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Exercise: Breaking the Ancient Mindset Inherited from Past Lives

Summary: Embracing the Modern Mindset to Empower the Future

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Goal of This Exercise
Preparation for This Exercise
How to Do This Exercise
Example of Exercise Results

Background: During our rough journey through the violence and brutality of past lives, we come to adopt the "ancient mindset". This was a way of thinking that kept one safe from a harsh environment which seemed hell-bent on destroying them. Yet, changed times and changed circumstances, means that one's thinking must change as well. The "ancient mindset" must often be broken before one can accept and benefit from more positive thinking that modern times can now support.

Here is how the ancient mindset compares to modern thinking:

Chakra  Ancient Mindset  Modern Thinking
Crown Chakra  "Zero Sum Game"
 "I get more, so you get less"
 Mistrust is the best strategy
 "Bake More Pie"
 "We all get more together"
 Trust is the best strategy
Third Eye Chakra  "Generalist"
 "Jack of All Trades"
 Status fixed at birth
 "Master of One Trade"
 Status determined by effort
Throat Chakra  "Conformity"
 "Speaking society's policy"
 Just go along to get along
 "Speaking one's truth"
 Be yourself: do your own thing
 "Solo Ventures"
 It is much safer to work alone
 "Joint Ventures"
 It is better to work in groups
Solar Plexus Chakra  "Hunger"
 Steal-cheat-kill to survive
 "Law and Order"
 Survive by honest labor
Sacral Chakra  "Struggle"
 "Life is hard"
 Endless toil and hardship
 "Life is beautiful"
 Ease through technology
 "Poverty is common"
 Money from hours for wages
 "Prosperity is common"
 Money from profits for results

Goal: This exercise allows you to clear your own energetic space of the ancient mindset you have inherited from your own past life journey. Doing this exercise should have positive impacts in your life by releasing stress caused by ancient ways of being and thinking that interferes with your enjoyment of modern life.

Preparation: Careful preparation is the key to the success of this exercise.

1> Before you begin, you will need to write out the following lists:

a> The list of "ancient mindset" (negative attitudes) which represents the energetic baggage you want to clear.
b> The list of
"modern thinking" (positive attitudes) which represents the life affirming energies you want to have.
c> Each
"ancient mindset" must have a corresponding "modern thinking" to match and balance your energy.

2> Do this exercise at night after you have taken a bath but before you have gone to bed. It is best you do it when you will be able to sleep the next day.

3> When this exercise is complete, drink a full glass of water and then immediately cleanse yourself. Good cleansing will vary depending on if you are an:

"Air" person, sweating in a sauna or steam room is good cleansing. [MORE]
"Earth" person, taking a mud bath is good cleansing. [MORE]
"Fire" person, sitting surrounded by lit candles is good cleansing. [MORE]
"Water" person, taking a long shower is good cleansing. [MORE]
......For how to determine if you are Air/Earth/Fire/Water, click here.
......For a list of recommended cleansing products,
click here.

4> Being comfortable is the key. You can lie down (recommended) or sit up. If you opt to sit up, you must be supported and feel fully relaxed and comfortable.
......For more on "Relaxation Processes & Techniques",
click here.

5> Do this exercise in a peaceful place where you will be completely quiet and undisturbed for the entire session. This entire exercise should last for NO longer than 30 minutes. Set an alarm to snap you out of it should the session run longer.

6> Be patient with yourself in the time to come. Reorienting your own energy and belief systems can be quite disorienting until the changes are fully integrated. It is VERY powerful and it takes time for the work that you have done on the inner bodies to be reflected in your outer body ("as above, so below"). If you are doing this process to effect a change, then you should be fully prepared to expect a change. You know the old saying: "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!"

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Take some deep, refreshing breaths until you are totally comfortable and relaxed in whatever position you have chosen (it should take you no more than 3 minutes to get comfortable).

2> Have each pair of ancient and mindsets thoughts in front of you. To make it easy on yourself, put each pair of statements on a separate index card.

3> The steps below must be repeated for each pair of "Ancient and Modern" Thoughts. Remember: your heart is like a garden: it will take sometime to weed out the ancient mindset and to grow modern thinking.

For each pair of "Ancient" and "Modern" Thoughts:

1> See yourself plucking the "Ancient Thought" from your heart while using a circular, counterclockwise motion with your non-dominant hand.

2> Release the "Ancient Thought" into the universe by dissolving it into the universal love stream of golden light.

3> See yourself planting the "Modern Thought" into that now empty space in your heart using a circular, clockwise motion with your dominant hand.

4> Make the new "Modern Thought" take root with the "water" of pure, loving energy that you beam into your heart using your dominant hand.

5> Repeat the process until all "Ancient Thoughts" are plucked from your heart and all "Light Roses" are firmly planted and rooted in your heart.

6> For the next 7 days (or as long as needed), "water" the "Modern Thought" with pure, beamed, love energy until you are sure they are flourishing inside you.

7> Weed your heart garden every so often, making sure to pluck out "Ancient Thought" that might have come back and to replace them with "Modern Thought".

Example: The "Ancient Mindset" most often appears when it comes to financial abundance. For the one relationship that can never be avoided is the one with money. Suffering and dying because of money (or the lack thereof) means that an individual's thoughts and beliefs around abundance are highly charged.

So if you believe in "lack" and that "poverty is common" and that "money is hard to come by", then it will serve you greatly to become free of this ancient mindset. You will want to choose to believe in "abundance" and that "prosperity is common" and that "money comes from doing what you love" instead... which is a very modern way of thinking. All this takes is the desire to be free from your ancient mindset.

Credits: adapted from channeled information



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