLocation comes to some blind people as an inherent and intuitive extra sense, others must learn it.

Symptoms: EchoLocation is an ability that was cultivated during past lives.

After Effects: The interesting thing about those can do EchoLocation naturally is that this is an emergence of a dormant past life talent. Before individuals come into a human body, they usually (but not always) have one or more animal incarnations.

The goal of animal incarnations is for souls to "get used to" being in physical bodies, the soul learns useful skills that will benefit them later on in human incarnations. Usually these animal skills manifest at most as natural abilities in hunting and tracking. Others inherit EchoLocation from learnings as bats, dolphins, and whales.

EchoLocation is an extraordinary skill for blind people because it enables them to virtually function like sighted people. They are able to ride bikes, walk without canes or dogs, play sports, and live almost normally by seeing through sound. What EchoLocation cannot do is give the person information about color.

Advice: EchoLocation is a karmic ability not a medical condition. The goal here is to raise awareness about the spiritual nature of this rare karmic ability.

Case History: EchoLocation is a skill that anyone who studies it seriously can learn. A background of past life experience is not required. For those who do not want to click their tongues, there are devices that emit clicks that echo. Sighted people who suffer from night blindness can benefit from learning EchoLocation. Plus those who camp out in the dark would find this to be a useful survival skill.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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