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Short Description: Full Inner Body Cleansing, Healing, and Balancing

Case Summary: This client's chronic anxiety and depression were complicating their recovery from a variety of other health problems. This individual sought the relief that Remote Releasement could bring them in reducing these long standing emotional problems. The case illustrates how such problems manifest in an individual's inner energy bodies and how they can be released - for good.

Background: This client had a host of health problems. Their chronic anxiety and depression made their recovery from these problems even more difficult. This individual sought the relief that Remote Releasement can bring to long standing, difficult complexes of disempowering physical, mental, and emotional problems.

Present Life Issue: Like most "old" souls, this client had a large accumulation of negative baggage to unload. This process removed serious and intractable energy blockages from their energy field. Like any major surgery, Remote Releasement required time for recovery, for the changes to flow from their inner to their outer body, and for all their bodies to become "used to" living without the old problems.

Case Findings: Most of this client's work was on their etheric body. This inner body is the "barrier" between pure Soul and an individual's lower bodies (including their physical body). Over time, it can accumulate many negative thought forms and blocks. These appear to the healer as images which convey the essence of the energy blockage. It is these blocks that limit the good we can attract to us. We free ourselves of these self made prisons when we let the blocks go.

In this case, we performed a Remote Releasement on the "head" only (to deal with the client's anxiety and depression). The blockage appeared in the form of an "iron mask" over the head area. This iron mask was black with small holes of energetic light around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Hinges and a latch on the mask showed where it could safely be removed and that - in fact - it was ready to be removed. If there had been no easy way to open it, then we would have stopped, because it would mean permission to remove it had been denied.

It is important to remember that the person did not have an actual iron mask in their energy field. The mask was just how the negative baggage manifested itself when it was viewed energetically. The imagery of the iron mask related to a past life in which this client had tortured others. It was the accumulation of negative energy this mask represented that was now torturing this person. This imagery manifested as the devices and consequences of torture so that the link to the past life when the blocks were created was unmistakable.

This releasement freed this person from their "torture now" because they had earned the right to be free. The purpose of karma and reincarnation is to teach and not to punish. It is a compassionate universe. The moment that you have learned what you need to know the chains of karma can be broken. In this case, the person was able to let go of their iron mask of anxiety and depression

Underneath the mask - which kept the baggage in place - were "dark bandages" representing the negative thought forms which were generating the present day anxiety and depression. These bandages encased the person's head making it look like a mummy. Underneath the bandages were hordes of "wiggling worms and maggots" which represented the negative ideas, attitudes, and beliefs that were feeding the negative thought forms. Underneath the worms were black bats that were flying around in circles which represented the person's constant feelings of doubt, unworthiness, being unsettled, and of not doing enough.

Case Learnings: In this case, before the Remote Releasement was performed, the client felt "significant increase in symptoms" of anxiety and depression. This happens because the intention of the person to let go of their problems is what allows the releasement and the healing to occur. Once their intention becomes strong enough the person will begin to spontaneously release the energetic baggage.

As each item of baggage was discovered, it was removed and discarded into the universal life stream. This life stream is what dissolves the baggage and transmutes it back as recycled energy into the universe (for example, when the black bats entered the life stream they were turned to white doves). Once negative baggage is discarded, it will be gone for good unless… you attract it back to yourself.

It is one thing for a healer to remove blocks from your energy field. It is another for the person involved to really let it go. After many months, I am happy to say that the client in this case did just that.



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