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Guestbook Entries #281 - #300

   Entry #281:   JulianneR - USA

Thanks so much for the Past Life reading I received. It has enlightened me, however left me wanting more!! I believe you are excellent at what you do!

   Entry #282:   NicolaG - UK

Ellen, thanks for the past life reading. The warmth of your words has inspired me. I feel I have found a mentor in life and beyond. This has been missing from my life of late and I will certainly recommend you and this site to my friends - who knows, with time & your guidance I may follow in your foot-steps. Thanks for shining light in my dark corners.

   Entry #283:   MicheleC - USA

Thank you very much for all the help that you have given me. I love the exercises. The past life reading that you did helped me more than you could know. I am truly grateful for you and your website.

   Entry #284:   BobW - USA

Excellent site to teach beginners. I just had my first past life reading, and it explained a lot. I plan on studying more on these topics. Thank You!

   Entry #285:   Natasha - USA

Hi Ellen, Thanks so much for the Past Life Profile. I'm not sure yet where I stand when it comes to past lives, BUT the profile did put a lot in perspective for me. For the first time, I feel like I have a better understanding of the conditions that I've lived with all my life. Thanks again.

   Entry #286:   GrainneL - Ireland

Thank you for the past life reading, I look forward to doing the exercises. I have always felt conected to the Holocast and now I know why. I am looking forward to the Journey ahead.

   Entry #287:   SharonH - USA

Thank you. I appreciate the past life reading I got. I am looking forward to using the resources offered at your website. Love and Peace.

   Entry #288:   SunethraD - New Zealand

Dear Ellen, Thank you sooooooooo much for the ebook regarding weight loss methods naturally!! I found what I was Searching for as it's so natural!! Thank you indeed for the informations and knowledge you share with us there as we all need it from time to time. Many thanks for your sincere effort to show people the natural way!! Best wishes!

   Entry #289:   BeverlyS - USA

I have researched the field of reincarnation. Am familiar with the work of those in the field like Ian Stevenson, Gina Cerminara, Cayce, etc. I totally believe this is a reality. I have had spontaeous past life recalls which served to explain things going on in present time. I was grateful that these things were revealed at a time that I needed to know. We need to develop our intuitive powers and learn to trust them. How many times have our hearts told shown us the right way and our brains talked us out of it?!

   Entry #290:   EricR - USA

This was the most excellent and most touching infomation I needed for personal transformation. I always felt like I lived many times and asked how to get off the cycle of death and rebirth. Here I have found the answer! Even though words can't explain how I want to thank you... I know you feel where i'm coming from. Peace and love!

   Entry #291:   AliceS - USA

I've been unsettled and have so many questions about my existence, and my circumstances, and my weaknesses, and my destiny. I just want you to know, your section on "Becoming a CoWorker with God" and some of the other Rules touched my core!

   Entry #292:   Zolthura - UK

Thank you so very much for all the love and hard work that you have put into this wonderful web site, and for our healing. May the Great Mind continue to inspire and direct you in your work.

   Entry #293:   Ingrid - USA

Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for putting up such a great site - truly, this is just wonderful. The exercises are loving, and effective. Keep up the wonderful work! Take care:)

   Entry #294:   Philip - Ukraine

Thank you! I think that your site must be one of the most informative and beautiful sites I have ever come across. I'm sorry that I don't have words enough to express how deeply you've made me think and feel. Thank you!

   Entry #295:   EricM - USA

What a spiritual place you have here! As a member of Humanity's Team (a grassroots movement assisting in causing a new form of spirituality to emerge upon the Earth), I would like to thank you for sharing this divine wisdom with the world.

   Entry #296:   Amanda - Australia

Your website is brimming with generosity and is unique in how much you offer in help and in ways that meet people's needs far and wide. Thank you so much for your hard work.

   Entry #297:   ChristyM - Canada

Thank you for this website. It has so much information, insight, and understanding.

   Entry #298:   FredS - Aruba

Fantastic web site, great reading and learning.

   Entry #299:   AlexandriaR - USA

The insight and spiritual help given to me was very healing.

   Entry #300:   MarlaC - USA

Thanks so much for all your help!



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