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Guestbook Entries #681 - #700

   Entry #681:   KarlaR - USA

Ellen, Just wanted to thank you for my past life reading... very interesting! Getting the bigger picture with the past lives connection to my current day [health problem] was particularly enlightening. It feels good to finally understand the source of this problem, as well as knowing the steps to take to correct things, very encouraging! Thanks again.

   Entry #682:   CathyA - USA

I wanted to thank you for your help and to say that I will continue to work on the things we discussed. I enjoyed the past life healing session tremendously. It supplied the answers to so many thoughts and feelings that have bothered me for quite a while. One amazing plus is that for the [past several days] I have been congestion free for the first time in years. It has been wonderful. :-)

   Entry #683:   JaniceA - UK

I have received the Past Life Profile and am in the process of carrying out the recommendations you have made. I was not surprised by some of the past lives you have revealed to me as I can relate to the characters. [Like being in the theater in a past life because] we do plays now which was something which I used to do quite frequently as a child.

I am not surprised by the counseling role either. I can relate to the [past life] where my head was chopped off as I have a birth mark on the base of my skull. I have a highly academic background so any of the teacher/professor roles would be similar to what I do now or have done in the past.

I do seem to carry stress very badly and from my PL Profile it seems that I died of stress related symptoms in the majority of my lives. I am trying to address that but am finding it quite hard as my nature is to overwork.

Thank you for the Profile. It was very interesting reading and is part of the journey to reveal my true identity. Thanks for your help and best wishes.

   Entry #684:   MimiH - USA

Ellen, I just wanted to thank you again for your readings. As always, they give so much comfort. It seems to have worked out very well for [family member]. So thank you again for your help with it. I know you are a great blessing for so many people.

   Entry #685:   BeatriceG - USA

Hi Ellen and thank you for my Past Life Profile. I'm still "digesting" it as some of the stuff surprised me. I have always been interested by religious people (lives & their habits), so having worked for [a certain religious group] sounds like me.

I wasn't surprised either to read that my husband and I, knew each other before. I've always felt a connection there. He's still a [occupation withheld] and was delighted to hear that I was one myself. I've always understood his passion for [occupation] & never tried to take it away from him.

Furthermore, I love your website and will definitely come back for more. It is so detailed and interesting to read. Thanks again Ellen. Kind regards.

   Entry #686:   SusieSS - Singapore

I feel deeply touched by your Past Life Profile reading, about the help you are offering me, and about its accuracy. [Days before the Profile was sent] I woke up - because of a pain in my heart that felt like a dagger stab. I never ever experienced a physically pain like that before. I needed 5 minutes to find out WHO and WHERE I am. Now you are writing me that I have been stabbed in [a past life]. I just wrote you free from my liver (as we say in Switzerland) - there are a lot of things coming up through this reading. Thank you for being here! May you always be blessed with the light of love!

   Entry #687:   AnnaL - Sweden

Everything you wrote in the Past Life Profile resonates so true I'm both giddy and in tears. This explains so many of my "quirks", my childhood passions, and my bizarre dreams. Not to mention why I chose to be born into my family. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and skills with me.

   Entry #688:   TanyaG - USA

Thanks for the detailed Past Life Profile. Every past life you have explained really resonates with me.

   Entry #689:   RustyW - USA

I just finished reading your "Secrets to Good Luck" and I am feeling better already. It is my desire to become very lucky, very quickly so I can stop my downward spiral and get on with life. It is my intention to allow myself to find my plus-entity [Higher Self] and have him inhabit my being. I allow myself to attract unlimited wealth and abundance in the form of money. This will be used for only good. I have only recently discovered your site, but I find it fascinating and informative.

   Entry #690:   LillyR - USA

I read your FUN weight loss ebook, and was so impressed, that I ordered the Soulmate package. I already have a wonderful boyfriend, and consider that area in my life lucky, but... there is a lot I am missing out on!! I am just impatient (or super-excited?) to read these ebooks. Thank you so much.

   Entry #691:   LindaG - USA

Ellen, you are really good at what you do! I will find the reference material you sent with my Past Life Profile and work with it. Thanks so much...

   Entry #692:   ShannonUD - USA

I went to your website and really was impressed by the knowledge you expressed about the relationship of karma to disease and life situations. I just wanted to say thank you: your explanation for ADD/ADHD was right on. I have not felt truly connected to the [physical] linear world since I was born. Though my intuition is quite developed it's not consistent. So thank you. I continue to enjoy your daily ezines and to integrate what I read into my life.

   Entry #693:   MarylenK - USA

Your heal past lives page on Fibromyalgia made so much sense that I identified with it totally!! Thank you so much for caring so completely for others!!!

   Entry #694:   D.F. - USA

Ellen, I just wanted to write a thank you for your website. The information and teachings you offer here are incredible. I have not ever delved much into past lives, but I have come to see some truths about myself now. I have read many pages of your website. You have provided a generous gift to seekers and those who want to start clearing their past life baggage and get on with real honest living now. I intend to refer people to your site.

   Entry #695:   SarahZ - USA

I just wanted to thank you for providing such an AMAZING website - it has become my absolute favourite of all time! Things only really started making sense when I found it. All my questions are finally being answered and its just given me that extra push to take my healing one notch higher! Thank you for being so dedicated to this that you'd provide this wonderful site! It is pure inspiration.

   Entry #696:   KimA - USA

I am so thrilled that my higher self guided me to your site. I have clearly understood many of the topics on your site. Thank you for your wisdom!

   Entry #697:   DebP - USA

I just wanted to say 'thanks' for the daily Karmic Insights. The next best thing to getting a reading would be your wonderful Karmic Insights. They are very enlightening and entertaining as well. Please don't stop! A Loyal Reader

   Entry #698:   TonyeK-O - Nigeria

I just want to tell you that you are doing a fantastic service to humanity for the Supreme Being. I find your write-ups very incisive, educative, illuminating, and uplifting spiritually. Please keep it up. God will provide all that you need. Best regards.

   Entry #699:   Tania - New Zealand

Thank you for your ezines. The one on breaking the cycle of sexual abuse really clarified something for me. After I brought my abuse out into the open, I worked on healing it. I healed it by forgiving those who hurt me even after some passed away. I am fortunate enough to have help from those who knew only of love. I know now that love and forgiveness is the one and only healer not only of the abusers but myself. When I hear stories of abuse, I send love and light to both the abuser and the abusee.

   Entry #700:   WhitneyP - USA

Ellen: I want to thank you for the information on your site and, in particular, your "Coat of Shame" exercise. I found your site after typing multiple combinations of keywords into Yahoo, trying to find some answers. For the first time, I feel like I've found something my mind can process.

In your site, I found comfort in these words: "The "Coat of Shame" is usually part of a "karmic debt consolidation repayment plan". This is where the individual elects to have their toughest spiritual issues all rolled into this "Coat of Shame" and brought into their energy field when they reincarnate."

The more I browsed your site, the more answers I found that my mind could wrap itself around and understand. For that, I am eternally grateful to you.



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