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Cure #29: Becoming Whole from the Inside Out

Becoming Whole Physically: What you can do to empower your body to heal its physical matter/cells/structures.
Becoming Whole Mentally: How you need to think to empower your mind to accelerate your body's healing process.
Becoming Whole Emotionally: How you need to manage your feeling driven actions to your support body's healing process.
Becoming Whole Spiritually: How you can unleash your spirit to heal holistically.

Becoming Whole Physically

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." (Anonymous)
If your body is broken, it can become whole again given time, patience, work, and faith. These exercises are only a supplement to any other medical or alternative treatments.

* Exercise #1 - Rewind the Tape: See the broken part of your body as it is. Then imagine it is going backwards in time to its original state of wholeness and health. Like a tape that is played backwards, what starts out as being broken rebuilds itself into being whole. Your body responds very powerfully to your vision of it. Gradually, as it heals, your vision will start with your body being progressively less broken… until finally it starts with your body being fully healed.

* Exercise #2 - Expert Surgery: Imagine that the most expert surgeon in the world is working on the broken part of your body. See them using golden threads of light to stitch up the breakage until it is totally healed. See the golden light dissolving into the broken area pulling it back into a state of wholeness.

* Exercise #3 - Bath of Light: Bathe the broken part of your body with golden, white healing light. See the light filling in the dark "cracks" of brokenness until all is light and none is dark… and your body is back into a state of wholeness.

* Exercise #4 - Forgiveness: When something is broken, it is because someone broke it. Whether you view God, another individual, or yourself as the culprit, the broken part of your body will heal more quickly and thoroughly when you forgive who broke it and how it became broken. So, it you are bitter and unforgiving, know that you are only keeping the wounded part broken. Remember that forgiveness and love are the magic healing potions.

* Remember: Unless a body part is missing, what remains can be healed. Your body can restore itself to wholeness. At best, it can become as good as new while, at least, it can be improved from its broken state. If you are only relying to medicines to do your healing for you… you are not doing the best that you can for yourself. Those who do this inner work achieve outer healing much more quickly.

Becoming Whole Mentally

"All negativity is an illusion created by the limited mind to protect and defend itself." (Ambika Wauters)
Positive thoughts transform your life by filling it with joy, hope, optimism, and ultimately, success. Negative ones make you sick and keep you poor and unhealthy.

* Kick the Negativity Habit: Negativity is a habit that has been created by your repeated choice of thoughts. Since it is a habit, it can be broken with determination, repeated practice, and time. To break that habit, two critical things are required:

Motivation comes from the desire to stop the damage to your health, your wealth, and your happiness caused by negativity. Commitment comes from sticking to your decision to kick the negativity habit by adopting positive, empowering thoughts, speech, and actions.
* Monitor Your Thoughts: Do you think about yourself negatively? Do you view others negatively? Do you view life negatively? If so, your thinking is against you.
* Negativity about Yourself: As in, you think - "I screwed that up again" or "I just can't do anything right" or "I can never succeed because [fill in the blank]", etc - constantly about yourself.

* Negativity about Others: As in, you think - "No one likes me" or "They are out to get me" or "I'll just end up getting hurt in the end", etc - constantly about others (family, friends, or strangers).

* Negativity about Life: As in, you think "I just have bad luck" or "Things never go my way" or "Things always go wrong", etc.
"Negativity Reframing" means thinking the opposite as in "I always succeed", "I am likeable", and "Things always go my way!"

* Monitor Your Speech: If you are wondering about what you are thinking, all you have to do is listen to how you are speaking.
Whenever you hear yourself saying anything negative about yourself, others, or life, stop and replace that with positive ideas and words.

Monitoring your thoughts and speech is a consistent, conscious decision which takes time and practice. Yet the effort is well worth it: one positive thought can erase 1000 negative ones while one positive word spoken can erase 100 negative ones.
"Negativity Reframing" means finding the positive in the situation and speaking only about it. Soon positivity in thoughts and speech will become a habit.

* Monitor Your Actions: If you are wondering about the effect of your thoughts and speech, all you have to do is look at your actions.
If things did not go your way, what did positive lesson did you learn? How can you use that learning to create success next time? How can you turn that problem into an opportunity?
This is where "Negativity Reframing" gains its power: negativity stops you, while reframing events positively keeps you going from smaller to greater successes.

Becoming Whole Emotionally

"Watch your thoughts and feelings, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny." (Anonymous)

If you want to really move forward in your life, then you need to eliminate your negative emotions... which are most often driven by your negative thoughts.

* Scaling the Problem: Each day, each one of us thinks - literally - hundreds of thousands of thoughts which drive our feelings. Although we do think positive thoughts, most of us experience negative thoughts and the related feelings.

When our negative thoughts and feelings outweigh the positive ones, they are directly responsible for keeping us from creating the happy, healthy, and wealthy lives we want. Only we think our thoughts. Only we feel our feelings. Only we can change them.
* Systematic Diffusion: Negative thoughts breed negative emotions. They build on one another if not stopped. They become worse over time unless stopped. Systematic Diffusion is a technique where you start by acknowledging your negative thoughts-feelings and then gradually turn them positive.
For example, if you think, "I hate this person", simply notice the thought at first. Then think, "I am sure they are doing the best they can." Instead of fighting your mind's negativity all at once, take baby steps to slowly move your thoughts into more positive directions.
* Feelings Reversal: Emotions are more powerful than thoughts. You can use powerful positive emotions to reverse your negative thoughts.
For example, when a negative thought comes up, intentionally remember a situation when you felt powerful and positive. Recall this time in precise detail by engaging all your senses (what were you seeing, hearing, and touching). The more you can connect with positive emotions, the more you will banish negative thoughts.
* Temporary Conditions: If your thoughts and emotions are both negative, you need to stop reacting to them. Get into the habit of telling yourself that although your mind and emotions are not serving you "right now", that is not always the case.
Remember: all conditions are temporary. Today was better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be better than today. Connect with what went well today and let go of all else: you will become more positive.
* Gradual Infusion: Each day spend 10 minutes consciously introducing new, positive thoughts and feelings into your mind. These are not naturally occurring thoughts and feelings, rather they are ones you WANT to have because they support your goals. When you start filling your mind-heart with positive thoughts, feelings, and images and keep on doing it, you will change your life.

* Systematic Affirmations: Each day build up positive thoughts and feelings by saying or listening to affirmations you create as you go through the day. The first affirmation ever invented was: "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better". Start with this one and you can eliminate negativity - for good.

Becoming Whole Spiritually

"To understand all is to forgive all." (Anonymous)

Those who are trapped in the past and cannot break free from it, need to unleash their spirit to free their future. There simply is no future for those who are living in the past.

* Karma Pits: Some people spend their entire lives being trapped in the past. Whether it is an accident, the death of a loved one, a natural disaster, a crime, this kind of crucial event stops their forward motion in life. They become stuck in that past event unable to create the future without dragging that past right into it.

* Understand the Trap: Before you can become free of the past, you must understand what is trapping you there. Is it because you feel that being trapped in the past... makes you a good person inside... gains the approval, respect, or sympathy of others... meets the expectations of loved ones... is required by society or religion?" To spring the trap of the past, you must transcend these internal barriers of thought, belief, and attitude. Otherwise, you are allowing the past to keep you firmly in its grip, thereby destroying your future.

* Get Closure: Do whatever it takes to complete putting attention on the past. For example, if you are trapped in the past... by an accident, heal body-mind-emotions from it... by the death of a loved one, decide to do what will have honored their life instead of mourning their death... by a natural disaster, move to where you can feel safe... by crime, forgive the criminal and repair their damage. Whatever it is, accept that it was karma and get closure on the past.

* Less Each Day: To become free from the past, you need to know how trapped by it you truly are. How many hours a day are you looking back on the past? Jot this time expenditure down on a calendar for a full week. During the next week, decide to spend one hour less a day on the past and fill that hour with something that you enjoy doing. With each week that passes, spend another hour less on the past... until you spend no time on it. Pray for help in doing this!

* Move Forward: The future needs to become much more attractive to you than the past has been. What is it that always engages your interest and passion? Focus on that joyful pursuit to connect in the power of now. For all power and pleasure is to be found in the "flow" of the present moment: the total immersion in an all absorbing activity. When you are totally engaged in the now moment, there is literally no time or space for becoming trapped in the past.

Credits: from channeled information.



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