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A client asked me what alternative and holistic healing tools I personally liked. Since my health was very poor when I incarnated into this life, I was obliged to try a great variety of alternative / holistic healing products. The products below are my personal favorites.

This is not to imply these are the best ones: they are simply the best of what worked for me. That does not mean they would be best for you. For we each must come to healing in our own way.

Spirit (Ether): These tools work directly with your inner bodies.

By Day - Young Living: Essential Oils and Bach: Flower Essences - I love both of these products so much! See my pages for them in Quick Spirit Based Holistic Cures: Cure: Unleash the Power of Aromas: Young Living Oil Essential Blends and Cure: Bloom and Grow with the Power of Bach Flower Essences.

By Night - Dr Jeffrey Thompson: Delta Sleep System - Before taking a sleep aid, why not try listening to one? These CDs contains relaxation music designed to help you fall to sleep naturally. They work on the theory that those under continuous stress have difficulty falling asleep. By using this system, I have cut down and am working toward cutting out the use of herbal melatonin based sleeping aids.
All Day - Far-Infrared Technology- Far-infrared rays (FIR) are among the most powerful natural healers. By day, I sit on my FIR pad and another FIR pad is on my back. By night, my body is under a FIR quilt and my head is on my FIR pad.

Air: These tools work to heal your physical body by using the life force in air.

Jill Johnson: OxyCize - This is a weight loss program but it teaches you a powerful energy breath which revitalizes your body. It is easy to do anywhere, anytime and helps you look and feel great.

Brenda Dy Graf (HSN): OxyFlow - This is an exercise machine which shakes your legs to get oxygen flowing through your body. It actually performs mild Trager work on you in the process. This is especially useful for those in the process of trying to free themselves from the energetic chains binding them to past lives.

Fire: These tools work to heal your physical body by using fire energy.
Shadow and Light: Aromatherapy Candles - My favorite candle in this series is "Meditation" because it always helps me to reach a deep state of relaxation and peacefulness. It is very powerful when used in combination with the healing vibrations of "Singing Bowls of Tibet", a healing CD by Steven Halpern.

Coventry Creations: Herbal Candles - These candles are good at releasing the energy of special intention into the universe. My favorites in this series are "Attraction (Love)" and "Prosperity".

Water: These tools work to heal your physical body by using water.
Burt's Bees: Ocean Potion Detox Soap (For Normal to Dry Skin) - Don't let the Siberian Fur Needles put you off. They contain powerful oils which penetrate and detoxify your skin. They do not clog your drain. And after awhile, you will realize that nothing feels quite so healing and cleansing as real Siberian Fur Needles.

Mode Vie: Sea Mud Soap (For Normal to Oily Skin) - Even teenagers like this soap - so that should tell you something. Sea Mud Soap is especially useful during intense periods of healing and cleansing to remove toxins released from your cells into your skin. For more on the original and best Sea Mud Soap, click here.

Earth: These tools work to heal your physical body by using Earth energy.

Aztec Secret: Indian Healing Clay - Don't have time to go to the spa? With this Indian Healing Clay, you can have your own spa at home. Like any mud, it is messy but worth it. It is easy to prepare just add water (or apple cider vinegar if you have it), mix it up, and slap it on. You will be able to feel it sucking out all kinds of junk from your skin. If it was good enough for Cleopatra, it's good enough for me!

Gaia Herbs: Herbal Extracts - Accept no substitutes. Using their "Grindelia Camellia Supreme", I have been able to experience some improvements in my lung capacity. Using their "Chinese Dong Quai Root", I have cut out the pain I have experienced in my cycles. I never leave my home without them.

I must add that I am not paid to endorse any of these products. As far as I am aware, the manufacturers of these items are not even aware I am recommending them. Let's keep it that way... ssssh! If you have any favorites, I invite you to share them with me. I am always on the lookout for good healing products!



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