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Guestbook Entries #661 - #680

   Entry #661:   Licia - USA

Hey Ellen, Thanx 4 the info & links on the Remote Releasement. For a few days after the session, I slept SOOO much! I mean, I DID expect to cuz U said it on your site, and wow! You sure weren't kidding! I'm GLAD u were able 2 do it during this time when I had all these days offa work! Thank you for that!

I can already tell that changes are happening! I "feel" different, like an internal sense of lightness. Sort of buoyant-like inside. Well, I had a LOT of [eye floaters] & they moved like crazee ALL the time, constantly. But now they've drastically decreased in number AND in motion. Which is way kool cuz I've had them like forever & they'd gotten worse within the past few years.

What's REALLY kool is that, even with all the sleeping I've been doing, I haven't had ANY bad dreams/nightmares at ALL, when I used 2 have them literally every nite. So, that's quite wonderful! The most wonderful of all, thus far, actually!!!

I've even become aware of a definitely noticeable(!) decrease in my freak-out factor when getting lots of water in my face, which I would NEVER, EVER have thought possible had someone said it could be possible. I'm really happy & excited about all this!

   Entry #662:   Debby P - USA

Dear Ellen, just a quick note to thank you again for your amazing past life reading work and web support articles. I began the "Coat of Shame" exercise before going to bed, WOW! The night was filled with awesome dreams. The next day, I had to take naps, and again, so many dreams. I just wanted to validate you for your work. And to say, yes, the exercises REALLY do work!

   Entry #663:   NitaK - USA

I just wanted to thank you for the reading. So much of what you said hits home with me, I wanted to share it with you... As far as [past] life, we still sing together and get some of our greatest joy in music. Thanks for your insight, it is amazing and very helpful... hopeful... I will be talking with you again.

   Entry #664:   JohnS - USA

Hi Ellen: Thanks for the Past Life Profile. I never thought of myself as a soldier, although I've done a lot of reading about military history. I have always empathized with veteran's groups (usually giving them money). It's also interesting that I've always hated unexpected loud noise and bright flashing lights, especially when I don't know where either [of these] are coming from [in this life]!

   Entry #665:   LisaW - USA

Thank you so much for the past life reading. It was very helpful and insightful. It made a lot of sense. Everything felt very right to me. It explained the feelings that I have had but didn't know where they came from. Thank you again Ellen, you were very helpful and I will read the book you suggested.

   Entry #666:   SvetlanaM - USA

Ellen, Thank you for your time spent on my Past Life Profile. Your work helped me to free my knowledge. You confirmed my knowledge in many, many cases. I really would like to thank you for that. Thank you for your knowledge.

   Entry #667:   Muammar - USA

Thank you so much for the Past Life Profile. It is interesting and thought provoking. I was most surprised when you said that I was buried in a pyramid in Egypt. Years ago I did visit Egypt and I did enter a pyramid. Thanks!

   Entry #668:   GretchenKF - USA

Thank you for the Past Life Profile. This is the first time I have done something like this and am very interested in what you wrote.

   Entry #669:   MelanieT - Canada

I thank you for reading my past lives in such a clear way. I know that your message was just for me.

   Entry #670:   PaulCJ - USA

Your website is beautiful. It offers so much hope. You must have a flair for ornamentation, as the look reminds me of a Victorian chintz-laden drawing-room, overflowing with knick-knacks and memorabilia. [Love this description! -EM] It does display an amazingly diverse variety of leads, links, and triggers for people to connect to when they are in a diminished awareness suffering state. I am on another round with the Karma course, still can't get past lesson one, but I still have faith in it. Thanks!

   Entry #671:   GregMS - USA

This is just a note to let you know how great I think your website and services are. It is beyond a doubt the most comprehensive that I've seen and I've looked at many. So, I do plan to make certain my own students and clients know about your website and plan to direct their attention to a few excerpts (with proper credit, of course). The work you are doing is so important. I congratulate you and genuinely wish you Godspeed. Love and Blessings.

   Entry #672:   KenG - Australia

I came across your website by Google [I know there are no co-incidences] and I wanted to thank you for it. The 'Abundance Healing' is excellent and your other free items are really good. I expect to visit your website often - thank you for being there.

   Entry #673:   MaureenAM - USA

I have to tell you that your ezines have been wonderful and incredibly prescient. I have come to look forward to seeing you daily email and laugh when its right on the mark and ends up being a wonderful suggestion on how to deal with whatever crisis is raining down upon me at that moment. So, thank you, I appreciate your work. Keep it up because I'm not out of the woods yet! :O)

   Entry #674:   DeniseW - USA

Dear Ellen, You are quite an evolved Soul. Thank you for your words of wisdom! I look forward to every ezine. May you continue to be blessed and pass your word of knowledge to those who are willing to listen. In peace and Love.

   Entry #675:   MarieGP - USA

Dear Ellen, I have been reading your ezines for weeks now. I enjoy acquiring the knowledge you share with your readers. I thank you for helping us understand many things about our lives. Be blessed!

   Entry #676:   JudyP - USA

Dear Ellen, I just want to say your ezines are incredibly helpful. Bless your soul for sending them. Greatfully, a devoted reader.

   Entry #677:   YasminM - USA

Ellen, Your website is filled with much wisdom. I have joined your mailing list. Thanks for sharing!

   Entry #678:   AghilhaM - India

Greetings! Pleased to visit your nice site. Cheers and all best wishes for the site. Wish you great success.

   Entry #679:   RiandaR - USA

I just want to say thank you for your site on past life healing. I really appreciate it. Love!

   Entry #680:   StuckP - USA

I simply wanted to say "Thank you" for this site as in God's wonderful plans it was there at the exact time I needed it!



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