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Cure #18: "Can Never Get Enough": The Greed Cure

What is Greed?

Greed is a signal from your Causal (Karmic) Body that you have unhealed survival traumas from one or more past lives. For most of human history, humans have "suffered" greatly from poverty and from the "zero sum game" mentality ("for me to have more, you must have less"). Traumatic deaths caused by disputes over money in past lives, deeply ingrained in the cellular memory, are the wellspring of greed.

Emotions Closely Related to Greed: Hurt, Sad, Anxiety, Depression, Phobia
Qualities Need to Resolve Greed: Love, Charity, Contentment, Trust
Energetic Sources: Causal (Karmic) Body, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra

What is Greed Trying to Tell You (It's Spiritual Purpose)? The spiritual purpose of Greed is to motivate individuals to become the best that they can be so that they can manifest greater levels of abundance in the universe. Manifesting support is far more than attracting money, it also includes manifesting the energy, the time, the space, the helpful people, the tools and resources which are needed to fulfill one's life purpose. The trick to mastering greed is to manifest such things that in a healthy, balanced way, that is "win, win" for all concerned. For it is the "dark and easy" path to manifest abundance where you win and others lose.

How NOT to Respond to Greed: The worst thing you can do is to give into the dark side of greed. Greed is very much a double edged sword.

Greed can be good when it motivates us to do our best to serve others to the best of our ability so that we can get the rewards that come along with it (ie. money, recognition, status, etc).

Greed is
bad when in our "drive to get ahead", we decide to check our heart, brains, and integrity at the door of our blind ambition. From the universal perspective, it is more important to be human than to be "important". For when we pass from one life to the next, we realize how "fleeting" our achievements, fame, and fortune are and we learn the terrible price greed often has us paying karmically in future lives.

How TO Respond to Greed - The Greed Cure: "What you do to the least of my children is what you do to your Creator." is the attitude that will most often cut the greed signal off at the source. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is the unfailing light that guides an open, loving heart safely through the treacherous, murky, and rocky waters of greed.

Put yourself on the other side of everything you do and ask yourself:

     * "If I were this other person, how would I like to be treated?"
     * "In this situation, what would I expect / want from me?"
     * "Would I be happy with what I am doing for the other person?"

If the answers to those questions fill you with pride and not shame, then you are most likely "doing the right - greed free - thing.

Here are some common "greed traps" and how best to avoid the often heavy karmic penalties associated with
1> Misusing Money, 2> Misdirecting Attention, and 3> Misappropriating Gifts.

Greed Cure Part 1: Cures for Misusing Money include the following:

* Money - Get Rich Quick Scams: In the physical world, if you have a relationship with nothing else, you will have a relationship with money. If you want to know the secret to making money in any venture it is this: "that you get what you want from life by helping others get what they want from life". It is just that simple.

Those who serve the most people get the most money. Look around and you will see that the most successful businesses are those which offer a superior product, at attractive prices, with great customer support, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. Some have done this quickly, some have done it slowly but those who last have done it honestly (by not cheating or being cheated). So note the differences between "legitimate business ventures" and "get rich quick scams":

Get Rich Quick Scams have the following characteristics:

"Startup company, exploding opportunity, must act now" usually means that the scam is just being setup so the first ones in the door have the chance to bilk the others who come in later. And after the first cash is skimmed the start up operators are nowhere to be found.

"Guaranteed downline, matrix payout, cannot lose" usually is the hallmark of the con artists reeling in the greedy. The truth is that Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) can be an effective tool to get products out to the marketplace. Yet too often MLMs exist to peddle garbage in a get rich quick scheme where the only people who make money are the first in the door and they make their money by recruiting the greedy to snap up and pass off the junk.

"Amazing new product, breakthrough discovery" with fantastic, "too-good-to-be-true" claims often are just that - too good to be true. If you like the product offered, if it is something that you would use yourself and would recommend to loved ones, friends, and family, see if it sells. If it indeed helps people and provides value for money... if it makes the world a better place to live in and people happier to live there… see if it continues to sell. If you do not see a product that is being marketed, then run fast and run far, because it is a total scam.

"No work, no selling, just run ads" are also those which tell you "a one time setup fee" is required. That is when you know that the outfit is making money from the setup fee and once you are in, you will be expected to "profit" the same way. So if you cannot get passionate about the product offered or feel "wrong about it" in any way, then spirit is telling you to pass on it. So you need to search your heart for the "right thing to do" and you will find the answer there.

"Erase Bad Credit" is a myth. If you have defaulted on a loan, made late payments, or "paid as agreed", it stays on your credit report for seven years. Bankruptcy remains on your credit report for ten years. There is no such thing as "credit repair" for financial karma. Only time and good spending habits will repair a damaged credit report and anyone who tells you otherwise is simply wrong.

Other signs of scams are "You've Won the Grand Prize", "Get Paid to Watch TV and Mail from Home", "Work from Home Business Runs Itself, No Work"… if it sounds to good to be true, it is.
"Get Rich Quick Scams" really are nothing more than "get more karma quick schemes". The universe is not fooled… when you try to fool others, you get the karma. There is only one cure from "Get Rich Quick" urges and that is to "Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow!" Use your special talent and do what makes your heart sing: for those that succeed the most link their motivation to love.
This is a logical proposition: if love is the most powerful force in the universe and if it is strongly linked to a money making goal, then that goal will be fulfilled abundantly and the money will flow like water!
Money - Theft: Those who make a living by stealing are under the illusion that it is a much easier way of life. Most thieves eventually do get caught for one simple reason: they cannot stop stealing. Since they do not value what they are getting - because they have not "earned it by honest labor" - they tend to waste it… figuring "there is more where that came from". So that means that they must steal again.

The more they steal, the more they are prone to making the mistakes that will attract the attention of law enforcement. Sooner or later they will "trip" themselves up and "get caught stealing". The tragedy is that many career thieves could put their creative thinking and resourcefulness to use in high paying jobs. The cure to theft is to realize that you always pay for it… if not in this life then in a future one.

Money - Hoarding: Those who hoard are living under the illusion that we do not live in an abundant universe. Since famine and blight are "just around the corner", hoarders must "hang onto what they got". The problem with hoarding is that it creates the condition that the hoarder is trying to prevent: scarcity and lack.

Abundance is a circular flow of giving and receiving that gets shut down when one receives and refuses to give. Letting go of the old is the only way that new can come into your life. Hoarding is almost always the result of one of more past lives where scarcity and lack were the direct cause of illness or death of oneself or loved ones. Past life healing is the best cure for the need to hoard - especially for those extreme cases where it has been diagnosed as
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

* Money - Cutting Corners: Cutting corners is often a compromise of the desire to steal and hoard. Those who "cut corners" are stealing because they are "giving the minimum and getting the maximum". They are hoarding because they stretch materials to their breaking point rather than to supply what is truly needed. Like thieves, those who cut corners eventually get caught because they cannot stop. They are convinced that "no one notices" and so they will "get away with it".

Even if they "get away with it" in one life, they are certain to pay for it in another. The truth is that there are no innocent victims of scams - those who are "ripped off" are paying a debt in true coin to those they "ripped off" in past lives. The only cure for cutting corners is to "smile and do right for you are on Karmic Camera!"

Greed Cure Part 2: Cures for Misdirecting Attention include the following:

* Attention - Time Hogs: Time is the most valuable commodity that each of us has. It levels the playing field of life - for no one gets anymore time in a day than anyone else. "Time Hogs" are those who value their time and actively conserve it at the expense of yours by employing one or more of the following strategies.

They usually insist you come a half hour early so they do not have to wait for you. They usually keep you waiting because they are always "running behind". They "forget" to do what they have promised so you spend your time doing it instead.

There is only one remedy for "Time Hogs" - that it is pull away the trough of your time. Find out when things start and decide when you want to arrive there. If the hog is late, wait five minutes and leave without them. If they cannot keep their promises, pull away from them… your time is too valuable to waste on hogs.

Attention - Space Hogs Personal space is like a territory that must be defended… for if it is not people will overrun it. All it takes often is to tell the "invaders" - politely but firmly - that they have crossed into your territory and that the intrusion is unwelcome. Space Hoggery takes many forms as in:

* "Do not call me on Saturday mornings because that is when I sleep in".
* Or "you are standing too close to me, please take a step back". Thanks.
* Or "it is my time to be quiet now, children, please go to your room and play".
* Or "your perfume is overwhelming, please move farther away". (If someone "stinks" no one would put up with it but choking on cologne is socially acceptable).
* Or "I do not permit smoking in my home, if you need to take a cigarette break, please take it outside" (smoking IS air pollution, make no mistake about it).
* Or "please turn down your music, it is quite loud and I cannot hear the person on the other end of the phone" (there is such a thing as noise pollution too).

So often people suffer in silence from "Space Hogs" who often will just "cut it out" if you ask them politely. People may surprise you with their consideration.

Attention - Prima Donnas: "Prima Donnas" are people who are time, space, and attention hogs all rolled into one. They must always be "the first, the best, and the only". In the world view of the "Prima Donna", they are the only first class citizens, the people who they choose to honor with their presence are second class citizens, and the rest do not merit consideration. The first thing to remember about Prima Donnas is that "they put their pants on one leg at a time, like the rest of us".

The easiest way to break the spell of the Prima Donna is to imagine their private moments in the bathroom performing necessary bodily functions. The truth is the world is a stage and all of us are only players. If some of us have roles that others think are better, remember this: that all are equally loved in the sight of God from the "crack whore" to "Mother Mary" and in His Sight there are no Prima Donnas.

Attention - Drain People: "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are basic human rights that no one has the right to take from you. "Drain people" are those who seek to deprive you of these rights by being consistently greedy with your time, attention, money, happiness, and peace of mind. So often individuals put up with "Drain People" because "they are my mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, child, relative, boss, coworker…" and so on.

Never forget that all these people - whatever other relation they have to you in your life now - in the larger scheme of things are merely your partners in karma. As partners in karma, they have agreed to meet you in this life so that you and they could grow in love, joy, and awareness. If they cannot help you to do this, if they choose to "drain" you of your well being and vitality, then you need to let them go with love and pursue other options… here's how.

* If parents are draining you, learn to become your parent by nurturing yourself.
* If siblings are draining you, cultivate close friends who support and honor you.
* If spouses are draining you, insist on being championed by your partner in life.
* If children are draining you, set realistic limits and then lovingly enforce the rules.
* If relatives are draining you, say they must act like family or depart like strangers.
* If bosses are draining you, take the steps in the proper order to protect yourself.
* If jobs are draining you, then find a job that will empower you… it's your life!

Greed Cure Part 3: Cures for Misappropriating Gifts include the following:

* Gifts - Disability: Before the advent of disability, the physical world was a very harsh place for those who were seriously disabled in body, mind, emotions, and/or spirit. It is a highly compassionate and loving universe that provides a safety net for those - who by "accident or illness" - become unable to support themselves by working. Most of the people who are on disability are truly deserving of this gift.

Yet there are many who seek to "beat the system" by dipping into the "disability bucket". Like thieves, they believe that "the world owes them a living". So they take a "free ride" on the disability train. Yet the universe is above all about justice… and those who are "disability cheats" in one life will pay the price in future lives. Often they will reincarnate with disabilities where they will not be supported. The cure for "disability cheats" is to know that their karma will come due for repayment in full.

Gifts - Welfare: Like disability, welfare is a gift from the universe to help those "down on their luck" get a chance to "get back on their feet" and become self supporting members of society. The truth is that - along with love, joy, and awareness - we are here to learn to be self sufficient, self supporting, and self reliant. To the extent that individuals use welfare to avoid becoming self sustaining is the extent to which they are misappropriating these gifts of the universe.

If those on welfare, do not take this gifts to help themselves out of self dependence, they will reincarnate into situations where they will "sink or swim" without the benefit of help. There are pits of karma all over the Earth for a reason - those who cannot learn life mastery by gentle means will learn by harsh ones. The real cure for "welfare cheats" to know that their karma will come due for repayment with future lives of great difficulty… when it could have been so much easier. As always, the path that Soul receives for it's growth it always It's own choice.

* Gifts - Entitlements: Entitlements, like disability, welfare, pensions, and so on, are "illusions of security". Security does not exist in nature - the world is an ever changing stage of karma - and if the government or companies who are "giving" the entitlements ever ceased, people would learn that there is only one true entitlement in life. That entitlement is your experience - what you have learned, how you have grown, who you have known, and what you have done with your life.

It is the personal qualities developed on your journey through the universe that are the source of your abundance and of your survival in any of the worlds of God whether on Earth or in "heaven". This is what is meant by the words" lay up for your treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:20-21) Remember that gifts that are given can be taken away… there are really no such things as entitlements. "Taking only what you need" in any life ensures that you "will always have whatever it is that you want".

Gifts - Reparations: Since nothing happens in the universe except by prior agreement, there is never really any need for reparations (money damages given to a person as compensation for "wrongs" done by another). Yet reparations do send the correct message of universal justice when "victims" in one life are compensated for earlier wrongs because the link between cause and effect is clear.

Although the giving and receiving of reparations are part of the karmic equation, the trend of "historical reparations" is a total scam. Not only is it a misappropriation of the gifts of the universe, it is a misuse of money and misdirection of attention both better spent on solving current problems. The only comfort here is that "the mills of the Gods do grind slowly and with exactness grinds" even the reparation mongers!

Before using any of these techniques, click here for a "Word of Caution."

Credits: adapted from channeled information.



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