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Rules #21b: Wheels Within Wheels- Personal Arts of Divination

Like an Ever Spinning Wheel...

Automatic Answers: Get instant answers to everything.
Aura Reading: Teach yourself to see auras in others.
Hidden Messages: Wisdom safely hidden in plain sight.
Lucid Dreaming: Remember your dreams upon waking.

Automatic Answers

"Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened." (Bible: Matthew 7:7)

Need an answer desperately? Do not know where to look? It can come to you automatically.

* Automatic Writing: When necessary, an individual will get the answer by automatic writing (hands will just write without any thought).

For example, when I was connecting with knowledge of a lifetime spent in a concentration camp, I did not know at first which one it was. I was at the library catalog terminal and I heard the words "Raven's Brook" in my mind. Yet somehow my fingers typed it as "Ravensbruck" which is the correct name of the concentration camp complex near Fürstenberg, Germany (and counter intuitive to English).
* Awaken Answer: When necessary, an individual will get the answer upon awakening from sleep... that their brain created overnight.
For example, this happened all the time in my technical career. I would have this seemingly unsolvable programming problem. I would "sleep on it" and the next day wake up with the correct solution which helped me to move forward with the programming task.
* Poppin' Answer: When necessary, an individual will get the answer while awake that seems to just "pop" into their head without any effort.
When they research the answer, they find it is the correct one… but one that they never got by normal means (education, research, TV, Internet, etc). For example, a mother who was desperate to discover the diagnosis for her child's sleep problem had the words "Kleine Levin" pop into her head… which is a rare sleep disorder.
* Silent Test: When necessary, an individual will get the answer in response to a test they create to better understand what will happen in the future.
For example, Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I created such a test to decide which of his nephews should succeed him. He invited them to dinner in a room with three cushions. Anastasius put a paper crown under one of the two empty seats asking that his successor should choose the cushion hiding the crown. To his utter astonishment, his nephews both sat on the same cushion without the crown. Anastasius knew this meant neither of them would succeed him.
* Open Book: When necessary, an individual will get the answer by opening a book at random and reading whatever their eye first falls on.
For example, a client was resistant to their past life recall of having fought on the side Confederates because most of their previous incarnations were about resisting slavery and fighting for freedom. They opened a book to the exact page which told about their biographer's theory, based on evidence, that in that past life they were part of the Underground Railroad and helped to free slaves.

Aura Reading

"Halo: the energetic manifestation of a pure aura belonging to one of high consciousness!" (Anonymous)

All you have been and learned in past lives is contained in your aura.

* Light & Sound: Everything is composed of light and sound... why do I say this? Light and sound are the primary manifestations of the source.

* Matter & Energy: As those in physics are discovering, light and sound are the primary components of energy. Matter is only energy made tangible. So human beings are a vibrational energy being and composed of light and sound energy.

* Your Aura: Your aura surrounds your outer physical body in all directions: it is the skin of your energy body. Your aura is electromagnetic, holographic, and extends both into and out of your physical body. Your aura interacts and reacts to your every thought, word, feeling, choice, and action instantly.

* Aura & Matter: So anything whether animate or not has an aura because the aura being the subtle energetic component of the underlying matter. It is a popular misconception that auras apply only to "living" beings. When an inanimate object is photographed with a Kirilian camera, a small aura will appear around that object.

* Living Aura: Living beings (all other things being equal) will produce bigger and more colorful auras. Plus the auras of living beings also contain information about the person from the state of their health to the state of their consciousness.

* Seeing Auras: If you are willing to work at it, you can teach yourself to see auras. Start doing this in natural light (out doors is best). All you need to do is relax your eyes and stare with a soft focus at someone else (who agrees to stay still).

* Soft Focus: Soft focus comes from turning control of your eyes over to your body. What you want to do is look at the person whose aura you want to read without staring or otherwise controlling the focus. Those who can see the hidden images created by computer dot art have already trained their eyes to do this.

* Outer Edge: To see someone's area, look at the outer edge of their body which is where their aura begins. Just be patient: this is a skill that takes time to develop. Eventually, you will see their aura as rainbow like colors just outside their body.

* Advanced Readers: These people can even see symbols and signs in a person's aura that communicate important information about them. You will know that you can read auras when what you are seeing is the same as what a Kirilian camera photographs. Advanced aura reading is a useful skill to have.

Hidden Messages

"Life is always speaking to you… the problem is that you are not always listening." (Anonymous)

"The greatest truths are always those which are safely hidden in plain sight." (Anonymous)

Life is speaking to you through messages safely hidden in plain sight.

* Significant Anniversaries: If you are starting something new, but you are starting it on a date when tragedy struck in the past, this may be a hidden message.

For example, I was engaged on a project but it was constantly being delayed. Finally, when the first meeting was scheduled, it fell on the anniversary of a super bad work experience. By then, it was clear to me that this project would be nothing more than an exercise in pain… so I wisely listened to the "hidden" message and resigned.
* Significant Phrases: If you are considering a decision, but you keep hearing the same phrases used to describe it, this may be a hidden message.
For example, I was considering buying a home on a certain street but kept hearing the phrase "at risk for trees falling, but it is minimal" from the realtor, neighbors, and one of my friends. Each time I heard it I felt increasingly uncomfortable because none of the people who used the phrase knew one another. I passed on the house. Two weeks later a tree fell on the roof causing significant damage.
* Significant Symbols: If you are wondering about something, look for any related symbols because they are often a source of hidden messages.
For example, a sports celebrity wore this T-shirt on television: "You cannot spell dynasty without spelling nasty!" This celebrity was unapologetic about either wearing the shirt or about their diva-like behavior. The T-shirts people choose to wear often have hidden messages about themselves that they display in plain sight.
* Significant Fortunes: Especially for those who believe in the "arts" of astrology, horoscopes, and numerology, there are hidden messages to be found there. You will know it when they strongly resonate with you as truth.
For example, I am almost afraid to open the fortune cookie at the end of a Chinese meal because they have proven to be "in my face" many times. Yet once I opened a fortune as I was transitioning from the corporate world into the holistic world that proved to be inspiring: "Have no fear. You will be a great success in business!" Amen! :O)

Lucid Dreaming

"To find the point where... faith in the future becomes knowledge of the past... to shake off the old ordeal and get ready for the new... to question, knowing that never can the full answer be found... to accept uncertainties quietly, even our incomplete knowledge of God.. this is what man's journey is about, I think." (Lillian Smith)

"Life is but a dream": a dream of karma that creates the "real life" dream we are living and experiencing on a daily basis.

* Exercise: Dreams are often the first step in exploring your karma. Greater awareness is always revealed in your dreams. The following "Lucid Dreaming" exercise can help you to better remember your dreams upon waking up.

1> All throughout the day, ask yourself the question, "Am I awake?" Answer "Yes, I am awake." Ask this until it becomes a habit. The point of this is to carry this question into the dream state... where you will continue to answer you are awake. This automatically draws your mind's attention to becoming more conscious and aware in the dream state (this is what is meant by "Lucid Dreaming").

2> Keep a paper and a pen by your bed. Once you feel yourself waking up, grab the paper and start writing down your dreams. Do not do anything else like kiss a spouse or go to the bathroom. When you are waking up, you are in a hypnagogic state and still linked to the dream world. That link is very easily broken and you must to take advantage of it while it is open to remember your dreams.

3> If you have particular dreams that you are interested in exploring, before you go to sleep, ask your guides to have you experience it as late as possible in the sleep cycle. Having that particular dream come late means that dream will be the first one you will remember upon waking up (because the last dream in is the first one out).

Credits: from channeled information.



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