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Cure #9: Unleash the Power of Aromas: Young Living Essential Oils

Aromatherapy uses your sense of smell to work on your limbic (primitive) brain - the lowest level of your unconscious mind - to restructure it to support the new directions toward health and vitality that you seek from healing. The aromas you use regularly will speed up any other type of healing.

How to Use Aromas and Essential Oils to Get the Best Healing Results:

* Aromas/oils cannot work if you cannot smell (the smell effects your limbic brain).
* Aromas/oils are very concentrated: it only takes a 1 to 3 drops for a good result.
* Put aromas/oils under the nose (not inside it) and over the chakra to be healed.
* Put a hot damp towel over the chakra to be healed and cover it with a dry towel.

Cautions When Using Aromas and Essential Oils in Healing

* Never take aromas/oils internally and do not put oils into eyes or orifices.
* If your skin gets red/irritated, wash thoroughly and stop using the aromas/oils.
* Keep aromas/oil out of heat/sunlight and store where children cannot get to them.
* Consult your doctor if you have respiratory problems, are pregnant, on medicine.

Below are the essential oil blends from Young Living Oils that I recommend to speed up your healing process. They are simply the best (this is not a complete list).

Oil Blend Short Description

Abundance: Increases the frequency of energy in your field to attract what you want.
Acceptance: Opens you to reach a higher potential, beat procrastination.
Awaken: Opens you to the inner knowingness needed to make changes and transitions.
Christmas Spirit: Infuses you with the joy, happiness, and warmth of the holidays.
Citrus Fresh: Increase your sense of well being, brings joy, relaxes/calms you.
Clarity: Increase your mental clarity and alertness to promote better decision making.
Dream Catcher: Helps you realize your path and protect you from negative dreams.
Envision: Gives you faith in the future and helps you achieve your dreams.
Forgiveness: Helps you to become tolerant and to release negative memories.
Gathering: Enables you to overcome bombardment of chaotic energy.
Grounding: Stabilizes, grounds, enables you to deal logically with reality peacefully.
Harmony: Reduces stress by establishing harmonic balance/flow to energy centers.
Hope: Helps you reconnect with your strength, restore hope, and overcome darkness.
Humility: Enables you to offer forgiveness and obtain deeper spiritual awareness.
Inner Child: Helps you overcome childhood abuse and achieve emotional balance.
Inspiration: Enhances prayer and meditation while increasing inner awareness.
Into the Future: Helps leave the past behind and move to the future with excitement.
Joy:Inspires romance and intimacy, bringing joy to your heart and uplifting your energy.
Live with Passion: Helps to cultivate optimism, live with passion, express joy in living.
Magnify Purpose: Fosters positive attitudes to rise above adversity, seize opportunities.
Motivation: Helps you to move forward by helping overcome fear and procrastination.
MGrain: Nourishes your body and harmonizes your energy to help you relieve stress.
Peace & Calming: Promotes calm feelings and helps relax you into falling asleep.
Present Time: Helps you leave the past behind and center into the present time.
Release: Stimulates your internal harmony/balance to help release anger and frustration.
Sacred Mountain: Instills a sense of protection, inner strength, safety, and security.
Sara: Repairs sexual dysfunction caused by severe, repeated, traumatic sexual abuse.
Surrender: Helps you overcome traits of being dominant, unfocused, and self-defeating.
3 Wise Men: Releases deep seated physical, mental, and emotional traumas from DNA.
Trauma Life: Releases deeply buried emotional traumas, abuses, and accidents.
Valor: Balances and aligns your energy, enhancing courage and self esteem.
White Angelica: Protects against negative attacks and gives you wholeness.

Before using any of these techniques, click here for a "Word of Caution."

Credits: summarized from "Young Living Essential Oils"



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